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Key word Cross word of awesomeness

Key word Cross word of awesomeness

The idea that organs (or Social institutions) have functions that relate to eachother
The "parts" we play in society
Children who are wild or unsocialised
The process of learning norms and values
The postion a person has in society and the amount of respect that position has
The way of life of a group of people
What we call a theory that sees society as positive and 'working'
The person that carries out the 'expressive role'
Socially constructed aspects of difference between men and women
What Parsons says a relaxing family is like
What someone (or society) sees as important and what they try to achieve
Unwritten rules that people follow
A Functionalist that talks about 4 functions of the family
The original Functionalist
Biological differences between male and female
How individuals see and define themselves
According to Parsons Dads fulfil this role
Comparing society to the human body
Differences in norms and values of people from different cultures

Key word Cross word

Key word Cross word

What is the "way of life of a group of people"
What someone (or society) sees as important and what they try to achieve
Unwritten rules that people follow
The 'parts' we play in society
The person that carries out the Expressive Role
According to Parsons' Dads fulfil this role
The position a person has in society and the amount of respect that position has
How individuals see and define themselves
Comparing society to the human body
Differences in norms and values of people from different cultures
Another term for Gender Socialisation
Biological differences between male and female
What we call a theory that sees society as basically "working"
Social aspects of difference between male and female
Children who are wild or unsocialised
The process of learning norms and values
A functionalist that talks about 4 functions of the family
What Parsons says the relaxing family is like
The idea that organs (or social institutions) have functions that relate to eachother
The original Functionalist

British Values Crossword

British Values Crossword

What word describes a system of government elected by the population?
What is the opposite of democracy
Freedom of speech describes individual what?
If you break the law you are sent here?
Different cultures and religions means we live in what sort of society?
Christians visit churches Muslims visit what?
Mutual respect and what?
Parliament sit in the house of .........?
What is the name of the government strategy to help combat terrorism?
Who is the patron saint of England?

sociology Crossword

sociology Crossword

the parts people play in society
set of cultural expectations about how males and females should behave.
The learned, shared behaviour of members of a society
a continuing process whereby an individual acquires a personal identity and learns the norms, values, behavior, and social skills appropriate to his or her social position.
cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture
a range of different things
Principles or standards of behaviour; one’s judgement of what is important in life:
the fact of being who or what a person or thing is
widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing
1.a set or category of things having some property or attribute in common and differentiated from others by kind, type, or quality
1.the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale

Cultural Variation Crossword

Cultural Variation Crossword

Two words-Viewing people's behavior from the perspective of their own culture.
Two words- To better understand cultural variation sociologists, pay attention to differences that exist both ____ and ____ societies.
Countercultures usually thrive among the ____.
Specialized language used by members of a group or subculture.
Norms deemed highly necessary to the welfare of a society.
Something that is usual, typical, or standard.
Americans who visit _____ may find it odd that rat meat is a local specialty.
Two words- The differences in cultures exhibited around the world.
A segment of society that shares a distinctive pattern of mores, folkways, and values that differs from the pattern of the larger society.
The tendency to assume that one's culture and way of life represent what's normal.
Sociologists study how cultural variation can be used to secure and enhance ____.
A subculture that deliberately opposes certain aspects of a larger culture.
Two words-A set of cultural beliefs and practices that legitimates existing powerful social, economic, and political interests.
Two words-Feelings of disorientation, uncertainty, and fear that people experience when they encounter unfamiliar cultural practices.
Everything humans create in establishing our relationships to nature and with each other.

Citizenship Crossword Puzzle

Citizenship Crossword Puzzle

A member of a community who is loyal to and is protected by the government
The rights and duties of citizens
A legal process to gain citizenship
An amount of money demanded by the government used to help run public places and help the community
Something that you are required to do
Something that you can do voluntarily (it is not required)
A person who moved from one country an is now a permanent resident in another
A foreign-born resident in the United States who has not been naturalized yet
The belief, way of life, art, and customs that are shared by people in a particular society
People who share a common national, cultural, or racial background
A person who has left their home to escape war, famine, or another disaster
Respecting and accepting others regardless of their differences
Offering your time and services to others without any payment
The advantage or benefit of all people in a society
The health , prosperity, and happiness of the members of a community
The regulations established in a community by some authority
The general principles or beliefs people use to make decisions
You can lose your citizenship if you are found guilty of _______
immigrants must take a ____ that checks if they can read, write and speak English before becoming a citizen
immigrants must be able to read, _____, and speak English before becoming a citizen

Diversity Crossword

Diversity Crossword

The type of society we are living in?-
One of the diverse groups?
For what stand out the interest in the people of the same sex?
A relationship where someone is sexually attracted to both sex?
One of the similarities across a range of a sexual orientation groups?
A diverse group which is the most discriminated by the society?
The most common word used to show lack of the tolerance?
What is it when someone have got on the mind or treat someone different before exactly meet this person or because of their style of dressing,looking like?
The importance of respecting diversity in terms of tolerance?
What is going to be not respecting a diversity?
An advantage of living in a diverse society?
What makes people confident and comfortable in our environment?

