Fusion/Inflectra Crossword

Trinisha's site is trending.xxxxxxxx.com
What drug is the 1st and only biosimilar monoclonal anitbody?
Induction xxxxxxxxxx the durg to the Patient
What is medication called that's similar to another medication but it works the same
We can give FRM's information but not
What type of request for BI must we read the full disclaimer on the phone?
What do we need to do before we can enroll a patient in copay
What type of request must be submit if a new site calls in to be added to the provider?
How many hours edo we have to reivew incoming docs for MI & AE
How many times do we search before we add a new patient
What tab do we add AE under?
To change a prescription a number must be entered in where to select a change request?

Patient Safety Goals Crossword

Patient Safety Goals Crossword

Use at least two patient __ when providing care, treatment and service
The goal of improving medication safety is to __ all medications and containers
The physician must be notified within __ minutes of a critical result being reported
When reporting a critical value, what type of clear communication should be used? (two words)
A desensitized staff member ignores or disabling warning sounds due to (two words)
One of the most important ways to prevent Hospital Associated Infections is by improving (two words)
A task perfomed by the surgical team members before a surgery begins which includes correct patient identity, site and procedure
Two licensed nurses must verify these ___ products?
The main purpose is to compare medications currently being taken to the new medications prescribed to assure they will not be duplicated or have negative interactions (two words abbreviated)
A patient is wandering the hospital alone with a bright yellow bracelet. What are they at risk for?

Healthcare Vocabulary Crossword

Healthcare Vocabulary Crossword

A contract with a company where the subscriber pays a regular premium in exchange for a defined set of benefits
Reffered to as family doctor/PCP this person administers routine and preventive care, and makes referrals for specialty services when needed.
A provider who focuses on one area of medicine. Like a cardiologist or neurologist
A contracted, pre-determined dollar amount insurance company requires a patient to pay for a particular medical service. (It requires patients to pay a small amount upfront to deter people from seeking medical care that may not be necessary.)
The contracted rate a health insurance company will pay toward a specific medical service.
A contracted, pre-determined percentage of the allowable charge that a patient is required to pay for a particular medical service (after the deductible is met and before the out-of-pocket maximum is met).
A pre-determined annual amount patient must pay before insurance begins to cover.
Annual maximum amount patient is required to pay for in-network medical services per his/her insurance plan contract (typically, copay + coins + deductible)
The person who is responsible for payment of the monthly premium, or whose employment is the basis for the coverage.
A person entitled to health insurance benefits under the subscriber’s plan.
Insurance Company
A specific package of benefits negotiated between the company and the employer.
Dates during which the insurance plan is active.
Explanation of Benefits is a statement from the insurance company that details payments and adjustments made for services. EOBs go to both the provider and the patient.
/Response from the insurance company that states no payment will be made. (service could be not covered by the insurance plan, or the insurance company may need more information.)
The order in which the claim is sent to insurance companies. If patient has more than one insurance plan, we must determine which insurance should be billed primary, secondary, etc. Primary: the first insurance company designated to pay toward their allowable charges. Secondary: the second insurance company designated to pay toward their allowable charges.
The pathway a patient takes from one provider to another. Referrals may be required by insurance before a patient can be seen by the other provider.
The process whereby a physician must obtain insurance approval before a patient receives certain treatment or drugs (study, test, procedure, surgery.)

Workplace Safety Crossword

Workplace Safety Crossword

You must be 16 years old to work on a ___________ site
__________ hazards are germs that come from living things
Helps you learn the policies, rules, and procedures to help do your job safely
. Someone who works closely with you on a day-today basis and makes sure you follow safety rules
_____________ Health and Safety Act
A biological hazard often found in hospitals
Someone who helps other people and works without pay
What you do frequently to your hands before working with food
Things that should be followed in order to stay safe
Minor injury that could result from picking up heavy boxes
It is your ______________ to work safely and report hazards
Hand protection needed when working with food, chemicals, etc.
What you do when you don’t understand instructions or if you think your work is unsafe
To avoid a serious shock, this should never be mixed with water
Workplace ___________ Materials Information System (WHMIS)
Head protection
What you wear in a science lab to protect your eyes from chemicals

