sarah + jamie Crossword

Number of years Sarah and Jamie have been together
Name of Sarah and Jamie's dog
Where both Sarah and Jamie studied abroad
Jamie and Sarah were rising [blank] in high school when they started dating
Jamie's favorite form of water
The sea animal they both have a tattoo of
Number of siblings Jamie has
Number of siblings Sarah has
Where both Jamie and Sarah went to college
The first state that Jamie and Sarah traveled to together
The month that Sarah and Jamie began dating
The month Jamie proposed in
Both Jamie and Sarah's favorite meal
The first movie Jamie and Sarah saw together; 2013 space movie starring Clooney

How well do you know the newlyweds? Crossword

How well do you know the newlyweds? Crossword

Abbreviation (4 letters) of Darryl's birth state
Name of park where newlyweds met
Current hometown
Darryl's middle name
Location of 2014 summer vacation
Sarah's favorite author
Memorial Day 2015 getaway location
Number of years the couple has been together
12 season ABC show they never miss
Make of car Darryl drives
Hospital where Sarah was born
Favorite chain restaurant
Number of brothers Darryl has
Hopeful retirement location
Honeymoon location
Name of Sarah's teddy bear
Political party affiliation
Date of Sarah's birthday in February
Type of boat both bride and groom own
Favorite shared outdoor activity
Month they met & got engaged in
Number of family members who attended the wedding
Darryl's favorite sports team
In-laws nickname for Darryl
What Sarah won't put in her water
Age gap (in years) between bride and groom
Favorite shared ice cream flavor

Bridal Shower Crossword

Bridal Shower Crossword

The Bride's favorite date destination
The age of the Bride when she had her first kiss
According to the Groom, the Bride's worst habit
The Bride's favorite movie
Where the Groom proposed to the Bride
Bride's favorite place to shop
Bride's favorite holiday
The Bride's middle name
The destination of the wedding
How many proms the Bride has been to
The Groom's middle name
How many pets the Bride and Groom have (including the goldfish)
Where the Bride and Groom first met
How many siblings the Bride has
Name of the Bride's father

Harry Styles Crossword

Harry Styles Crossword

Boy band in which Harry Styles was a member of
Harry's mom
Harry's sister
Song Harry performed for his X Factor audition
First solo song?
Birthday is in which month?
First television appearance was on what show?
Christopher Nolan movie in which Harry was featured in
Harry's middle name?
Where did Harry work before he was famous?
What was the name of the band Harry was in before 1D?
Harry's favorite movie?
Harry's favorite food?
Harry has an abnormal number of ________
Where is Harry from?
First album
Second album
Third album
Fourth album
Fifth album

How well do you know the bride and groom? Crossword

How well do you know the bride and groom? Crossword

What color is the bride's eyes?
How many years have the bride and groom been together?
What month did the groom propose in?
What is the groom's middle name?
What is the bride's middle name?
What concert did the couple see on their first date?
What is the name of the couple's first pet together?
The bride was ______ at three days old.
What city was the bride born in?
What city was the groom born in?
Where was the bride and grooms first kiss?
What state did the groom grow up in?
What song did the groom play when he proposed?
How many sisters does the bride and groom have together?
What is the groom's favorite football team?
What is the groom's hometown?
What is the bride's hometown?

Valentine's Day Crossword

Valentine's Day Crossword

Blank and chill
This show's theme song is the backdrop to our relationship
What Aaron does, guaranteed to make Katy freak out
First "real" date movie
This activity was the first time Katy saw Aaron get overly competitive
"Surprise Date" location
Aaron's least favorite meal of the day
Favorite brand of whiskey
Upcoming life goals: becoming a ___________
Cause of the fateful first kiss
Netflix and chill location (oops)
What was chucked at Aaron's head and accidentally caused him massive amounts of pain
One of Aaron's favorite snaps to receive
Mutual love for this author
Aaron loves that Katy likes this day at the gym
Food that is beloved by Aaron and Katy both as a snack, and a weapon
Flavor that Katy loves but Aaron only tolerates occasionally
Sport at which Aaron excels and cherishes
Childhood TV show that Katy and Aaron both loved
Frequent date location at Keuka College
First country concert together
Everyone from Buffalo is _______ (according to Katy)
Saxophonist and car
Summer vacation spot
Katy's back-up career
Aaron hates this condiment (...or does he?!)
Food of the Gods