Crime and Deviance Crossword

Crime and Deviance  Crossword

Laughing at a funeral would be deemed as
A behaviour that violates particular conduct norms, or diverges from the prohibitations or injunctions of the law.
I am primarily concerned with the rights and duties of individuals among themselves.
I define the duties which a person owes to society
Practices that social groups develop to encourage conformity to norms, rules, and laws and to discourage deviance.
when individuals internalise norms and values and follow those as norms and values in their lives
Involves negative sanctions that proscribe certain behaviours and punish rule breakers
A theory that argues deviance occours when approved means of reaching approved goals is blocked
A theory that argues, deviance occurs when a group in society subscribes to values thay can't attain, they then look for the fastest and most efficient way of achieveing them.
The perspective that believes the powerful use the Criminal Justice System to protect themselves.
The perspective that argues patriachy, discrimination and capitalism is the cause of deviance

Sociology MidTerm Exam Study Guide Crossword

Sociology MidTerm Exam Study Guide Crossword

Studies that use numerical data and statistical analyses are always examples of: _____
Studies that interpret non-numerical data are always examples of:
Karl believes that society can be understood as a competitive, unequal sphere in which some people have power and other advantages that other people don’t. Karl most likely comes from _____ sociological perspective?
The social process that allows people to change after the early period of their lives is known as _____ socialization.
Strain theory and labeling theory both point out, in different ways, that _____ is a product of social and cultural conditions.
To discover causal relationships, traditionally scientific research tests connections between _____.
_____ is a standard method of qualitative research.
An example of an established sociological theory is: _____
_____ is not an element of culture.
The first form of society in human history was: _____
Societies that recognize power as being justified by formal and impersonal systems of rules and laws are ruled by _____ authority.
Sociologists think of _____ as the meaningful aspect of human _____ .
The arrangement of a society, in which each element occupies a position, is social _____.
Social _____ first developed because of technological advances in human societies that created surplus resources.
When one exercises power because members of society agree that it is appropriate and should be respected, it is said to be: _____
The most recent form of human society in history is known as: _____
_____ deviance is the kind of deviance that societies do not sanction using laws.
_____ is the process that trains individuals to function in social life—that is, to be members of their societies—by transmitting elements of _____
Sociology, and the social sciences in general, have moved away from their early reliance on _____ the belief that fundamental natural laws of human social behavior can be discovered.
_____ is the ability to get other people to do one’s will, regardless of their own will.
Those who participate in a smaller culture within the broader mainstream culture are members of a _____
_____ authority is based in the exceptional qualities of the person who holds it, such as their personality or the belief that they have divine favor.
_____ is the belief that cultures must be understood on their own terms.
Humans cannot become functional in society unless they undergo _____.
According to one of sociology’s major theories, how meanings are established.
An explanation for some phenomenon based on available evidence and interpretations.
In the Scientific Method, an “educated guess” about what the result of a study might be.
A way of gathering data in which a researcher becomes embedded with the people being studied.
The source of meaning for societies.
The violation of social norms, which is culturally relative.
A type of research that uses interpretive methods to gain a deeper understanding of society.

Deviance and Crime Crossword

Deviance and Crime Crossword

Deviance that is a violation of the criminal law.
The study of all aspects of crime.
Any action, belief, or human characteristic that a large number of people who are members of a society or a social group consider a violation of group norms and for which the violator is likely to be censured or punished.
Individuals who reject both traditional means and goals and instead substitute nontraditional goals and means to those goals.
A word, gesture, or object that stands in for something or someone (a "label).
The supervised early release of a prisoner for such things as good behavior while in prison.
People who accept both culture goals and the traditional means of achieving those goals.
Serious crimes punishable by a year or more in prison.
Those who label a person as deviant.
Minor offenses punishable by imprisonment of less then a year.
A person's characteristic that others find, define, and often label as unusual, unpleasant, or deviant.
A widespread and disproportionate reaction to a form of deviance.
Individuals who devise society's rules, norms, and laws.
Early stage of random acts of deviance.
Deviant acts that persist, becoming more common, and eventually causes people to organize their lives and personal identities around their deviant status.