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Olimpiese Spele Crossword


A person who runs on a track
A person who swims in the pool
The person who is head of a team
The person who wins
The sport that has a hoop and you run with the ball
The sport where there is a hoop but you cannot run with the ball
The sport that has overs in it, usually 15 or 20
This sport has a try line and 7-15 players
This sport involves lifting heavy equipment
This sport has its participants wearing a face guard and has a 'pin' or sword

Grammar Crossword

Grammar Crossword

incomplete sentence/ lacking a complete subject or predicate
double quotation marks around the first speakers words
a punctuation mark indicating a pause between parts of a sentence
it is used to create a paper trail that the reader can follow to locate the sources you are writing about.
misplaced words in a sentence or words that almost always distort the intended meaning
These strengthen or emphasize the importance of a word or phrase in a sentence
usually the name of a book or short story. Usually written in all caps or italicized
a sentence usually containing two or more clauses not connected by the correct conjunction or punctuation
this happens when the writer shifts from one person to the next without any reason.
this happens when the writer shifts from one tense to another without any reason. (Past tense – present tense)

Lifeguard Bingo

Lifeguard Bingo
Bingo Cards

Test Chemicals
Give James a High 5
Pass a Flat Guy
Do the cleaning list
Pick up and work a open shift
Go to an in-service
Mop the pool deck
Take the trash out
Take a selfie with Bubbles
Sweep the pool deck
Give a Swim Test
Swim a 500
Moving Lane Lines
Clean The Locker Rooms
Do CPR on a Mannequin
Write the Schedule
Walk a Mile around the Deck
Jump in from the Guard Chair


2021 Braun Christmas Crossword


Loves BYU football, weekends and the temple.
Does taxes at KPMG. Hasn't gone to jail... yet.
Loves Kayaking, teaching in Kenya with Days for Girls.
Writes surveys at Qualtrics. Hasn't been fired... yet.
Poops and Crawls. No timeouts... yet.
Nuclear operator. Still not glowing. Hunts a lot... maybe too much.
Keeping up with her boys and Color Street nail polish.
Constantly on the go, exploring new things.
Happiest baby! He's on the move, rolling around.
Making websites for fun and profit. Newest developer at Formidable.
Whiteboards @lunchlesson. Blog-hollybraun.com. Always teaching/learning.
Her family's artistic director and cellist.
Subscribe to thepeterhero3 Minecraft Channel. (Coming 2025)
Trick shot dude.
Loves Kindergarten, bunnies, baths, books, Dogman.
Famous quote: "Mom, I stiw wuv you."
No sleep, no mess. Three kids under 5 is the best.
Inventor, momma's helper, Dino rancher.
Professional dinosaur impersonator.
Patient, snuggly, therapy baby. Only complains from 10pm-6am.
New director of Technical Accounting at Ancestry. Daddy dino impersonator.
Goal: A marathon per state. #21done
Work and Littles... diving into the fray... #running all day.
Letters, number and learning; a busy little guy. #overachiever
My favorite toys are my toes. #2ndchildwoes
Almost dropped out of BYUI again.
Doesn't know what free time is anymore. Engineering at BYUI.
The Grow-A Tadpole kit from Aunt Holly became...
Our wish for you

Alivio Tourist Park Crossword


The name of our restaurant
A type of Mobile Home
They have a pouch
Hit it with a racket
Lets go for a swim
Where you get a key
"I call top..."
Extra cheese on a...
Edible Plants
You can ride your... in the nature reserve
Where a koala lives
Where are we

Just for You Crossword


cousin; incognito
70's leg wear
Unchained Melody dance partner
Ruffle's Snack companion
Formerly, Saigon
Seniors' Junior
Last Grand
Family Vaca Local
My only son's song
Creator of this crossword
My first baby
My go to chocolate candy
Favorite Italian Pie Makers
Wed Month
AKA Charlie Brown; reluctantly
Dorothy's Special Sauce
70's socks
Lil' Seester
Big Sis, for short
Childhood pet; most preferred by parents
2nd Grand Girl; for short
unfair; jumbled
Point on the Golden Girls front door
Local Crossword source
You; Aka
Favorite fishy side dish
70's version of selfies; provider
Clydesdale Ale
4077th Members
aka Sarah Lee
Father and Brother first
Birthday Companion
Milk's Favorite Partner
Branch for Rick
Favorite Musical
Road where basement bar was built
Orange finger snack
Route 18 Track
"you're gonna need a bigger boat" movie
Brookpark Hangout
70's music fad
First labor State
Dad; aka
stayin alive artist
What is your function?
Delete button of the 70's
First Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
NY farm owner of Woodstock
Beatles first single
Lisa first cake design
First Grand Girl
number of children
Searsdale's Tavern
yogurt preference
Family Pet Canine
Christmas Story poke danger
kids eye color, all 3
Formally, Indians
Fathers look a like

