Puzzles and worksheets similar to Day 2 Crossword

Escape South View Crossword


Traditional Scottish breed of cow (6,8)
Blonde dizzy friend (6)
Our last Norfolk Pad (9)
Lucy's Ex Boyfriend (4)
Family Pad near Bude (3,4,4)
Big G Favourite Pudding (6)
P*****, L*****, T**** (6,6,5)
Whitstable, where you like to go alone (4, 3, 6)
Georgie's favourite shop (6, 5)
Riley's best friend (4)
Where you can find a pie as hot as the sun (3, 9)
Capital of Portugal (6)
**** & Pong (4)
I'm thinking of a ............. ......... (6, 6)
The real Capital of New Zealand (10)
**** Expect me to do much (4)
A spanish meal is not complete without them (7)
Throw it down the alley (3, 5)

Burns Night Crossword

Burns Night  Crossword

'60s defense secretary McNamara (6)
Traditional Scottish dish (6)
Evening meal (6)
Northern country (8)
Knee-length tartan garment (4)
Distilled spirit (6)
Military musician (5)
Scottish instrument (8)
Dough ball (8)
Celtic poet (4)
Of the Middle Ages (8)
The class of people engaged in growing food (11)
Like many anthems (8)
A custom a passed through time (9)
Celtic language (6)

Tom’s Christmas Crossword

Tom’s Christmas Crossword

Custom made jacket crafted at speed, by a bird? Indeed. (6,5)
Cure to a panic attack. (3,4,2,4,4)
Zebras and tea could be quite tart. Remove top undergarment with an excited fart. (5)
Our lady (3,3)
Looks like my hair but will definitely get your calories up. (7)
All that’s left of these would make a terrible furry companion. Smothered in butter to start the day like a champion. (8)
The last thing I say before we drift away. (5,5,3)
Could be a small furry creature in danger but also a powerful chat with one born in a manger. (4)
A King before Jesus he may be but that’s totally gross and heard on TV. (2,5)
August 24th 2022 (7)
The women you love but have yet to see. The larger comes first as it always should be. (6,7)
What we do most when we snuggle close. (7)
The meal we love to eat but never cook. (8)
The Sound of Music? You are mistaken. Hold me tightly and I’ll do the making. (5,4)
My favourite colour of jacket (6)
My favourite animal (7)
Where we met. (15,6)
Two things that should never mix (9,7)
The thing that makes us different. (6)
What you order when you have a seafood allergy (4)
What you order when you have a seafood allergy. (4)

Seven Continents of the World Crossword


The largest continent.
Highest mountain in Asia.
The ______ Wall of China.
Biggest country in Africa.
The longest river in Africa.
Mount Everest is part of this mountain range.
The Victoria Falls is found on this continent.
The richest country in the world is on this continent.
Walt ______ World.
On what continent is the Amazon Rain Forest?
This continent is found at the South Pole.
Smallest country in the world is on this continent.
This landmark is in Paris.
Kangaroos are found on this continent.

A simple crossword for my lovely girlfriend


Where do you place on the beauty scale?
Mall with good cinema area
What is your surname?
What is my surname
What is your nephew's favorite superhero
Yours and my favorite position?
Your favorite colour
What is your birth month
The day we went for karaoke then to that bar
The tool we are using to erase our past and draw our future
What day in January 1989 was Akihito is sworn in as Emperor of Japan
My biggest turnoff is if your personality is?
Before you sleep you gotta drink this?
After hearing both versions of my turnons you felt?
How old do you look?

Abby's Anagram Antics Crossword


Our Book
Monica: "Three letter word. Not Dog...."
Joey's 6 letter word for red
The correct 6 letter word for red
In Ojo Banojo, what card category does the Jack represent?
When we all get together, what topic do we usually get on to?
What is my full name?
What is usually on the front of our birthday cards to each other?
What month do I get married in?
Quickly becoming our girl groups favourite type of lunch!
What food shouldn't go with a bacon butty?
A creepy film with doppelgängers
One of your favourites (snack)

ou and ow words Crossword


Sometimes see this when there is rain and sun together.
The day after today.
The past simple of find.
Use this to dry yourself after you wash.
Children and plants do this when they get bigger.
Rain comes from these things in the sky
These give us light from outside and we can see through them.
Say 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
A faster way to wash than a bath.
A type of home, maybe a terrace, a cottage or a bungalow
A small brown animal, or something that we use with our computer.
I put my head on this when I sleep.
A white ingredient of bread and cake.
I like to grow these in my garden; they are beautiful and colourful.
The opposite of fast.
On a wintery day, children like to build it with the white stuff.
He works in the circus and makes us laugh.

Mots Croises Parisiens Crossword


River which runs through Paris
The indigenous people of Paris
Paris is the capital city of which country?
The population of Paris city (in millions)
Julius Caesar (Romans) renamed Paris to this in AD58-55
Paris neighbourhoods are generically referred to as these (Translates into 'around')
Paris has a 'north temperate' climate, which includes four distinct seasons. This is commonly referred to as this
One of many famous parks in Paris
Famous Parisian cathedral
Famous Iron structure built from 1887-1889 which stands 300 metres tall
Famous commemorative monument on the Champs Elyses, commissioned by Napolean 1 and took 30 years to build
Annual mens cycle race which finishes in Paris. The race was first started in 1903 by a sports newspaper to increase sales
Famous Parisian museum and home to the famous painting 'Mona Lisa'
PRoman Catholic church dedicated to the 'Sacred Heart' of Jesus. Consecrated in 1919 it is located at the highest point in the city of Paris
Elegant Kings palace on the outskirts of Paris
popular French pancakes commonly eaten in Paris
Paris underground transport sytem

Countries and nationalities Crossword

Countries and nationalities Crossword


Atoms and the Periodic Table Crossword


Non-metal with a mass number of 19 (8)
Metal harder than sodium and in the same group (7)
Gas used to stop Cs and Rb from oxidising in storage (5)
Process that causes reactive metals to discolour in air (9)
Negatively-charged sub-atomic particles (9)
Part of the atom comprising protons and neutrons (7)
Protons have a ______________ charge (8)
Protons and neutrons have a relative ________ of 1 (4)
Na is the chemical symbol for ____________ (6)
The only non-metal Group 3 element (5)
H is the ______________ of hydrogen (8,6)