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Laundry Crossword


What is it called to divide clothes into different groups?
What do you call the process of using chemicals to clean clothes?
Before you wash clothes, you should empty these.
This product will remove color and stains from white fabric.
What is the safest water temperature for washing and rinsing all clothing?
Dark colors should never be washed with ____?_____ colors.
What is the biggest problem with NOT cleaning your lint trap?
A special soap used to wash clothes
What do you use to remove wrinkles out of clothes?
You can use this hair product to remove ink from clothes.
You might have to wear these clothes to work.
Use these to store dirty clothes
__________ the washer will not get clothes clean. Fill washer 3/4 full max.
Read this before you sort the laundry. (two words-no space)

Weeding a Planted Area Crossword


A reason why a tool may not be safe to use.
What should you do to stop catching germs from the soil
You should always check with this person before removing weeds.
A garden tool that will help you remove weeds.
When you have finished weeding you should always do this.
Tools should always be ________ when you have finished using them
A weed is a ________ that is in the wrong place.
Tools should always be stored ______.
A place you can dispose of weeds correctly.
Some plants cannot grow well if they are surrounded by ______.

Point of Use Treatment of Endoscopes and Instruments Crossword


Preclean flexible endoscopes and instruments at the point of use to moisten, dilute, soften, and remove organic soils (e.g., blood, feces, respiratory secretions) and to reduce the formation of: BIOGUNK, BIOFILM, BIOFILL, BIOJUNK.
If organic soil and biofilm are not removed completely, the subsequent HLD or _______________ process might not be effective.
Preclean flexible endoscopes and accessories at the point of use as soon as possible and before organic material has dried on the surface or in the INNARDS, CHANNELS, CHAMBERS, CANALS of the endoscope.
The presence of dried organic material makes cleaning DIFFICULT, GRUESOME, EASYASPIE, IMPOSSIBLE.
Nearly irreversible ATTACHMENT, MAGNATISM, CLINGONISM, occurs as the microorganisms begin to multiply and form a mature biofilm.
Microorganisms within a mature biofilm are protected by the secreted extracellular substances and may not be easily FENESTRATED, IMPREGNATED, PENETRATED, SPONGENATED or killed by antibiotics, HLD, or sterilization.
Certain conditions are necessary for biofilm formation, including the presence of colonizing microorganisms, sufficient FERTILIZER, NUTRIENTS, CHLORIDES, PEPSIDIDES acceptable temperature conditions for growth, and time required for the formation of biofilm.
Biofilm can form on the inner surface of endoscope channels and is especially prone to form when these inner channels become scratched or REPAIRED, DAMAGED, PEANUTBUTTERED.
Effective precleaning processes may help to prevent patient COMPLAINTS, REPORTING, INFECTION, SCRATCHING.
If precleaning process will be delayed (e.g., an endoscope is used for intubation and remains in the procedure room for potential reuse), wipe the external surfaces and channels with SALINE, WATER, ENZYME, EVOOS.
After endoscope is used, wipe the outside with enzymatic solution followed by sterile water and suction BACTISTATIC, ENZYMATIC, VIRIOMATIC, CHORAMATIC solution followed by sterile water through the channels.
Surgical instruments are AFFECTED, INFECTED, EFFECTED, SUSPECTED, by biofilm formation and require precleaning during and immediately post surgical procedures.

December Safety Knowledge Crossword


Many accidents and injuries occur each year due to lack of safety ___________
Alway observe your _________________
One of the nine types of energy. It can be shocking.
When working on any task its important to have the right what?
Who is responsible for safety?
When we struggle staying focused at work, it can lead to mistakes and _____________.
What chemical was introduced to sanitize with?
What kind of shoes must be worn in all operating areas?
Wear your facial covering ________________.
Please _______________ social distancing

