Maintaining harmony with other by giving in to their wishes
The physical process of taking in data from various stimuli
Participating fully in the communication process
Acrive listening
Open to interperation; confusing
Listening to enjoy a speaker's message or a performance on am artistic level
Appreciative listening
Suitable for a specific situation
Clearly and distinctly uttering the consonant sounds of a word
Articles of adornmemt used to decorate self surroundings
The act of choosing, consciously or sunconsciously, to focus your attention on verbal or nonverbal stimuli
Tool used to grab the interest of an audience
Attention device
Leader who uses power to force followers to do what he / she wants to do
Authoritarian leader
Keeping away
An obstacle
The way people nonverbally express their feelings
Body language
Space which a message is transmitted, such as face to face, etc.
Arrangement according to the time in which events occur
Chronological order
Question that requires a very specific answer
Closed question
Working together to achieve a result
Process of creating and exchanging meaning through symbolic interaction
Fear or nervousness associated woth making a presentation
Communication apprehension
Someone who incorporates knowledge, attitude, and skills into his/her communication to communicate effectively party give up something
Struggle between 2 or more parties who sense interference in achieving goals
Emotions or feelings associatedwoth a word
Style of communication that tends to be slow paced and task oriented
Conscientious style
Negative evaluation that brings about positibe change
Constructive criticism
Situation which communication occurs
Interview during which the interviewer helos the interviewee decide on a course of action
Counseling interview
Listening comprehend ideas and information in order to achieve a specific purpose or goal
Critical listening
Set of life patterns passed down from one generation to the next

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