Ortus Crossword

Something we need a lot of
Sophie LOVES this
The first we hear on the phone
We strive to send the best
Will needs to do this more
Needed after a tough week
Toms middle name
We need a good one to make more money
Holy grail
NEED these to grow

Microsoft Word Crossword

Microsoft Word Crossword

This is inserted at the top of a document to put information such as your name, the date, and the page numbers.
This page is put at the end of an essay to give your sources credit.
If a paragraph is flush with the left margin, than it is left __________.
This is the white space on the outside of a document.
One way to align a paragraph is to use a _______ indent.
To make text stand out, you will make it ________.
Changing this means changing the way the text looks.
This is a list of items to be discussed or acted upon.
True or false? The time is included in the heading for minutes.
_________ business was business that was not taken care of in the last meeting.
These are small dots that all support an idea above it.
These are images used to make a document more interesting.
You can make an image the size and shape that you want by _________ the image.
This goes at the bottom of a page and is the opposite of a header.
To indent text, you can just hit the _____ key.
When you slant text, you put it in _______.
When you change text or pictures, you are doing this to it.
In an essay, you will use _______ spacing.
When you send a document to a printer, you are ________ the document.
If you make your own margins, you are creating a _______ margin.

Economic vocab Crossword

Economic  vocab  Crossword

Limited quantities of resources to meet unlimited wants.
Resources that are used to make ALL goods and services.
Food, air, and shelter and attention we desire.
The most desirable alternative given up as the result of a decision.
An alternative we sacrifice when we make a decision.
Natural resources that are used to make goods
The effort that a person devotes to a task for which that person is paid.
Any human-made resource that is used to produce other goods and services.
The process of designing, launching, and running a new business.
use an economy's resources.
Satisfaction or utility that a person receives from consuming an additional unit of a good or service.
The cost of producing one more unit of a good.
The concentration of the productive efforts of individuals and firms on a limited number of activities.
elimination of government power in a particular industry, usually enacted to create more competition within the industry.
the state or quality of producing something, especially crops.
Situation in which allocation of goods and service is not efficient
theoretical socially-enforced constructs in economics for determining how a resource or economic good is used and owned.
service that is provided without profit to all members of a society, either by the government or a private individual or organization
product that must be purchased to be consumed, and its consumption by one individual prevents another individual from consuming it.
Where the government, rather than the free market, determines what goods should be produced
economic system consisting of a mixture of either markets and economic planning, public ownership and private ownership, or free markets and economic interventionism.

Great Depression Crossword Puzzle

Great Depression Crossword Puzzle

We adapted a policy of _____________ when we fell into depression.
The economic crisis that happened in the US and many other nations beginning with the stock market crash in 1929 and continuing through most of the 1930's.
October 29, 1929; the day that the stock market crashed.
Buying a stock with little money down and the promise of paying the debt later in the future.
Banks demanded full payments of their loans; there was no protection in place to protect this from happening at the time.
The US fell into _____________ when the idea of loans took a wrong turn.
A rapid increase in the overall price level.
A continuous rise in the price of goods and services.
A payment plan that allows customers to make payments in set intervals until the debt is paid.
A series of reforms enacted by president Franklin Roosevelt between 1933 and 1942 with a goal to relieve and reform Americans and to end the great depression.
Roosevelt tried to relieve and __________ for the American people.
People went to the banks to withdraw all of their money before the banks closed.
A share of ownership in a corporation.
A system to buy and sell stocks.
Exercising control over freedom, will, and thoughts of others; authoritarian.
Most Americans struggled with ____________ during the Great Depression.

The Rite of Confirmation Crossword

The Rite of Confirmation Crossword

A celebration that renews the whole community through the revealing and sharing of the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Ordained by the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost to continue the work of Jesus in the world.
Signs of the gift of the Spirit working in the life of individual Christians to become witnesses to their faith.
Their names can be chosen by Candidates for Confirmation.
The Bishop can delegate the celebration of Confirmation to:
Presents the Candidate to receive the Sacrament by accompanying them to the Bishop.
The Sacrament of Confirmation is linked to this Sacrament.
Comes immediately after the presentation of Candidates.
A consecrated oil used to anoint the Candidates.
'Be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit' are words proclaimed during this ritual.

