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A simple crossword for my lovely girlfriend


Where do you place on the beauty scale?
Mall with good cinema area
What is your surname?
What is my surname
What is your nephew's favorite superhero
Yours and my favorite position?
Your favorite colour
What is your birth month
The day we went for karaoke then to that bar
The tool we are using to erase our past and draw our future
What day in January 1989 was Akihito is sworn in as Emperor of Japan
My biggest turnoff is if your personality is?
Before you sleep you gotta drink this?
After hearing both versions of my turnons you felt?
How old do you look?

Hollie's B'day Crossword


What position does Harry play in Quiditch?
What station does the Hogwarts Express leave from?
What colour hair does Ron have?
What is the capital of England?
How old is Rosie?
What road do Nanny and Grandad live on?
How many countries are there in the UK?
What mystical creature is a horse with a horn?
What star sign is Daddy?
What do you have to give an elf to set him free?
The ******* *** picks your house in Hogwarts.
Rosie's favourite colour?
What school does Rosie go to?

All the Who's in Whoville Crossword


Barney's Boss
Foghorn Leghorn Lady
The first name of the original Wonder Woman
A Rose Is Still a Rose
Passed the Test
Thee Stallion
First Name of a Teenage Girl Detective
Of Sunshine
Means Suspicious and Wary
Cooking Wine
Famous Cowboy Move Stars Nickname
Old School Retail Clothing Store
Dandy with the Computers
She has a song written after her
By trade she calls and visits
Night and
Joy to the World
Ike's Ex
He Stole Christmas
Has Two First Names
We landed on Plymouth Rock
Sarandon, what is my first name
Has her own talk show
Is great with numbers
My name is spelled with a K
A piece of cake
Be Kind
One of two

For Kiki Crossword


Captain America
Freedom Day
Mom's Birthday month
Favourite Store
Most hated subject
Round but when cut, its a triangle
Can easily be turned into a purse
You're a ....
Kykie, wil jy .....?
Life Sentence
Actor who plays spiderman
I am ...
Pepper Potts is allergic to...
First movie watched at the cinema
First Pets Name
Most loved Teacher

Rabbity Crosword Crossword

Rabbity Crosword  Crossword

Smallest rabbit in New Zealand
How many teeth does a rabbit have
How many dew claws does a rabbit have
how many eyelids does a rabbit have
What breed has a long coat
What is a male rabbit called
The physical state of the rabbit with reference to health
Excessive fat or looseness of the pelt
The hindquarters of a rabbit
The birth of a litter
The white mark on the hind feet of a Dutch
Which breed in NZ, only comes in white
Minimum number of hops for a rabbit in it's permanent home
A rabbit can look dead when it's
Pine cones can be used as
To cool a rabbit down you wet it's
Clover can give rabbits
Two spots at the root of the ears in some colour patterns
Slim, trim, alert
What colour is a rabbit when the ears, nose, feet & tail are black & the body is white
A colour of a Flemish Giant
What are the smellers on a rabbit
You give lots each day to your rabbit and its very dry
What breed has tuffs of fur on their ears
To scent and mark things, a rabbit does what
Longer and stranger hairs found in a coat are called
B.I.S is

My sister lives on the Mantelpiece Crossword

My sister lives on the Mantelpiece Crossword

What is the name of the main character?
What is the name of Rose's twin?
How old is Jamie?
Where does Jamie live at the beginning of the novel?
Where do they move to?
What does Dad do a lot of?
What sport does Jamie play?
What does Jamie wear all the time?
A head scarf.
Leo is the -----of Jas.
What is Sunya's religion?
One of the themes in the novel is......
Another theme in the novel is....
Another theme in the book is...
Another theme in the book is........

The best Christmas present in the world Crossword

The best Christmas present in the world Crossword

Who baked the Christmas Cake?
What is the colour of the flag the German soldier waved?
What was the nickname for the English soldiers by the Germans?
What day is 25th December?
Who thought that the marzipan was the best they had ever tasted?
What sport did Captain Jim MacPherson prefer?
Who is the author of the book?
What was in the black box?
What food did the German soldiers share with the English soldiers?
What was the box made from?
What was the piece of land named between the German soldiers and the English soldiers?
You get these on Christmas morning if you have been good?
What was the nickname for the German soldiers by the English?
What word is used when you believe it is immoral to lie and you hesitate before you do lie?
What game was played by all soldiers on that frosty Christmas day?
What was found in an old desk drawer?
What is an agreement between enemies called?

Christmas Day 2021 Crossword


What type of pie is typically left out for Santa on Christmas eve?
How many doors would you open on an advent calendar before Christmas Day arrives?
What is the day after Christmas Day called?
How does Santa get into people's houses?
what do we decorate with lights, baubles and tinsel at Christmas?
What colour is Rudolph's nose
Where does Santa live?
When building a snowman which vegetable is often used for the nose?
What transport does Santa use to deliver presents?
Unscrabble this word to reveal a type of Christmas tree decoration : INSETL
Who are Santa's little helpers?
On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me five….?
Traditionally pulled at Christmas

carman Crossword


Who is this card for?
Who is Michael?
Who is in charge of group?
What is first name of group?
What is second name of group?
What street does Carman live on?
What central US state did Carman live in?
What month was Carman born in?
Name someone else born in January.
What are one of Carman's likes?
What are Carman's favorite colors?
Does Carman make cards?

Wonder crossword (Hard)


Auggie thinks of himself as an ______ kid
What was one of Auggie's favorite passions?
The main theme in the book
Auggie was learning from home with his mum, what is this called?
"I wish every day could be _______"
"You can’t _______ in when you were born to stand out"
When a crowd of people stand up and cheer or clap
Who was the teacher that designed a precept every month
What did Auggie dress up as for Halloween?
What was the name of the play Via was in?
Who is the Author of wonder?