Clue number 2 Crossword

If you ever hear an echo, take a look around you, it may be a colourful bird.
A fruit not a vegetable. I originated from the Mediterranean sea. Some people love me others hate me.
Some think I live in a school and have too many holidays.
A synonym for clever
I have 3 hearts, blue blood and squirt ink at my predators.
Often worn by girls. Sometimes gold or silver, sometimes made of pearls.
A Scottish princess that likes archery.
A family of five much like Rhea's.
Radiologists do this to look at your bones.
Pasta, Pizza, Lasagne - some of my famous food.
A period from sunset to sunrise
This house is full of them!

Crucigrama Crossword

Crucigrama Crossword

I can draw very well, and it is fun
I like to play sports.
I am well behaved.
My room is messy so everything is not in the right place that it should be
I got in trouble
I like to clean my room so that everything is in the right place
My friend calls me a couch potato
My mother acts this way when I'm in trouble.
My neighbor is very sympathetic
My dad does gets his work done
My brothers and I are not short
My mom and dad are not tall
His sister is not handsome
Giants are very big
My aunt said that I was looking nice at the wedding
His baby cousin is not old
Her sister's hair is close to the color orange
Henry is a stand up comedian , and the people always laugh at his good jokes
I am not little nor am I medium sized.
My great grandmother is not young.
My hair color is a bit lighter than black.
Many of my friends have a hair color that is close to yellow
I have many of these in school, and we sometimes go out to see movies
She is not a boy, she is a.
He is not a girl, he is a.
There are many of us in school, and we where uniforms.
When a male teenager gets older they become.
My mother is not a girl, she is a.
What is the singular version of people.
Another word for extremely.
Another word for small.
This word is also used in slang as " cause."
Can be used as " we-all" in a sentence.



Who is my mommy?
Who is my daddy?
What will I drink from?
What will I eat?
Where does mommy & daddy take me to swing?
What is in my bottle?
I sleep in this.
Mommy, Daddy & Me do this.
Why do I need a diaper?
Why do my gums hurt?
What am I sucking on?
How will I get around the house?
I also like my
How do I keep warm?
Am I a girl or a ?
Am I a boy or a ?
My first word
My second word
My third word
Who watches me sometimes?
I love my
My grandma & grandpa are
Used to rub on my sore gums
I play with my toys in this
Mommy puts my diapers & wipes in this
Used to clean my ears
Mommy does this to put me to sleep
Mommy & daddy's mother
Mommy & daddy's father
I like

Princess Crossword

Princess Crossword

A Princess of the Sea
Talking tea-pots
A mice lover
Princess of the desert
1000 brushes
Her Heart
A fighter for the army
Colours of the wind
Prince Frogs
City Girl
Princess of a god
Princess of Atlantis
A moody fairy
Second sun-rise
Mad Wonderland
Far away in Nerver-land
The Cauldron of Black
Frozen Heart
Power of ice
Princess of the stars

The Outsiders Crossword Puzzle

The Outsiders Crossword Puzzle

The name of the car that Bob and his crew were driving
Who wrote the poem that Ponyboy said to Johnny? (last name)
What did Ponyboy and Johnny play when they were at in the church?
The author of the novel
Sodapop's friend
The name of Soda's horse (first name)
The place that Ponyboy and Johnny stayed at
The girl thats helping the greaser
The name of the Soc that got killed
Johnny smoked a ___________
Ponyboy was remembering a ________ he read once
it seemed funny that the _________ Cherry saw looked exactly like the one I saw.
The object that killed Bob
The storyteller (main character)
_______ are the rich kids
__________ are almost like the hoods
What did Soda give to Dally and then Dally gave to Pony?
The church was on _______
Bob's friend
The Socs and Greasers are gonna have a _________

Name the One Direction Songs Crossword

Name the One Direction Songs Crossword

"Tonight lets get some and...."
"everytime we to u uch i get this kinda ru u ush"
"if you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms"
"Baby you and me stumbling in the street singing singing singing singing...."
"baby look what you've done to me"
"Get out get out get out of my head"
"It just don't feel right cause i can't love you..."
"i won't let these..... slip out of my mouth"
"The ...... I take her home"
"You're insecure don't know what for"
"All my life you stood by me when no one else was ever behind me"
"and we danced all night to the....."
"you and me got a whole lot of...."
"i will drive past you house and if the lights are all out i'll see whose around"
"we're only getting older baby and i've been thinking about it lately"
"..... we don't wanna be like them, we can make it till the end,"
"They dont know about the things we do"
"Waking up beside you i'm a loaded gun"
"Everybody wanna..... everybody wanna take her heart away"
"When the air ran out and the world started running' wild, the sky fell down,"