Customer Service Week Crossword

Customer Service Week Crossword

Recognize with gratitude; be grateful for
Transmit information
A form used in making a request
When a customer's service is not working we submit a ____ ticket
Someone who pays for goods or services
The opportunity to pay a bill late without having services shut off is an
Hear with intention
Watch your ______ when speaking to customers
Work done by one person or group that benefits another
To add autopay a customer must log into
Being of service or assistance
A facial expression characterized by turning up the corners of the mouth; usually shows pleasure or amusement
The first known use of a ______ was in 1885
Customers that put their services on vacation over the summer are called
If the caller is upset, stay

Patient Safety Crossword

Patient Safety Crossword

What are two patient identifiers before administering medications
Label containers for in the presence of the patient
Before initiating a blood transfusion match it to the
This is needed when administering blood
Critical test results must be called to the
What you do to medications you have drawn up ahead of time
labeling medications should include the
label each medication as soon as it is
Use premixed medications whenever they are
use approved preixed bags when they are
Continuous heparin IV should be administered on a
All patients should be asked for their list of current
Going over a patients medications upon discharge is medication

Medical Records Crossword

Medical Records Crossword

The physical folder for each veterinary patient and the total body of infomation that comprises each animals health history is called the
Through the use of the ________________ veterinary medical record, and organized approach to clinical veterinary care is achieved, ans information is grouped by problem, and each problem is assigned a number and addressed individually.
The ___________________ veterinary medical record is a medical record format in which patient information is grouped by subject matter, clinical observations are entered as they become evident, and progress note paragraphs are written in chronologic order.
The _________________ refers to the collective information that identifies an individual patient, such as the species, breed, gender, reproductive status, and age.
Recorded information, such as a patients date of birth, preventive medicine program, behavior, previous conditions, and known allergies, are included as part of the ____________________ in a comprehensive medical record.
A structured system of documenting patient evaluation and assessment in the progress notes is called the ________________ format.
Patient information, such as presenting complaint, current medications, location and character of problems, treatment efforts, and recent changes in the environment, may be included as part of the ________________________ in a comprehensive medical record.
Major medical disorders experienced by a patient during its lifetime are included in the _____________________ list, which serves as an index to the patient's medical history.
Veterinary practices will often use the ____________________ list to assist the veterinary health-care team when working through current patient problems.
The ongoing daily management of hospitalized patients is documented in ___________________ so that therapeutic treatment and plans may be evaluated and adjusted accordingly.
Hypothermia, altered mentation, inappropriate elimination, and risk of infection are examples of _________________________ according the the veterinary technician practice model.
To ensure that a hospitalized patient is given the treatments, diagnostic tests, and diet requested by the veterinarian, the ______________________ or ward treatment sheet is used.
Interaction between veterinarians and their clients and patients is conducted under the ________________________________ , and medical records must be maintained for all patients with whom this relationship exists.

