Random quizz Crossword

who teachers a class
what is the most important meal of the day
what number comes after 8
who is the president of america
dog and ...
mum and..
brother and .....
how many members are in BTS
how many eyes do humans have
some people are allergic to ......
fruits and .....
who was president before biden
sweets and ...
what subject do you make food in ?
maths and......
what vitamins are in oranges
pasta with...
how many continents are there
if you eat raw chicken you get ....
how many fingers do people have
we use microsoft ......

The Legislative Branch Crossword

The Legislative Branch Crossword

What is the length of a Representatives term?
Who is the Speaker of the House?
You have to be at least what age to be a Senator?
What is the length of a senators term?
What are the two houses called?
Who was the president that resigned before being impeached?
What helps limit the power of the three branches?
What takes place every ten years?
What allows congress to pass laws and some flexibility in enacting legislation?
You have to be at least what age to be a representative?
What is the total number of senators?
Who persides the meetings of the senate?
What branch of government contains the House of Representatives and the Senate?
How many years do you have to be a citizen of the U.S. for to be a Representative?

Three Branches of Government Crossword

Three Branches of Government Crossword

There are how many justices on the Supreme Court?
There are how many senators for each state?
The Legislative Branch is also known as what?
The head of the Executive Branch is who?
The president has the power to do this if he doesn't like a law.
The Supreme Court interprets the laws and checks to make sure they are what?
The building associated with the Legislative Branch.
The President appoints who to the Supreme Court?
Which branch has to approve the justices?
The President can only serve two terms for a total of how many years?
Supreme Court justices are appointed for how long?
The number of representatives that a state has is dependant on what?
"Checks and _____________" is the way each branch can keep from having too much power.
The President is also known as the "Commander in _______?"
The Supreme Court is what branch?



How many food groups are there?
Condition in which bones gradually lose their mineral content and become weak and brittle
Starches and sugars that give the body most of its energy
A plant material that your body cannot digest
Saturated animal fats contain this waxy substance
These are the building blocks that make up proteins
Needed to build, repair,and maintain body cells and tissues
Foods that contain the entire edible grain
name a vegetable dish that can be served as the main dish
easy to break
1 slice of bread is equivalent to how many ounces of grain
This food is part of the milk/dairy group
this is a healthier fat
How many servings of the dairy group should you have each day
This is an example of a sweet that is high in sugar
Asparagus are part of which food group?
This food is part of the protein group
High cholesterol is linked to this
How many ounces of the grain group should you consume each day
This food belongs to the fruit group
This vitamin helps blood clot
Fiber helps your body eliminate this
Fiber can help reduce the risk of this cancer
A chemical reaction that causes cell damage
A substance that protects cells from damage
This is a food made from grains
Natural sugars are found in
contain all the essential amino acids
These have no nutritional value
These proteins come from plants
Fat cells store _________
These fats are found in food from animal sources
These fats come from plant sources and are a healthier choice
What is your teachers last name
How many kids does your teacher have
what class are you in

Presidents Crossword

Presidents Crossword

Who became known as "The Father of Our Country"?
The famous claim that George Washington had teeth made of _____ is just a myth.
One of George Washington’s major jobs before the presidency.
What president added the oval office to the White House?
Which President never lived in the White House?
What president ended World War II?
The 13th Amendment abolished what?
What president said, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”?
What president ended the Korean War?
What president created the Civilian Conservation Corps?
How many presidents were impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives?
Who is the only U.S. President with no political or military experience?
What president resigned before he could be impeached?
What president served the shortest term, but was credited with the longest inaugural address in history?
How many presidents were assassinated while in office?
What president became virtually blind due to a boxing accident while he was a president?
What is the most common presidential first name?
The longest lived president was _______ _____ who died at age 93 years and 165 days.
Who is the youngest person to ever become president at the age of 42 years and 322 days?
President who delivered the shortest inauguration speech in American history at 133 words?
President who died on July 4th at his mountain top home and is also buried there?
What president said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”?
Who was the oldest president to take office?
How many Founding Fathers died on July 4th within 5 hours of each other?
President ___________ gifted his 189 acre farm to the federal government; Congress designated the property a National Historic Site.
Who was the tallest president at 6’4”? He was 1 foot taller than the shortest president Madison at 5’4”.
The two tallest first ladies are Michelle Obama and _______ _______ at 5’11”.

civics terms Crossword

civics terms Crossword

who is in charge of the executive branch?
How many U.S. Senators are there?
We elect a President for how many years?
What is the highest court in the United States?
How many justices are on the Supreme Court?
How old do citizens have to be to vote for President?
What is the supreme law of the land?
What do we call the first ten amendments to the Constitution?
Who approves supreme court justices
The legislative branch is also known as
a group of people that make laws
a written document granting land and the authority to set up colonial governments
a legislature consisting of two parts, or houses
to vote approval of
a form of government in which power is divided between the federal, or national, government and the states
the branch of government that carries out laws
the area of jurisdiction of a federal court of appeals
federal court where trials are held and lawsuits are begun
a group of people named by each state legislature to select the president and vice president
a tactic for defeating a bill in the senate by talking until the bill's sponsor withdraws it

