Us president who fought for passage of civil rights legislation
Lydon Johnson
NAACP Legal Defence Team; Argued Brown v.Board
Thurgood Marshall
NAACP Legal Defence Team in VA
Oliver Hill
Leader of Civil Rights Movement; nonviloent mass protest, " I have a dream "
Martin Luther King Jr
1st woman on US Supreme Court
Sandra Day O'Connor
1st female US astronaut in space
Sally Ride
1st American astronaut to orbit the earth
John Glenn
1st person to step on the moon's surface, " One small step for man ..."
Neil Armstrong
Woman on US Supreme Court ( not first )
Ruther Bader Ginsberg
African American on Supreme Courts
Clarence Thomas
US President; Fall of communism in Europe, reunification of germany ; Persian Gulf
George HW Bush
US President; NAFTA ; Lifted economic sanctions against South Africa
Bill Clinton
US President; 9/11 terroist attacks; War in Afghanistan, War in Iraq
George W Bush
Woman on US Supreme Court
Ruther Bader Ginsberg
President forced from office by the watergate scandal
Richard Nixon
Presidebt who won the Cold War; Increased military & economic pressure
Ronald Reagan