Nursing Assistant Role and Responsibilities Crossword

Nursing Assistant Role and Responsibilities Crossword

_________all Foley Catheters each shift for more often if needed
_____ nursing assistant handoff report cards during report
At 0600 and 1800 a nursing assistant should pass ice and _____ to each of their
it is the nursing assistant _________ to take linen and equipment from rooms
call lights are to be ________ promptly even if you are charting or giving/getting report
it is the nursing assistants’ role to accurately ________ intake & output and record on I&O sheet
__________ the RN of abnormal vital signs immediately or requests for medications
a patient should receive a ______ daily or RN notified as to why it did not happen
the nursing assistant role at ______ is to remove the patients' INT, telemetry, obtain MRSA swab, and get a set of vital signs
make sure that you _______ gowns and gloves for next shift
oral care on patients who are NPO should be performed at ____ am, two pm, seven pm, ten pm, two am, 7am
240 mls = how many ounces
The ongoing and off going NA is expected to give/get report at the ________
it is the nursing assistants' responsibility to make sure each patient is _______ for each meal
all _______ carts in room must be emptied at the end of each shift
oral care should be performed on each _______
A beginning sign of a pressure injury is when the skin becomes ______
rounding should be done ________ to ensure patients are safe and needs are met
report a co-worker verbally/physically abusing a patient _________
obtain a report from the RN at the __________ of each shift
should be sticker placed on Foley catheter bags in appropriate place after performing Foley care
__________ vital signs at 10a, 4p, 10p, 4a, or as ordered by provider
at 6a & 6p it is the nursing assistant responsibility to _____ each patient intake and output and give to RN
________ hands in front of the patient before doing patient care
_______ care should be done each shift using the Foley care wipes
a patient should be _______ q2hours to prevent skin breakdown and for comfort
if a patient becomes short of breath, the first thing you should do is _____ the head of the bed and notify the RN
Nursing assistants should _____ in assigned areas

Patient Safety Week Crossword

Patient Safety Week Crossword

To be done everytime you enter or exit a patient room
Leaving your papers and computer unattended is a violation of ________.
SBAR facilitates prompt and effective communication. What does the "B" in SBAR stand for?
Patient's with walkers, canes, lower extremity weakness, are a high risk for _____.
This type of isolation/precaution requires you to wash hands with SOAP and WATER.
The red binder located at all MA stations is to report __________ diseases.
Multi dose vials must be labeled with date of opening, initaled by staff who opened vial and given a _______ of 28 days after opening. (Answer is an acronym)
_______ is an online system to report near misses, safety issues and concerns and good catches. (Answer is an acronym)
MedStar wide, all meetings and huddles start with a _______ moment.
MedStar continues to advance it's journey to become a High ________ Organization (HRO), with patient at the core of everything we do.
What does "T" in our SPIRIT values stand for?
How do you access the Patient Safety Event Management System (PSEMS)?
_____ ______ are brief daily meetings among teams that are held to share info about potential or existing patient/staff safety issues.
To keep patient's safe, providers must enter medication orders in the EMR prior to clinical staff administering medication. No _____ orders allowed.



They investigate all health and safety accidents
This stamp or Mark ensures that materials and components are the correct standard
What ACT covers the reporting of accidents
Who is theopperative that deals with minor accidents on site
Modern colour of the live wire in a plug
Colour of a 110v scocket
Test for electrical equipment
Elevated platform that can be moved
Act about health and safeyt
Controlls Hazardous substances
A disease that affects the skin
Used to protect aghinst hearing damage
One item that employers must provide on a building site
The most common accident in construction
This is Carried out before a task is undertaken
Produced to put systems in place to counteract hazards
What must you do before changing tooling on power tools
These protect your hands when lifting and carring
Protection for your feet
Protection for your head
These protect your eyes
This ensures your seen on site/workshop

OPSEC is not Puzzling Crossword

OPSEC is not Puzzling Crossword

What you should do to your anti-virus software on a regular basis
What you should do to all papers with PII or other sensitive information
Where you should keep your badge when off-site
An adversary is considered a _________
"Computer1234" would be a bad example of this
Actions that mitigate a threat
An option to protect your credit
What potential harm from poor OPSEC is called
What you must do to emails containing Critical Information
What a weakness in our practices or defenses is called
The type of information that OPSEC protects
The number of steps in the OPSEC process
The Freedom of Information Act is for what type of information
It is very important to use privacy settings on _______________
What you should remove each time you walk away from your NMCI computer
What you cannot take with your smartphone or camera anywhere onsite
What you should practice whenever you discuss your work with anyone
OPSEC is a _______ effort
What is the abbreviation of the list that shows the commands Critical Information
The kind of email account you can't use to conduct Government business