Surgical Radiography Crossword


MD or certified registered nurse anesthetist who specializes in the art and science of administering anesthesia.
preferably an RN; monitors and coordinates all activities in OR, provides supplies to scrub nurse, and manages patient care.
provides intraoperative imaging in a variety of examinations with a variety of equipment
responsible for maintaining the integrity, safety, and efficacy of the sterile field
allied health practitioner qualified by academic and clinical education
qualified surgeon or resident in an accredited surgical educational program; must be capable to assume duties of surgeon
licensed physician specially trained and qualified to perform surgical procedures
The area between the patient drape and the instrument table is maintained as a_________________ and is the territory of the surgeon and the instrument nurse only.
Access in the sterile corridor area is permitted only to those wearing? (4 wds)
What are the Three Cardinal Principles of Radiation Protection; Especially important during C-arm procedure? (3wds)
What C-arm Orientation has the least exposure to operator?
What C-arm Orientation has increased exposure to face and neck by a factor of four?
What C-arm Orientation has increased exposure at x-ray tube end?
What C-arm Orientation should be avoided; increased exposure to head and neck?
The_______ pedal allows the physician or other operator to have hands-free operation of the C-arm.
________ _________ consists of the practice and procedures used to minimize the levels of infectious agents present in the surgical environment. (2 wds)
The typical surgical suite has two general regions known as? (3wds)
What is the area called where the technologist is located?
left posterior oblique (abbrv)
Right posterior oblique (abbrv)
anterior posterior (abbrv)
What is the primary source of radiation exposure to the fluoroscopy staff ? (2wds)
What outfit does the sterile team wear?
Position where patient is lying on their back?
Position where patient is lying on their Stomach?

Safety and sanitation notes Crossword


__________ is a virus commonly associated with raw chicken
How long should you wash your hands
Which virus is the most common in the US
how soon after do most food borne illnesses show effects
__________ Is the most deadly foodborne illness
what is the minimum that you can do to prevent virus spreads
why do some restaurants use different colored cutting boards
why are dented cans dangerous
Where do you stick the thermometer in to the food
Why do you wash your hands

Long O Crossword

Long O Crossword

We wear this outdoors
Wash your hands with this
This is found on the ocean
A female deer
This animal has horns and eats grass
Falls from the sky in winter
Soup and cereal are eaten in this
This appears in the sky after a rainstorm.
________ on your trumpet
The teacher _______ us to be quiet.
I hit my big _____ on the chair.
Please wait one ___________.
Frog and ________ are friends
A bar of soap will ________ in the bathtub.
A black bird

Disease Transmission Crossword

Disease Transmission Crossword

Trade name for Glutaraldehyde
Process starts in the OR
The number of microbes/amount of organic debris on an object at any given time
Appropriate for use on animate surfaces
Study of invertebrates
Most important factor in a ST's role of preventing SSI's
Inanimate objects that harbor microorganisms that contribute to environmental contamination
Process involves immersion, rinsing and drying
Multiplication of organisms in tissues of a host
The body's first natural line of defense
Process of binding minerals in the cleaning solution
Used to confirm sterilization
Has filters and removable locking devices
Organisms that are either unicellular or multicellular
Following of moral or ethical principles
The ease of liquid and gas passing through something
The study of fungi
Nonliving particles that rely on the host cell for survival to cause disease
Proteinaceous, non-living, infectious particle
Free of all microorganisms including spores
Contamination caused by passage of microorganisms through a sterilized package



When washing your hands, what temperature of water is best?
Where do we clean our fingertips?
How should you dry your hands? 2 words
After washing your hands, turn off water tap with what? 2 words
What things shouldn't be worn at work? 2 words
Bring a change of clothes in what kind of bag?
Bring food in what kind of bag?
Where are your shoes stored after you finish your shift? 2 words
Besides your phone and glasses, what other thing must be sanitized that you wear at work? 2 words
What shouldn't we share at work?
Before starting to work, what should we sanitize? 2 words
After eating, what should you do? 2 words
No high fives or hand ________ at work.
When should hand hygiene be done with patients? 3 words
What important thing should you do when you first get home?
Where should your water bottles and Tupperware be washed after work?
How many pumps minimum are needed to do a hand rub?
When doing a hand rub, at what point should you stop rubbing? 2 words
What shouldn't you use when doing a hand rub? 2 words
How many steps does it take to don PPE?
How many steps does it take to doff PPE?
What is done before a gown is put on? 2 words
Besides the neck, what other place is the gown tied?
What goes on after the gown?
A face shield or _________ go over the face and eyes after the mask is donned.
When putting on the gloves, make sure that you cover the __________ on the gown.
Remember to perform hand hygiene between each and every _____ when doffing.
When taking gloves off, grasp the palm of one gloved hand and ______ off first glove.
When doffing second glove, slide _________ of hand under other glove and peel off.
When taking off gown, how should it be discarded? 2 words
What part of the goggles or face shield shouldn't be touched? 2 words
What is taken daily at work?
What should you do before cleaning your goggles? 2 words
How many times should a pair of goggles be wiped before being used?
The first wiping of your goggles is the ________ stage.
The second wiping of your goggles is the ___________ stage.
Rinse goggles with clean water or _______ to remove residue when cleaning them.
Do not put goggles on ____.