What you feel when you are appreciative or thankful
when you feel completely shocked or surprised
a feeling of overwhelming joy or bliss
worn out or extremely tired
unable to make choices
when you feel that you lack energy or enthusiasm to do anything
you sometimes feel this as a student ; no energy or enthusiasm
unwilling or hesitant to do something
shy or awkward;
when you can't feel any sensation in your body
worried or nervous about doing something
doing a task well and thoroughly without wasting time
wanting to be in another person's position because of their good fortune
unsure of or unable to understand something
to be extremely annoyed, upset or sickened by something
I passed my IELTS test and feel EXTREMELY PLEASED
really tired of or irritated by something
I did something really STUPID without thinking
I have STRONG beliefs about human rights especially children and vulnerable members of society
I was UNHAPPY with the cutstomer service at the restaurant
I sometimes feel this when i am away from my native country and family
I like to hang out with people who are POSITIVE
Some people believe that being a celebrity is ATTRACTIVE & EXCITING
thinking that someone is guilty of doing something
when you feel angry about something that you think is unfair
soft or kind
when you are unable to look after yourself
if you demonstrate strong feelings of love and doing things associated with it
The media is very CRITICAL/DISREPECTFUL about certain celebrities and people in the public eye
After a nap or a cold shower I feel more AWAKE and less TIRED
I was really EXCITED and HAPPY when I met my favourite celebrity
to feel UNEASY
I sometimes feel THIS emotion with strangers

Disney Movie Classics Crossword

Disney Movie Classics Crossword

Cheetahs never prosper
Robin Williams's bluest role
______ O'Malley the alley cat
Agrabah's favorite tiger pet
A boy separated from his shadow
Demi Moore voices the streetwise Gypsy girl
Sir ____, a hypnotic snake sidekick
Honey, you mean HUNKules
"Look for the bare necessities..."
Disney's third animated movie
"Come on, you poor unfortunate soul. Go ahead! Make your choice"
A tiny teacup
The adopted father of 84 dalmations
Ariel's father, King ____
The ___ and the hound
The smartest of the seven
Cinderella's tallest mouse sidekick
A fiery blue villain voiced by James Woods
Cinderella's roundest mouse sidekick
A very unfitting name for a skunk
"When I was a lad, I ate four dozen eggs every morning to help me get large"
"Trust me..."
Prince Ababwa
Pirates, and mermaids, and fairies, oh my!
" Can you paint all the colors of the wind?"
The return of _______
Sleeping Beauty's prince
The Great _____ Detective
The shiest of the seven
She impersonates a man to save her father
He's so handsome, just like his reward posters
The mutt sharing spaghetti with his lady
Jiminy ______, a companion & conscience
"Dishonor! Dishonor on your while family! Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your cow!"
The tales of Jumbo Jr & Timothy Q Mouse
_______ in wonderland
" I have to grow up tomorrow"
I just can't wait to be king

