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Visual Arts Crossword


What is a mark which connects two points on a 2-dimentional surface
What lines are graceful, soft, organic, and growing
What lines are harsh, geometric, and mechanical
What adds value to the illusion of 3 dimensions on a 2-Dimensional service
Something you can feel whether it is rough or smooth to the touch. This is called “tactile”.
In a two-dimensional work of art, artists create a sense of three-dimensional space and depth using perspective
The need to have all parts of an artwork in exactly the same in weight
This can be the focal point of the artwork. It is an important part in the artwork. It is closely related to proportion, scale, and perspective
This is another principle artists can use to emphasis, to provide variety and interest, or to create a certain feeling in the work
What in art can be defined as the relation based on size between parts or objects within a composition

Lower E Vocabulary:61-70 Worksheet

Lower E Vocabulary:61-70 Worksheet
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a collection of star systems
intensity or forcefulness of expression
a wrong action attributable to bad judgment or ignorance
put or add together
regulation of diverse elements into a harmonious operation
influencing or causing to arise
a kind of literary or artistic work
insert marks to clarify meaning
depict with visual representation
a collection of many facts from which conclusions may be drawn

Chapter 1 Vocabulary Crossword


a place where people work, live, or play together
a member of a community, state, and country
concern for others
taking care of important things
a group of people who work together to run a city, a state, or a country
things we are free to do
to make a choice about something
the right to choose what we do and say
a rule that everyone must follow
one part of our government
something that happens as a result of an action
something helpful that is done for you
money to the government to pay for services
leaders who write and vote on new laws
the highest court in our country

Word of the Day Crossword

Word of the Day Crossword

to plot secretly for a deceitful or illegal purpose
a mammalian behavior (as of horses or cats) in which the animal inhales with the mouth open and upper lip curled.
imperfectly formed or formulated
to come or be together as friends
difficult to understand or unable to understand what is obvious
devotion or loyalty to a person or cause
to turn (something) into something of greater value.
keen enjoyment or an enjoyably exciting quality
of, relating to, or befitting a person's child
to deceive, win over, or influence with pleasing words or actions or by trickery
having or showing skill, cleverness, or resourcefulness in handling situations
the ability to continue in spite of difficulties
to criticize (someone) harshly for doing something wrong
misbegotten, ill-conceived. It can also mean having an improper
vestige, a trace, mark, or visible sign left by something lost or
intransigent, characterized by refusal to compromise or to abandon an extreme position or
to droop or hang loosely. It can also mean to act or move in a relaxed or lazy manner.
cavalier, having or showing no concern for important or serious
A ____ is an heir or descendant of a wealthy or influential family
fret, to become worried or
amicable, showing a polite and friendly desire to avoid disagreement and
a person who owns or manages a restaurateur
to free or remove someone or something from an entanglement or difficulty

Introduction to Psychology Crossword


I am a testable prediction
I am the scientific study of thoughts feelings and behaviours
Any observable action made by a living person
Ideas or opinions created by thinking
An emotional state or reactions
The variable manipulated by the experimenter
The mental process of organising sensations into meaningful patterns
An expert in psychology that does not prescribe drugs to patients
A medical practitioner specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness
A person who influenced psychology
A variable (often denoted by y) whose value depends on that of another
The entire group of individuals to be studied.
A subset of the population being studied.
A method of procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses.
The word Psych can mean
Any variable other than the IV that causes a change in the DV (there is an attempt to control these)

5th Grade Vocabulary Words Weeks 13-14 Crossword


To surprise.
To plow or paddle through something.
To fix or make better.
To jingle.
To stick out.
To gather or collect together.
To bite or tap something.
To repair.
To extend or protrude.
Concern or shock.
To give a kiss.
A ringing noise.
To heavily get involved.
To curl up or get in a bunch.