Vietnam War crossword puzzle

Vietnam War crossword puzzle

The establishment of a colony in one territory.
All property and all means of production belong to the government, private property does not exist and all goods are shared equally.
America's belief that if one country came under control of communists, then neighboring countries would as well.
A form of irregular warfare in which a small group of combatants use military tactics to fight a larger army.
Extreme loyalty to one's country.
The army that fought the United States and the South Vietnamese governments.
Individuals that served in the armed forces of their country.
The 35th president of the United States and was assassinated in 1963.
The 37th president of the United States and got them out of the Vietnam War.
The leader of the North vietnamese during the Vietnam War.
The 34th president and was a commander in Europe during WW2.
The 36th president and was put into office after Kennedy was assassinated.
The forced induction of a person into the armed forces.
a series of surprise attacks by the Vietcong and North Vietnamese forces.
American foreign policy to stop the spread of communism.
Help by the United States they fought against North Vietnam.
A sprayable gel that the United States military used as a weapon in the Vietnam War.
President Nixon's plan to take all the United States troops in Vietnam and let South Vietnam fight North Vietnam.
A soldier that has been taken captive by the enemy.
People that are against something.

E & G Travel to the Alter Crossword

E & G Travel to the Alter Crossword

Bride - Pet Name
Groom - Birthday Month
Groom - Number of Siblings
Bride - First Job
Bride - College Major
Memorable Castle
Groom - Favorite Food
Bride - Middle Name
Groom - Profession (Arrr)
Their School Mascot
Groom - Sport He Plays
Bride - Profession
Alma Mater
Couple's First Trip Together
Years of Knowing Each Other
How They Met
Wedding Color
Bride - First Car
Bride - High School

itsFunneh and Krew Puzzle Crossword

itsFunneh and Krew Puzzle Crossword

She's born in October
Gold is the most _______.
They mostly do these types of videos
The artistic one
Rainbow is the worst at ______.
Funneh's real name
Lunar is _____.
Rainbows full username is ________Rainbows.
They started YouTube in _______.
Lunar is to purple as Draco is to _______.
They are ________.
They are called The _______.
She was born on Sept. 10, 1991
Gold was born on _______ 29, 1993
They play this game _______.
They will always be _______
Has _________ subscribers in 2019
I'm a ______
They are _____
Their favorite veggie is ______

The Odyssey Crossword Puzzle

The Odyssey Crossword Puzzle

The Greek goddess of wisdom and war
Odysseus' home
The name of the Cyclops that Odysseus blinds
The messenger of the gods
Odysseus' wife
Son of Odysseus
They have the body of a bird, the head of a woman, and lure men to their deaths with song
She lurks in a cave and eats sailors as they pass by
The number of sailors that the Scylla ate of the deck of the ship
The number of men that the Cyclops had for breakfast
A flowery fruit that makes you forget to go home
The suitor that is said to have a blacker heart than the rest
The dead prophet that Odysseus travels to the Underworld to see
The whirlpool with teeth that tries to eat Odysseus and his crew
The Test of the _______
The sea nymph that holds Odysseus as her love slave for seven years
Favorite weapon of Zeus
Personification of the sun
Goddess who turn Odysseus' men into pigs
God of the Winds
The Greeks sneak into Troy inside a wooden one of these
The only god who did not pity Odysseus
Substance that Odysseus put in his crews' ears so they wouldn't hear the sirens
Crew member that wanted to have a nice dinner on Helios' island
False name Odysseus gives to the Cyclops
Athena disguises Odysseus as this

Exponent crossword

Exponent crossword

Apply the exponent to both numbers of a quotient
Anything to the power of zero is one
Then answer to a simplified power
The order in which you answer a question
Add the exponents together if they have the same base
Subtract the exponents if they have the same base
Multiply two exponents to get a single power
Apply the exponent to both numbers of a product
The order of operations acronym
The number of times you multiply the base by its self
Number that gets multiplied
Base & Exponent put together
Find the answer
Make something simple or easier to understand