The Giver Crossword

Who is the main character?
What job is fiona given
What job is asher given
What job is jonas given
At what number do you receive a name
when do you receive a bike
who released the newchild in chapter 19
Who was the previous receiver of memories
Where do public ceremonies take place
Where does the receiver stay
What colour did jonas see first
What was the first coloured object in the giver

The Giver Crossword

The Giver Crossword

Who is the main character?
What is Jonas' father's job?
What is Jonas' sister's name?
What is Jonas' bestfriend's name?
Jonas has been selected to be the?
Jonas gets training from?
How old is Jonas?
How old is Lily?
Who is the author?
What age do you recieve a bike?
What was Jonas' first memory?
What is the name of the baby staying with Jonas?
What is The Giver's daughter's name?
How many children can be in one family unit?

The Giver Crossword Puzzle

The Giver Crossword Puzzle

Who is The Giver's Daughter?
what is the first memory Jonas receives?
Who is Jonas's best friend in the beginning of the book?
What happens to someone when they are released?
What memory did The Giver accidentally give to Jonas?
What was the Givers favorite memory?
What is the name of the newborn baby that isn't ready to be given to a family yet?
What happens to the smaller twin?
How many years do they wait to choose a new receiver?
what did they see in the sky in the beginning of the book that scared everyone?
How many children could each family have?
What was Lily's "comfort object"?
What color were Jonas's eyes?
Jonas's mother gave him pills for his ___________
What did Asher say when he meant to say, "snack?"
What was waiting for Jonas at the top of the hill?

Giver Crossword Puzzle

Giver Crossword Puzzle

assigned Assistant Directer of Recreation
Jonas was called out for taking this home
the citzens live in the
you get your volunteer hours when you are an
they control the community
works as a nuturer
the stirring pills take these away
assigned as caretaker of the old
jonas takes him with him to elsewhere
teaches jonas to be the new receiver
there is none of this in the community
how you release someone
the main character
you are not allowed to do this unless you are the receiver
jonas's sister
there is none of this because of the stirring pills
only the receivers have these and they give wisdom
works as a justice
the giver dosen't give jonas this
takes care of new children
the community has none of this except for scrapes from falling
jonas is the
the first color jonas sees is
jonas saved gabe from
there is none of this because of climate control
in jonas's first memory he is riding a
jonas uses the memory of this to keep him and gabe warm
a pill stops these dreams called
the age before you get your job assignment
eights can
the citzens aren't given choices so there is none of this

The Giver Chapters 1-10 Crossword

The Giver Chapters 1-10 Crossword

Lilly wanted to get rid of her hair ___________
Jonas' assignment
What changed mid-air?
Jonas' father's assignment
Jonas' best friend
Father broke a rule to look at this list
Gabe's comfort object
The receiver had this instead of power
Jonas dreamed about her
Transferred memories to Jonas
The new child who stayed with Jonas' family
Received jackets with buttons and pockets at the ceremony
Where you go when you are released
Male elevens had pant pockets for this item
The receiver had many in his dwelling
Jonas has the capacity to see ________
The elders chose these for the new twelves.
This doesn't matter after the Ceremony of Twelve
These don't exist in Jonas' world.
Fiona's assignment was ______ of the old.
This person announced the assignments: ______ elder
This wand was a punishment for children
It was to be precise
Jonas' number
Short hair symbolized this

Giver: Chapters 1-7 Crossword

Giver: Chapters 1-7 Crossword

What Jonas stole from the recreation center
What you have to do if you are late
Jonas's best friend
The job looked down on
Where do Stirrings take place?
The age when children get to become a volunteer
Where a family lives
The girl Jonas dreams about
The baby who lives with Jonas's family unit
Lily can never keep these tied
What scared the citizens at the start of the book
Where Jonas's dream occurs
the protagonist
Jonas's sister
What is the name of the first ceremony you have?
The age you get your bike
Where Jonas's dad woks
The treatment for Stirrings
The forbidden word, a word kids can not use jokingly
The age you get a front buttoned jacket

The Giver Word Search

The Giver  Word Search
Word Search


The Giver (Chapter 1-9) Crossword

The Giver (Chapter 1-9) Crossword

What was the most honored job of just one individual who must work alone?
What is the Gabriel's comfort object called?
Who did Jonas like?
The feeling of "wanting" that Jonas had when he dreamed with Fiona
Transferred the memories to Jonas
What was the job assigned to Asher?
Which job does Jonas think would be perfect to Lily?
How did the Receiver call to the Jonas special capacity?
Jonas had been selected to become...
What symbolized the back button jacket that they must wear until age of seven?

the giver crossword

the giver crossword

Jonas's male friend
Jonas's female friend
who does Jonas get memories from
where does Jonas live
what does Jonas live in
whats Jonas's first memorie
what was the first color Jonas saw
what do the nines get
a pale eyed baby
where is Jonas's work place located
Jonas's sister
lily's comfort toy
where Jonas and Gabriel traveled
Jonas's birth number
the Giver failed student
the item that Jonas and Asher were playing with
Jonas's old comfort toy

The Giver Crossword

The Giver  Crossword

Main character

What do the nine's receive at the ceremony of nine
What the head chief said he was for earning this assighnment
Jonas's first memory
The title of one of the elders
The people who decide everything
What you feel when you have feelings for someone

Where Jonas lives
This person has red hair
Lily's comfort object
The Giver's favorite memory
Who was recreational director
What is the name of the newchild Jonas's family is taking care of
In what does Jonas first see the color red in
What number is Jonas for the ceremony
What did Asher really mean when he said smacks
What assignment did Jonas's mother say was a dishonor
Where does Jonas go for his assignment

The Giver Crossword

The Giver Crossword

Jonas's stirrings are about who
Jonas's best friend
Jonas's sister
Newchild who stays with the family
You take these for Stirrings
Jonas gets scolded for taking home this fruit
Jonas will be doing the ceremony of...
What happens to the old
Job for the rest of your life
The thing young children sleep with
An assignment with little honor
Job with Newchildren
Starts with a dream
First sign of independence
Jonas's number
Ceremony of ones
When you are nine you get a...
Asher mispronounced this word
The amount of children allowed in a household
How old Jonas was when his family got Lily