Bingo Cards

Good elemental
Elder tempest
a spell that does 1d6 damage
party mechanic comes back
elemental cycle
party mechanic comeback
enrage comes back
reanimation on a creature
flipping a coin
elder subtype comes back
skeleton tribal
planeswalker with 1d6 loyalty
bard creature type
WIn if you roll x die
new tayo planeswalker
Phase something out
Prismatic dragon
Lord for spiders
Sac get demon from h/L
adventure mechanic comes back
lightning bolt
A card will get banned
non-legendary beholders


Fortnite Crossword Puzzle


What is the most crowded place? Tilted Towers
What is the most powerful shotgun? HeavyShotgun
What gives 100 shield and health? Chugjug
How many llama are in every game? Three
What weapon shoots gernades? Grenade launcher
What is the game mode with the most supply drops? Blitz gamemode
What is the worst place to land on the map? MoistyMire
What is the rarest gun to pull out of a chest? Scar
What is the best category for guns? Legendary
What is the worst gun? Revolver
What got destroyed in Season 4 Dusty Depots
What is the newest dance? Roy Purdy
What is the best sniper? Bolt Action Sniper
What is the most kills in a fortnite game? Forty
Who is the best fortnite player on pc? NINJA
What is the highest tier you can go up to? hundred
What is the best weapon that got pulled out? Guided Missile
When did Season 4 release? May first
What is the smallest place? Tomato Town
Which fastest reloading shotgun? Tacticalshotgun
What is the shield that gives 50 percent shield position
What gives 100 health medkit
What is the weapon with unlimited ammo? crossbow
What is the most popular dance? floss
how much wood do you get from a llama? fivehundred

The Water Cycle Crossword


When water vapor turns back into a liquid. Condensation
When water falls from the atmosphere back to land. Precipitation
When water turns into water vapor. Evaporation
The water cycle helps regulate ___________________________. Temperature
Covers 70% of the Earth. Water
Water is a basic _______________________ of nature. Element
When plants release water on to their leaves that then evaporates into vapor. Transpiration
Depending on _______________________ precipitation could be rain, snow, sleet, or even hail. Temperature
When water does not get absorbed into the soil. run-off
A large collection of tiny droplets of water or ice crystals. Cloud
The journey of water from the Earth's surface to the atmosphere, and back again. WaterCycle



to come back REVENIR
to climb MONTER
to stay RESTER
to go ALLER
to come VENIR
to enter ENTRER
to fall TOMBER
to die MOURRIR
to leave PARTIR
to become DEVENIR
to exit SORTIR
to arrive ARRIVER
to go down DESCENDRE
to return RETOURNER
to re-enter RENTRER
to be born NAITRE

Robot Word Search

Word Search


Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief Crossword


Who is the main character? (First and last name) Percy Jackson
What is the name of the camp Percy goes to? Camp Half Blood
What is Percy's sword disguised as? (What does it really look like?) pen
Which character is sent to protect Percy? Grover
What was stolen from Zeus? Lightning bolt
Who is Percy the son of? Poseidon
Who is the god of the underworld? Hades
Percy's father is the god of _______________. water
Who is Percy's friend? Her mother is the Athena. Annabeth
What city did Percy, Grover, and Annabeth stay the longest? Las Vegas
What type of creature is Grover? Satyr
Yes or No: Is Percy's mom dead? No
Who is the character Percy meets at the entrance to the underworld? Charon
Who gave Percy his flying shoes? Luke
What city is the underworld located? Los Angeles
Hades, Posedion, and Zeus are _________________. brothers
Zeus is the god of the __________. sky
Who is Percy's camp enemy and bully? Percy beat him at the capture the flag game. Clarisse
Percy gets from Denver to Las Vegas by riding in the back of a _________. truck
Percy has three ____________ to use in case he gets in trouble. Pearls
Percy travels from New York to Saint Louis by ______________. train
The oracle tells what is going to happen in the _______________. future
__________________ attack Percy while he is visiting the St. Louis Arch. Monsters

