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Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution Crossword

Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution Crossword

What enlightenment thinker thought the government had to have a seperation of power?
What enlightenment thinker thought the power of the government came from the people?
What enlightenment thinker thought the best system of government was a direct democracy?
What enlightenment thinker thought that everyone has freedom of speech and religion?
What enlightenment thinker thought that the accused still had rights and there should be no cruel and unfair punshiment?
What astronomer made a model of the universe that placed the sun in the center?
What astronomer recorded the movement of planets?
What astronomer discovered the 3 laws of planetary motion?
What astronomer confirmed Copernicus's theory and discover that Mercury and Venus pass through phases like the moon?
What scientific revolution figure investigated natural science and helped develp the scientific method?
What mathematician discovered geometry?

King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette Word Search

King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette Word Search
Word Search

national assembly
french revolution
third estate

The French Revolution Crossword

The French Revolution Crossword

the social and political system of France in the 1770s
the people of France were divided into these
97% of people in France made up this group
the king of France who put the French government into debt
the queen of France who was from the royal family of Austria
an assembly of representatives from all three estates to approve taxes on nobility
Third Estate delegates who passed laws and reforms in the name of the French people
a pledge that the Third Estate delegates took to stay in a tennis court until they had drawn up a new constitution
A wave of senseless panic that rolled through France
a legislative body that had the power to create laws and to approve or reject declarations of war
a noble who fled France hoping to undo the Revolution and restore the Old Regime
Parisian workers who wanted the Revolution to bring even greater changes to France
people who were involved in the governmental changes in September 1792 who were members of a radical political organization
a machine that beheaded people as capital punishment
a man who governed France as a dictator and who was responsible for the Reign of terror
a period of time where people were tried for "crimes" and were beheaded
an army general who forged a large empire and conquered Europe
the major battle that Napoleon lost in his drive for a European empire
a forcible closing of ports
Napoleon's last bid for power

Revolutions Crossword puzzle

Revolutions Crossword puzzle

Person who wrote the Declaration of Independence
Revolution seperating from British Absolute Monarch
British document that influenced the Declaration of Independence
Type of government in which the people vote on laws
Death contraption used in the French Revolution
Affect of the Haitian Revolution
South American Revoltuion near Chile
Movement of change
French General who become King after the French Revolution
An infamous document from the American Revolution restricting the government
Form of government with social documents to restrict the King
Rights given to all people
Rights given by God
Everone is equal
Law granted to british commons
State of being free within society
Someone who aided Argentina and Chile in their revolution
Helped lead to civil unrst the provoked the French Revolution
Mexican Catholic priest who called for a revolt againt the Spanish
Infamous Revolution in the Carribean/Bahamas region

The French Revolution Word Search

The French Revolution  Word Search
Word Search

French Revolution
Reign Of Terror
Marie Antoinette
Louis XVI

french revolution Crossword

french revolution Crossword

Fortress prison
French General who crowned himself th Emperor of France
Author of 'Social Contract'
Tax levied by the church
Device used to behead a person
A club of th french middle class
A great philosopher who inspired French people
A common day item taxed by the French Government
A term used for the indigenous people of Africa south of Sahara.
Buildng blonging to a community devote to a religious life
A social system that existed during the middle ages in Europe
An estate consisting of the Lord's lands and his mansion
Castle or stately residence belonging a king or noble man
The Northern most epicentre of the main panic movement
North-Eastern region not effected by the great fear
The National anthem f France got its name from the name of this place
A port of France related to slave trade
The region not affected by the great fear
Unit of currency in France discontinued in1794
Tax to be paid to the state

Ch. 18 The French Revolution and Napoleon Crossword

Ch. 18 The French Revolution and Napoleon Crossword

also known as old order
social classes of France
This occurs when a government spends more money than it takes in
well-meaning but weak and indecisive king
a financial expert wisely chosen by the king
the legislative body consisting of representatives of the three estates
oath taken by delegates of the National Assembly after they were locked out of the meeting hall
a grim medieval fortress used as a prison
dissenting groups of people
"hero of two worlds"
extravagant queen
a journalist who demanded equal rights for women
nobles, clergy, and others who had fled France during the rebellion
pushed the revolution into more radical action
government ruled by elected representatives instead of a monarch
prosperous bankers, merchants, and manufacturers
middle-class lawyers or intellectuals
the right to vote
a shrewd lawyer who quickly rose to leadership of of the committee of public saftey
a period in time where courts conducted hasty trials
a fast falling blade that was considered more ethical
a popular military leader; known for his short height when truly he was of average height
having great pride in ones country
popular vote by ballot
a code of laws that embodied enlightenment ideas

Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment Crossword

Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment Crossword

The only strong king that maintain Control.
All humans have the right life,liberty and property.
Their job is to protect the people
Divid powers to avoid corruption.
Provied order for every one.
People should be allowed to practice their own religion
She was a feminist before it was popular.
The earth is the center of the Universe
The sun is the center of the Universe
The highest authority

French Revolution Crossword

French Revolution Crossword

system of feudalism
social class of people
french congress established by representitaves of the third estate
promise made by third estate representitaves to draw up a new constitution
assembly of representitaves from all three estates
machine for beheading people
period of Robespierre's rule
goverment- run public school
complete set of laws set up by Napoleon that eliminated many injustices
the absolute monarch at the start of the french revolution
the social class system made up of clergy and other church officials
the social class made up of the Bourgeoisie, workers and peasants
the social class in France made up the land owning nobles
the middle class in France

Absolutism Crossword

Absolutism Crossword

A ruler that has unlimited power and authority over his or her people.
(1638-1715) King of France from 1643-1715; known as the Sun King, he built a palace at Versailles as a means to consolidate absolute power; a series of wars at the end of his long reign drained France's wealth.
Royal French residence and seat of government established by King Louis XIV.
Morning ritual during which nobles would wait upon King Louis XIV
(1491-1547) King of England from 1509-1547; his desire to annul his marriage led to a conflict with the pope, England's break with the Roman Catholic Church, its embrace of Protestantism. Established the Church of England also known as the Anglican Church.
(1599-1658) in 1642, he led Parliament's forces in deposing Charles I; he became ruler of England in 1653.
(1688) A nonviolent revolution in which leaders of Britain's Parliament invited Mary, daughter of King James II and her husband, the Dutch ruler William of Orange, to replace King James II.
(1717-1780) Austrian archduchess, Queen of Bohemia and Hungary from 1740-1780; was one of the most beloved monarchs in the history of Austria.
(1672-1725) Czar of Russia from 1682-1725; he transformed Russia into a modern state; was an absolute monarch who brought the ways of Western Europe to Russia and made various reforms.
(1729-1796) Czarina of Russia from 1762-1796; ruling with absolute power, she introduced a number of reforms that extended Peter the Great's policy of "westernization."
"Caesar"; title taken by the male ruler of Russia; female rulers were known as czarinas.
Series of acts passed by the English Parliament in 1689 that limited the rights of the monarchy and ensured the superiority of Parliament.
The period of the reign of the reign of Charles II in England when the monarchy was restored after the collapse of Oliver Cromwell's government; there was also a rebirth of English culture during this time.
Those favoring Parliament during the English Civil War; compose of country gentry; town-dweling manufacturers, and Puritan clergy; against absolutism; earned their name due to their hairstyle.
supporters of Charles I during the English Civil War; many were wealthy nobles, proud of their plumed hats and fashionably long hair; were well trained in dueling and warfare.