Chapter 2 ServSafe Crossword Puzzle

Chapter 2 ServSafe Crossword Puzzle

Bacteria needs six conditions to grow. What is the abbreviation for them?
This bacteria is linked to ready-to-eat foods and beverages
This bacteria is linked to poultry and eggs, meat, and dairy products
Foods that are easily contaminated by hands, such as salads containing TCS food is linked to which bacteria?
Raw or undercooked ground meat is linked to this bacteria...
This virus can contaminate water and many types of food and is linked with ready-to-eat foods.
This virus is similar to Hepatitis A
are commonly associated with seafood, wild game, and food processed with contaminated water, such as produce.
Most foodborne illnesses are caused by pathogens, a form of what contamination?
You need to call the poison control number if you eat/drink something with this contaminant in it.
Make sure that products you reiceive are from safe....
You will have this symptom if you eat something you are allergic to.

Italian Food Culture Crossword

Italian Food Culture Crossword

A popular Italian dish
What do Italians call espresso?
What popular dish should not be cut?
What drink is never drank during meals?
What food doesn't go with pasta?
How do Italians eat their meal?
In what kind of cup must you drink coffee in?
What do you never add to a fish-based dish?
When do you drink cappuccino?
What is concerned when eating pizza at a restaurant?
Every shape of pasta is for certain...
What is the food preparation speed?
Olive oil, vinegar, lemon and salt are only dressings for...
Two drinks allowed when eating, water and...
When eating pasta, you put the fork in the middle and...

6 main nutrients Crossword

6 main nutrients Crossword

what source does Complete proteins/fat come from?
what source does incomplete proteins/fat come from?
an example of a food item high in trans fat is?
what part of your body does water hydrate?
what do carbohydrates,protein and fat all provide
folic acid is an example of a?
Iron is an example of a?
plant sources of essential nutrients are sometimes refereed to as an?
what nutrient helps with tissue repair and growth?
which vitamin assists in bone development?
OJ is a significant source of what vitamin?
olive oil, canola oil, fish oil , soy bean , tree nut , peanus and avacodo all contain what type of fat?
beef, chicken, pork, eggs,milk,cheese,yogurt,sour cream, cream cheese and butter all contain what type of fat?
out of all the six nutrients which one is exemplary of Milk?
Carbohydrates are usually found in what type of product?
Products with alot of sugar contain what type of nutrient?
this is not a nutrient because it does not get absorbed by the body.
what type of mineral strengthens bones and teeth?
packaged foods have a high content of what?
when considering the six nutrients... it is important to maintain a...
other than drinking water, what food group can you get the MOST water from?
other than from the food you eat, what is another form of vitamins and minerals?
which nutrients protects organs?
if you drink soda excessively what mineral deficiency could you get over time?
the mineral, calcium is best found in which food group?
in our food and nutrition class, what beverage did we learn could cause a deficiency of essential nutrients?

My Plate Crossword

My Plate  Crossword

How many food groups are in My Plate?
How many cups of fruit do children need daily?
What is the main nutrient that you get from fruit?
Any 100% vegetable juice or vegetable is part of the ________ group
A white dairy product
What fruit is usually confused with being a vegetable?
What is the main food considered a protein?
What is the biggest fruit?
What dairy product is curdled milk?
How many cups of milk should you drink a day?
What important mineral is found in all foods in the dairy group?
What is the food in the grain group that is eaten the most in the U.S.?
What fruit can't get married?
A yellow fruit
A Yellow vegetable
True or False. Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables as part of an overall healthy diet may protect against certain types of cancer.
Apples, Oranges, and Bananas fit into the ______ group
Eat a variety of _____ from each group
____ are a green vegetables
You need 4-6 ounces of ________ should you get a day
What dairy product is yellow and has many different flavors?
What grain is used to make bread?
What is the sweet juicy food group?
What is a citrus fruit?
How often do cows need to be milked daily?

Healthy Living Crossword

Healthy Living Crossword

Your body needs this to make Vitamin D
You need these for growth
You get energy from eating these
Potatoes, bread, rice and pasta all contain this
Between 70% and 80% of your body is this
This fat is bad for your heart
Burgers, crisps, chocolate and fries are examples of this
This means keeping our bodies, mouth, hair and clothes lcean
This disease is caused by eating too much sugary foods
Some people are allergic to this milk sugar found in dairy products
This is found in fruits and vegetables and helps digestion
These are a good source of protein for vegetarians
Taking the stairs instead of the lift is a good way to take this
You need plenty of this so you can stay alert and refresh your energy
This mineral is needed to make strong bones and teeth
This is the food that you eat