Summer Time Fun Crossword


Place to vacation Beaches
a nice way to get exercise Swimming
a backyard game Badminton
summer shoes Flip Flops
What I like to build with Sand Castle
A hat keeps the sun out of your face floppy
What type of sea creature might nip your toe in the ocean? Crabs
Good summertime food for the grill. Hotgogs
To catch fish you go Fishing
Used for fishing worms
The sun makes my skin Tan
On a boat you hope the water is calm
The hottest season of the year summer
Yummy seas food Lobster
Fun thing to do on a boat waterski
Always use. Sunscreen

Alice In Wonderland- Crossword Puzzle


Around what age can this disease start effecting children? Seven
What year was this disease discovered? 1955
Who discovered this disease? Johnn Todd
Is there a cure for this disease? No
This disease is most common in? (boys or girls) Girls
The Alice in Wonderland is a syndrome of? Disorted Space
Is this disease common? (yes or no) No
How do people that are diagnosed with this disease see objects? (small, large or both) Both
Is this disease actually named after the movie "Alice in Wonderland"? Yes
What age group does this disease go away? Twenty
Around what age can the disease come back? Eighties
When is it most common to occur? Night time
About how long do the episodes last? (long or short) short
At what speed can the objects move for the people that are diagnosed with this syndrome? (Quickly,slowly or both) Both
The author of Alice in Wonderland- Lewis Carrol, did he experience these symptoms of the syndrome? Yes
What was the author "Lewis Carrol's" real name? Charles Dodgson
At what age group does this disease occur? (Childhood-late teens, Elderly or infants) Chidhood-late teens



Rikki tikki is a: mongoose
Nag and Nagaina are: King cobras
This story takes place in India
"Look! A ____ mongoose!" dead
" Our mongoose is killing a _____" snake
The first snake Riki Tikki kills Karait
To come back to life and/or conciousness Revive
to crouch or shrink in fear cower
to run quickly scuttle
in a clever way cunningly

Tourism Crossword


The bags you take on holiday Luggage
A book that gives tourist information guidebook
Type of transport for land train
Type of transport for water boat
Type of transport for air plane
A building where you pay to stay in a room hotel
An official document for travelling with your photo and your nationality passport
When you go to a place and then come back trip
A holiday where everything is included - the transport, hotel, etc. Package holiday
Papers that show you can use a type of transport or enter a place Tickets
Travelling aroung to visit monuments and other interesting sights Sightseeing

Horror Movie Night Crossword


A virus turns Britain into an island of deranged cannibals in less than a month 28 Days Later
Group of kids battle a killer clown in the town of Derry IT
Homicidal maniac stalks teens in their dreams A Nightmare On Elm Street
Cannibalistic genius torments criminal profiler from behind glass Silence of the Lambs
A man casts his soul into an evil doll named Chucky Childs Play
Seven deadly sins that had the audience asking, "What's in the box?" Seven
Two criminals and their hostages fight off Mexican vampires in a strip joint From Dusk Till Dawn
A musical spin-off of Frankenstein Rocky Horror Picture Show
Evil doctor creates a female companion for his reanimated monster Bride of Frankenstein
An iconic opening scene and a character who explains the rules for surviving a horror movie Scream
"They're heee-re..." Poltergeist
Caretaker goes insane in a haunted hotel and hunts down his family The Shining
Machete-wielding murderer stalks his old stomping grounds near the lake Friday the 13th
Murderer and his mother prey on guests at their hotel Psycho
A cabin in the woods, a possessed hand, and a chainsaw. You do the math. The Evil Dead
Teenage telekinetic wreaks havoc at the high school prom dance when her peers humiliate her Carrie
Woman in deep space battles evil forms Alien
Priest confronts demon after it possesses a young girl The Exorcist
An assault from flying creatures happens upon a small town The Birds
An apocalyptic world is overrun by zombies and a shortage of Twinkies Zombieland
Escaped lunatic in William Shatner mask terrorizes one Fall night Halloween
Mastermind creates deadly contraptions to test people for their wrongdoings Saw
Hand-cam records teens terrified by unseen foe in the woods Blair Witch Project
A child can see ghosts The Sixth Sense
When a creature stalks the waters of a small beach town Jaws
Cursed videotape condemns watchers to a terrible fate at the hands of a hideous brunette The Ring
A family encounters strange occurrences in their house, so they film it Paranormal Activity
A group of people take shelter in a mall during the zombie apocalypse Dawn of the Dead
Devil's son is smuggled into a wealthy family; his enemies meet terrible "accidents" The Omen