Riddle me this Crossword

Riddle me this Crossword

"Around" and "About" she goes like a ferris wheel
Sometimes you have to look "within" yourself
she left me with "pain" in my heart after our breakup
That kid has the "heart" of a champion
I could gaze at her ebony brown _____ forever
The doctor sucked more "blood" out of him than Dracula
That girl was dancing circles around that boy at the dance. Just "Around" and "Around" she went
The beast lies deep "within" your "inner" self
I hate "pain" that's why I don't fight
Her "skin'' is smoother than silk
That kid has bad ''Kidney" stones
She told Xavier he takes the "Air" out her "Lungs"
"ic, ac, al, ular"
The doctor had to make a slight "Incision" in his jaw
"Removal" of an internal organ can be tricky
the young boy says he is an "Expert" on love
I love the "study of" the brain
Xavier wanted to "move forward" with his life
I had rent to pay but I only have "half"
My ex is ''Outside" begging for me to talk to her
My son is begging me to go "outside"
My girlfriend hates being "outside"
After the fight, the doctor told the young girl she has a fractured "Skull"
My mom kept asking me why I had hickies on my "Neck"
The addict around the corner always has a needle in his "Blood vessel"
He Kept throwing "stones" at the glass house
The sugar dissolved into water
I love how fast the sugar "dissolves" in the kool aid
In science class we were "viewing" how the heart works
I think the young girl got a black "eye"
She liked that he had tattoos on his "eyelids"
Coach told me I am to "slow" to run track
His "muscles" are getting bigger
the doctors wondered why his cells couldn't "Reproduce"
He has a cavity on his "Tooth"
The lotion makes her skin "soft"
My mom hates when my pants "sag" or "Fall"
My sister has a strong "resemblance to" my mom
The sense of danger gave her a great "sensation"
Everyone should drink at least 8 glasses of "Water"
Fruits and vegetables are a good source of "Nutrition"
He has a lot of "cartilage" in his left knee
Look at the "Budding of cells" in the body
I "broke" my leg last summer
I think everyone hates "stopping'' at yellow lights
He is always looking "Behind" himself
All my socks have to be the "same" to match
I love racing down a "narrow" street

Guess That Song! Crossword

Guess That Song! Crossword

Violet Precipitation
You've got a body built for the beach. You got that ocean
You can bet that never gotta sweat that
Uh-oh , dancin' past the point of no return; let go, we can free ourselves of all we've learned
Only one at a time; so precious, is yours, is mine.
I'm looking at you, don't like what I see, You need to touch ground til you're level with me
Shoot'em Up shoot em down, jus- jus- just sh- sh- shoot' em
Sweet dreams turn into (blank) in the morning
Tonight I'm going to party like its (blank)
Am I freak for getting down?
This is a (blank) (blank), you better know what you're fighting for
I feel we're close enough, Could I lock in your love?
Will you take me to (blank) ? I don't think this will last, But you're here in my arms
There's someone out there waiting for me; High, mini, fat, skinny, just wait and see
My shadow doesn't show in the dark; The night time is inclined to my heart; The emptiness I felt from the start; Will follow me 'till I fall apart
I was making Japanese; And she's watching DVDs; In Oakland, in Oakland
I'm chillin', real nigga feeling; Rich kid, asshole: paint me as a villain
And now that's it's over, I'll never be (blank); I couldn't believe, but now I'm so high
I’m in the shadows in the corner of my room; this my new hideaway; this my tomb
(blank)(blank). Come and make your mind up
I'm off on a adventure..I'm on my way to Heaven..
Yes, I've been black but when I come back you'll know, know, know
Well sometimes I go out by myself; And I look across the water
Now you, drank up all my liquor, come on What I'm 'posed to do now?
Said; I'm naked down to my socks
The fear of clocks... The fear of time; High as the cost of living I take what I've been given
Caroline! Caroline! See Caroline all the guys would say she's mighty fine
Yeah this one right here goes out to all the baby's mamas, mamas...
I'm seeing the pain, seeing the pleasure Nobody but you, 'body but me, 'body but us Bodies together
What if they steal my skateboard? What if they steal my drums? What if they steal my talent? What if they steal my shoes?

Random shit bout us Crossword

Random shit bout us Crossword

Your favorite movie
My middle name
My eye color
Your nickname for me
Month we started talking
1st thing you have me
Where we meet
My favorite movie
Month of my birthday
My favorite color
I'm prefect what material
What body part you've touched on me
What you gonna throw me on to fuck shit out me
2nd thing you gave me
My favorite cereal
I'ma what on that dick
Who do I love
Name of my future hubby
What you gonna play with while fuckin & eatin me
Your dogs name
I love you in French
My initials
Our love is
Baby in French
Mac Miller song I wrote you after you told me I could have your hat
Your initial
What kind dog I want
Naughty outfit you want me to get for you
Cartoon we both like
My favorite snack cake
What I call my brother nick
With you I feel safe and at what
What you and unk gave me before i left
Your moms name
My youngest brothers name
What I'm gonna do on your cock when you skullfuck me
What you gonna use my ass for when fuckin me from behind
What's the dogs name that was almost big enough 133
What you gonna make me do all over your dick
My favorite cartoon couple (male)
My favorite cartoon couple (female)
You make me
One my favorite positions
You gonna go so deep you gonna be in my
You gonna fuck me blank af
Town I live in