Economics Chapter 1 Crossword

Economics Chapter 1 Crossword

condition that results from not having enough resources to produce all the things we would like to have
The study of how people try to satisfy seemingly unlimited and competing needs and wants.
a basic requirement for survival
something we would like to have
tangible economic product
work performed for someone
land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurs
the value of the next best alternative given up
consumer rights were part of the a movement called
sum of people's skills, abilities,health, and motiviation
learning a task very well
where all of the factors of production are bought and sold
market in which goods and services are bought and sold

Employment Word Search

Employment Word Search
Word Search

phone calls
cold calls
follow up

Supply and Demand Crossword

Supply and Demand Crossword

The amount of goods available.
When producers offer more of a good as its price increases.
The amount that a supplier is willing and able to supply at a specific price.
A cost that rices or falls depending on the quantity produced.
A cost that does not change.
A tax on the production or sale of a good.
The sum of fixed costs plus variable costs.
The cost of producing one more unit of a good.
The total cost divided by the quantity produced.
The cost of operating a facility such as a factory or a store.
The desire to own something and the ability to pay for it.
To buy more of a good when its price is lower.
when consumers react to an increase in a goods price by consuming less.
The change in consumption that results when a price increases causes real income to decline.
A table that lists the quantity of a good a person will buy at various prices in a market.
A table that lists the quantity of a good all consumers in a market will buy at various prices.
a graphic representation of a demand schedule.
A good that consumers demand more when their incomes increases.
A good that consumers demand less of what their incomes increase.
The statistical characteristics of population and population segments.
A measure of how consumers respond to price change.
The total amount of money a company receives by selling goods or services.

Economic Unit 1 Crossword

Economic Unit 1 Crossword

when something is both desirable and limited
Studies the behavior of individuals within economy
Decides what is brought and sold based on what is trending
A certain amount of product out of a given input
When an individual/ country can produce at a lower opportunity cost than another
A certain amount of input to get a given product
When an individual/ country can produce more than another using the same amount of resources
least costly production techniques are used to produce wanted goods and services
Illustrates the possible combinations of goods and services that can be produced by a single nation, firms, etc.
The evaluation of an economy to determine if the system is meeting most if not all of our needs
Made so that the marginal benefit is greater than the marginal cost
When firms buy productive resources from household
Moving from a command economy to a free/ mixed economy
Both command and market; governments makes decision
Individual producers and consumers determine what and how things are made

The First 20 ELements Crossword

The First 20 ELements Crossword

Used to keep swimming pools hygenic
Burns with a squeaky pop
Makes balloons float in the air
We need this to survive
A metal that when burnt glows brightly
Light metal used in kitchen foil
A very heavy metal used for fishing sinkers
______dioxide is the gas that we breath out
Smells like Rotorua (Rotten Eggs)
Chemical symbol is K. It is found in bananas
Metal that reacts violently with water. One part of salt.
We find this metal in the majority of our phone batteries.
Heavy nonreactive gas used in light bulbs
The hardest element to spell.
Element with the chemical symbol B
Makes up 80% of the air we breath (not oxygen)
Its added to our water to keep our teeth strong (not calcium).
Used in bright signs for advertising
Element with the symbol Si
Used on the top of matches

CPR Crossword

CPR Crossword

A first aid procedure that supplies oxygen and blood to the body until normal function resumes.
When performing CPR this needs to be pinched to make sure airflow travels to the lungs of the victim.
When performing CPR this part of the body needs to be tilted back in order to open the airway.
30 of these are given during CPR.
2 of these are given during CPR.
If someone is in need of CPR and have by lying there for more than ____ minutes, brain death is probable.
If you start performing CPR within the first _____ minutes, brain damage is unlikely.
The Department of Health requires that the ambulance service reaches 75% of category A (life-threatening) calls within ________ minutes.
This type of CPR is used by doing compression's only until help arrives.
This is used when a person is unconscious, has a heartbeat, but is not breathing.
A portable device that checks the heart rhythm and can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm.
If an INFANT is lying on the floor with no heartbeat and is not breathing, it is most likely because of a ___________ issue.
If an ADULT is lying on the floor with no heartbeat and is not breathing, it is most likely because of a ___________ issue.
The right depth and rate of compression's will help _______ flow to the brain.
When preparing for possible CPR, the very first thing you do when you come upon someone whom you believe to be unconscious is check for __________________.