Air NZ machinery can only be operated by ______________ Air NZ staff
______ staff are responsible for following all company policies and procedures
Visually _______ areas to ensure that they are free of people and obstructions
What safety app can be used on any smartphone, tablet or ipad to improve the safety culture at Air NZ Cargo?
When driving a forklift on the docks or outside the warehouse, what must you wear?
What position must forklift tines be in when travelling with or without a load?
Current critical risk for cargo that could result in injury/harm/damage: ________ vehicle
Report it if you see one
Report it if you see it happen
near miss
The type of behaviour that can cause injury or damage
at risk
One of cargo's critical risks
slip trip
Moving ____________ & Equipment
A situation involving exposure to danger.
The Cargo Critical Risk featured in the May edition of CargoSafe
Newsletter that all cargo employees can contribute to to improve our safety culture: Cargo_______
Do not walk across
Air NZ's online safety system
An instance of something happening; an event or occurrence
_____________ behaviour; action or decision to consciously disregard a substantial and unjustifiable risk

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