Adams Present Crossword

What month did we get together
What is chard's favourite food
What was our first inside joke which no one else would really understand
do you love me
what is adams favourite movie
What are we in?
What is wrong right now
What is your ideal wedding theme
where is one place we want to go
What chardonnays easiest subject
whats adams easiest subject



What is my favourite colour?
What is my last name?
What is my middle name?
What is the last name of Monica and Ross in 'Friends'?
What month was i born in?
What colour are my eyes?
What character am i most like from Friends?
What character are you most like from Friends?
What hat was i wearing when I entered Uniform Hub for the first time?
What playground equipment did I fall off?
What is my favourtie subject at school?
What is the last name of a teacher that refuses to speak to me?
Name of the person who comes into our lives once a month..heheh
Last name of the male teacher you are in love with!
Name of the football team I support
My favourite Disney film
The name of the shop that we hate!
What country do i want to travel to in the future?
The name of the restaurant where you held a suprise birthday meal for me
The name of the house you are in at school
The age you are when you frist receive these letters
What is the name of my favourite band?
The name of my Dad
Your favourite character in Riverdale

Billie Eilish songs Crossword

Billie Eilish songs Crossword

Let me let you go
your love feels so fake
you just want what you can't have
you've been uninvited
go trip over a knife
you really know how to make me cry
when we all fall asleep, where do we go?
my V is for Vandetta
heart made of glass, my mind of stone
would roses bloom?
6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
what makes you sure youre all i need?
i like the way they all scream

Giver: Chapters 1-7 Crossword

Giver: Chapters 1-7 Crossword

What Jonas stole from the recreation center
What you have to do if you are late
Jonas's best friend
The job looked down on
Where do Stirrings take place?
The age when children get to become a volunteer
Where a family lives
The girl Jonas dreams about
The baby who lives with Jonas's family unit
Lily can never keep these tied
What scared the citizens at the start of the book
Where Jonas's dream occurs
the protagonist
Jonas's sister
What is the name of the first ceremony you have?
The age you get your bike
Where Jonas's dad woks
The treatment for Stirrings
The forbidden word, a word kids can not use jokingly
The age you get a front buttoned jacket

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Crossword

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Crossword

What color does Christopher hate?
Until what prime number (in thousands) does Christopher know by brain? How old is Christopher?
How old is Christopher?
What animal did Christopher find dead?
Who was the owner of the dead animal?
How was the dog killed? (Weapon)
What was the name of the dog?
How many letters did Christopher's mom write to him?
What does Christopher suffer from?
What pet animal does Christopher have in the beginning of the book?
What is Christopher's favorite subject?
What did Christopher's dad tell Christopher what happened to his mom?
Where did Christopher find the letters from his Mom?
Who was Christopher's mom having an affair with?
What is the name of Christopher's teacher?
Who killed Wellington?
How does Christopher feel about knowing who killed the dog?
What breed of dog was Wellington?
What is the Authors First Name?
What fictional mystery character does Christopher like?
What occupation does Christopher want to be when he's older?
When Christopher sees 4 yellow cars in a row on the same day, what's this day called?
What outdoor (wet) activity does Christopher not like to do?
Where did Christopher's mom move to?
What caused Christopher's Mom to move away?
Who does Christopher want to live with after hearing who killed the dog?
How does Christopher plan to get to London?
Who was trying to take Christopher back home, once he heard his Father was looking for him?
What did Christopher and his Mom do once they saw each other?
What is the name of Christopher's new Golden Retriever?
What does Christopher feel like he can do now that he wrote a book and found his mom?

Social Skills Crossword

Social Skills Crossword

Back and forth conversation- like a tennis match
The thing that you do to make your appearance neat and clean
View of someone of something
Where you go to get the job done
It is important to do this when working on a team
The limits
Information to help you improve
Meet each other halfway
What your face says
Communicating with no words
Speaking up for yourself to get what you want or need
Acting in a way that respects others and your job
Adjusting to changes
Combined effort, communication is key!
Feeling anxious or being upset by something or someone

Self-Control Cross Word

Self-Control Cross Word

If an individual can withstand a lot of trouble then they are _______.
When knees tremble and palms get sweaty.
This is a huge barrier to our success.
This person gives a lot of time and effort to others, so they are ______.
Another word for feedback is _________.
When we give feedback we should __________ them to improve.
When we evaluate others we should avoid doing this.
If a person heard something that they shouldn't have, then they _________.
Someone who is always angry might be considered _________.
Another word for happy.
To always observe and listen well is to be _________.
If we do a good job, we hope to get some of this.
To do our parents proud is to _________ them.
When feedback is both helpful and nice, it is considered to be ___________.
Someone who is smart is hopefully also ______.
To think about others is to have __________ for them.
A synonym for looking is to ________.
Someone who holds back their frustration often may be considered __________.
A really tough situation may be also considered _______________.
When we evaluate, we should use this technique.
What Connor wanted to be, before he was a teacher.
Chloe's favourite subject in school.

Criminal / Addictive Thinking Crossword

Criminal / Addictive Thinking Crossword

Poor Me
This helps you to stay focused on the future
Distorted ____ maps can lead us a stray
These reports help us analyze where our thinking is distorted
Our _____ is something we can control
Don't blame me I didn't do it
I mowed her lawn so she owed me
I won't get caught cause I'm to smart is a ____ person stance
This thinking is what landed all of us here
This thinking is what caused us to start down the criminal thinking path
I don't want anyone to know what I am doing or have gotten myself into
I want what I want, when I want it, which is NOW
I can help, but what are you going to do for me???
I told you too, that's why. Better get it done.
Living the life, lots of friends, I do what I want.
What mine is mine and what's yours is mine!!
Denial to ones self and others is a form of this
These are strong beliefs
We have the power to do this otherwise we will end up in jail or worse
Keep silent to avoid notice
Anger is an example of this strategy
Did you see what he did though... _____ Strategy

Lab Safety Crossword

Lab Safety Crossword

we wear this so we can protect our eyes
we have to keep our eyes open for 10-15 seconds on this, so we can drain the chemicals out
Wear this so you don't get chemicals on your clothes
Use this when a test tube gets really hot
the position we light a Bunsen burner from
When we want to smell something we don't put our nose in it, instead we _________
Never pick up _______ with your hands
Don't wear __________ during lab or you'll fall
always work with a ____ while doing a lab.
never wear this "fashionable" product
always has to be tied back
pull, aim, squeeze, sweep
what we use when a person is on fire
what we do to CALL the teacher when there is an emergency
when there are chemicals on our body we us a

Long O Crossword

Long O Crossword

A beautiful flower
Where we live
Something said to make you laugh
This holds icecream
We have a secret ________.
A think string
What you do when you really want something to happen
I ____ up early this morning.
I read the book _______ Soup

Economics Chapter 1 and 2 Crossword Puzzle

Economics Chapter 1 and 2 Crossword Puzzle

Decisions by an individual about what to do and what not to do
Anything that can be used to produce something else
What you have to give up in order to get what you want
When you compare the costs with the benefits of doing something
Decisions based on the additional benefit versus the additional cost
An economic situation when no individual would be better off doing something different
When everyone gets his or her fair share
If the opportunity cost of producing the good is lower for that individual than for other people
When an individual can do an activity better than other people
A form of trade when people directly exchange goods or services that they have for goods or services that they want