Hannah Lux Davis Director Crossword Puzzle


What state did Hannah grow up in ?
What was Hannah diagnosed with that hindered her ability to read and write ?
At What age did she attend New York Film Academy ?
Along with directing, what is another career Hannah attended school for (four months)?
At What age did she move to L.A. ?
How much is Hannahs net worth? ______ Million.
How old is she now (in 2021) ?
Who did Hannah work with that greatly influenced her?
Other Artist Hannah has worked with?
Hannah has multiple or few skills? (pick one)

Sort 2 Yellow Group Green book Word Search

Word Search


Employment Words Crossword


what you use to punch in at work
earn this every payday
people who buy things
your boss/manager
appropriate behaviour at work
tells you what hours you will be working
clothes/shoes you are expected to wear at your work
cooperation with coworkers
when people eat their lunch
a person you work with
the ability to do something well
to do a job for a period of time
being on time
able to be trusted to do what is needed

River Landscapes Crossword


A type of erosion process; stones carried along scratch the river bed and banks (like sandpaper).
A type of erosion process; rocks being transported bump against each other and break into smaller, smoother, rounder particles.
Particles in running water, which are transported along the river bed. Generally, the bedload in the lower course is smaller and more rounded compared to the bedload in the upper course, which is bigger and coarser.
A type of river profile; shows what a cross-section of a river’s channel and valley looks like.
The process of depositing or dropping off any material when a river lacks energy for transportation.
The process of wearing away rock and soil in a river bed and banks; also, breaking of rocks carried by the river.
An example of depositional landforms in the lower course; where river meets sea; river slows down and broadens; tides clear out materials into the sea; remaining sediments form mudflats.
An example of depositional landforms in the lower course; wide and flat land around the river; covered during floods, the river reduces energy and deposits alluvium (fertile silt/sand), which is good for farming.
A type of erosion process; the power of flowing water smashes against the river banks, causes air to be trapped in cracks, and eventually breaks the rock.
An example of erosional landforms in the upper course; a series of land ridges protruding interchangeably from either side of a valley with the river zigzagging between them.
An example of depositional landforms in the lower course; natural embankment along the river banks; bigger particles deposited closest to the river and build up after many floods.
A type of river profile; a line representing the change in gradient (steepness of slope) with distance from river’s source to mouth.
One of the stages that features the following: more deposition; large amounts of load but very small and rounded (fine sediment); channel is deepest and widest; flat land.
Example of erosional and depositional landforms in the middle course; large curves in a river; forms when lateral erosion widens the river to the right side then left side with more water and more energy.
One of the river stages that features the following: more lateral erosion and deposition; load is smaller and less angular; channel is deeper and wider; U-shaped.
An example of erosional & depositional landforms in the middle course; cut-off part of a meander; forms when erosion tightens the neck and during flood, higher discharge of eroded materials breaks the neck, leaving behind a horseshoe-shaped loop.
A type of transportation process; small pebbles are bounced along the river bed.
A type of transportation process; minerals are dissolved and carried along in water
A type of erosion process; water reacts with chemicals and dissolves rocks.
A type of transportation process; lighter material (like sand, silt, clay) is suspended or carried in the water.
A type of transportation process; large stones are rolled along the river bed.
The process of picking up sediment and carrying it downstream.
One of the river stages that features the following: vertical erosion; load is large and angular; channel is shallow and narrow; steep sided V-shaped valleys.
A measure of how rapidly the water moves over a quantified distance (speed = distance/time). It usually rises with increasing distance downstream, as more water is added to rivers.