Distributed System Crossword

Distributed System Crossword

encryption that has two key differences
key to secure messaging
communication between two parties has been overheard by someone
services or data become unavailable, unusable or destroyed
unauthorized changing of data or tampering with a service
additional data or activities are generated
transform data to maintain confidentiality and integrity
verify the claimed identity of a user, client or server
verify the requested action is permitted
useful for analysis of a breach and tracking attackers
requiring correct permission to perform an action
list of those with access (acronym)
a collection of permissions assigned to one type of user
the right to perform one action
one of several security mechanisms working together
TLS spelled out
remote procedure call in short
one easy way to design better security
when security features should be addressed in development lifecycle
how to read encrypted messages
sharing one key
how you get a ticket
common network protection at the edge
allows code from known source to be trusted
most widely used system to get the secrets
how an authority takes away past trust
way to check to see if only one bit is set
temporararily loan your access rights
sent as part of a challenge, prevents replay attacks
feature that allows access without logging in repeatedly
last but perhaps most important system concern
gateway that filters traffic and executable code
key to getting a response
ensuring the message was not modified

CRNA Life Crossword


Form of anesthesia, loss of sensation in one localized part of the body
Implies that a specified quantity of drug was rapidly administered IV.
Branch of medicine dealing with operative procedures to correct deformities and defects
Form of anesthesia that uses paste or gel on a specific area
Medication to relieve pain
Opioid analgesic used to supplement general anesthesia during and after surgery to control pain
A physician who specializes in the practice of anesthesia
flexible tube tha tis inserted into a vein or artery to deliver medication, fluids or remove fluids from body
registered nurse who has additional education & training in the administration of anesthetic medications
"Breathing tube"; Placed in trachea to ensure the airway remains open and protected so air reaches the lungs
Instrument used to open throat and larynx, so that intubation is possible
combination of drugs used to medically-induce a state of reversible consciousness
Lying face up and on an incline with head lower than legs
Form of anesthesia, interrupts pain sensation along a nerve in certain part of body, injected into or around the nerve
Loss of motor response (movement) due to paralysis of motor nerves
A state which there is malleable rigidity of limbs, generally unresponsive to aural, visual, or minor painful stimuli.
Endotracheal tube has been removed from airway
The insertion of tube into the airway to protect it from collapsing; opening up the airway to give oxygen, anesthetic or medication
A powerful inhaled drug used for induction and general maintenance of anesthesia; Non-flammable
Stage of anesthesia; erratic breathing, irregular heart rate, nausea, dilated pupils
Inhalation of oro-pharyngeal or gastric content into larynx and respiratory tract
Deprived of adequate oxygen supply

WORKSHOP 2 Vocabulary Crossword


To leave a place or vehicle empty
The protection of natural resources such as water
Made polluted by adding something harmful.
Causing destruction or ruin
The physical surroundings that plants, animals, and humans live in
A shortage of food that may cause people to starve
A person who is forced to leave his or her home due to disaster or war.
A large area of the world.
Very harsh
To provide what is needed to continue doing something.
A group of related items that work together to do something.
Happening over a large area or to many people.
A way to supply water to land or crops.
The removal of dirty or hazardous substances.

Space Revision Crossword


Clumps of metal and rock. Mainly found in the asteroid belt, located between Mars and Jupiter
Objects consisting of rock, dust and ice that travel in the universe at high speeds. When they approach the sun they vaporise and produce a trail.
An astronomical unit of distance. One ly is equal to the distance that light travels through space in a single year.
The galaxy in which our solar system is located
A body that has a sufficiently large mass and that orbits a star. Our solar system contains 8 of these, all of which orbit the sun.
A star formed from a cloud of dust and gas being pulled together by gravitational attraction. Fusion reactions occur here.
A large system of billions of galaxies
A system containing billions of stars
Planets that have a gaseous composition, often involving hydrogen and helium. These are Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn in our solar system
Planets that have a solid composition, often composed of metals or rocks. These are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars in our solar system.