PW crossword

1953 Marilyn Monroe film (9,6,7)
Complete firework for Christmas? (2,8,7)
2019 TV crime series with Renee Zellweger (3,5,5,3)
Short story compilation by William Boyd, 2008. (5,5)
2003 film about Hong Kong stuntmen (3,8)
1944 film with Phyllis Calvert (5,2,8)
1967 hit by Wayne Fontana, 1945-2020. (6,6)
Luxury motorhome hirers in Harrogate (8)
Popular 2nd choice: a sport more boring than golf (7)
2007 TV series with Matt Berry (3,4,3)
Earlier smog gone, we could see this 1956 statute (3,5,3,3)

PW Crossword (revised)

PW Crossword (revised)

Comedy TV series now in development (3,8)
Epistolary novel published 1740 by Samuel Richardson (6)
1953 Marilyn Monroe film (9,6,7)
Earlier smog gone, we could see this 1956 statute (3,5,3,3)
2003 film about Hong Kong stuntmen (3,8)
2019 TV crime series with Renee Zellweger (3,5,5,3)
Complete firework for Christmas? (2,8,7)
Luxury motorhome hirers in Harrogate (8)
1967 hit by Wayne Fontana (6,6)
Popular second choice: a sport more boring than golf (7)
1944 film with Phyllis Calvert (5,2,8)
Short story compilation by William Boyd (2008) (5,5)
2007 TV series with Matt Berry (3,4,3)

Marc Chagall Crossword

Marc Chagall Crossword

On July 6, 1887 Chagall was.
Where he was born.
Where he grew up.
How many they were in his family.
In 1910 where did he go.
How many years he spent in Paris.
Where he held his one-man show.
Where was he in 1922.
Why did he flee to the United States.
Where was "I and the Village" housed.
The name of the women who wore a bright red wedding dress.
One of his paintings was called Bouquet of what.
what painting captures vibrant colors.
During 1953 and 1956 he was painting about what series.
He lived until what age.

Films And Movie Stars From 1940's to 1970s Crossword

Films And Movie Stars From 1940's to 1970s Crossword

This movie has a man in a wheelchair.
A Hitchcock movie starring Joan Fontaine
Was in how to marry a millionaire
This Famous Star Died at 36.
Who was the murdered victim in The Agatha Christie's, Death on the Nile.
Who Died in 1955 before the film was released in 1956
Which movie released in 1953 starred Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell
Which Actress is Famous for her Violet eyes
What country did Star Grace Kelly become Princess of.
What did the director use in Psycho to make the blood in the shower scene
Breakfast at .............?
What instrument did Jack Lemmon play in Some Like It Hot
What Female Actress Starred in Gaslight and Anastasia
The Directer of My Fair Lady wanted what actress to get the part of Eliza Doolittle instead of Audrey Hepburn
What Alfred Hitchcock Film was made twice? (1934 and 1956)
Which Actor did Alfred Hitchoch Favour when casting his movies
What movie did Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn star in
Debbie Reynolds is who's mother
Which actress is famous for her strong cheekbones

McDonald's Crossword

McDonald's Crossword

When was McDonald’s founded?
The burger that made McDonald's famous?
Foreign potato sticks
What type of mixer did Ray Kroc sell to the mcdonalds brothers?
It comes with a toy
When did Ray Kroc join the company as a franchise agent?
The McDonald brothers originally got into the fast food business selling which tasty items?
What sandwich was invented in 1962 by Mcdonalds?
From 2003 to 2007, McDonald's purchased 59 percent more of which popular ingredient?
Who was the original McDonald's mascot?

Famous Books and Authors Crossword

Famous Books and Authors Crossword

This man wrote 'A Christmas Carol'.
Who wrote the 'Harry Potter' series of books?
'The _____________' was the first of the 'Series of Unfortunate Events' series.
_____________ Wilson wrote about Tracy Beaker.
What is the first name of the main character in 'Holes'?
This is the surname of the man who wrote 'Romeo and Juliet'.
This is the name of a famous book by Roald Dahl.
Which creepy series of books did R. L. Stine write?
This is the name given to a fiction book.
Who wrote 'Mr Stink' and 'Gangsta Granny'?
Michelle Magorian wrote '______________ Mr Tom'.
Suzanne Collins wrote this trilogy of books which is now also a series of films.

Stanley's Crossword

Stanley's Crossword

What is Andy's middle name?
... Is the new golf course. It's where business happens.
Where did Andy attend college?
In S2E3 "Office Olympics": What does Pam name "Box of paper snowshoe racing"?
What is the name of the security guard?
In S1E6 "Hot Girl" What is the Hot Girl's name?
Who wears white to Phyllis' wedding?
Who is Michael's favorite actress?
What is Michaels' favorite flavor of cake?
Where did Pam and Jim get married?
Michael attended high school with this employee
At what resort do Jan and Michael spend Christmas together
Dwight mercy killed Angela's cat named
What is Bob Vance's profession?
According to prison Mike, what was the worst thing about prison?
What is the first name of the company Jim starts?
In which business does Dwight steal the chandelier in his perfect crime?
What is the name of Ryan's baby?
What is the name of the band that phyllis hires for her wedding?
Which cast member was having an affair with Angela's fiancé, the senator?

2017 Pop Culture Trivia Crossword

2017 Pop Culture Trivia Crossword

Which artist won the Grammy for Album of the Year with "25" at the 2017 Grammy Awards?
Released in 2017, which teen drama TV series is based on characters by Archie Comics?
Reaching number five on the Billboard Hot 100 in February of 2017, which singer had "Love on the Brain"?
Starring on the Dick Van Dyke Show as Laura Petrie, and later getting her own show, which cultural icon died in January of 2017?
Who won the men's 2017 World Junior Figure Skating Championship in March of 2017
Marking the debut of Arnold Schwarzenegger as host, who won Season 15 of the "New Celebrity Apprentice"
Originally released in 1977, what Fleetwood Mac album made a resurgence on the Billboard Top Rock Albums chart in March of 2017?
Released in March of 2017 for the Wii U, what is the latest installment of "The Legend of Zelda" video game series
In this TV comedy series, Vanessa Hudgens plays the role of Emily Locke, Director of Research and Development for Wayne Security.
Which movie won the Oscar for Best Picture at the 2017 Academy Awards ceremony
Known for songs like Johnny B. Goode and Maybellene, which rock and roll pioneer died in March of 2017?
The most successful film in Golden Globe Awards history, what film won all seven awards for which it had been nominated?
Which American songwriter/singer released their thirty-eighth studio album titled "Triplicate" in March of 2017?
Finish the title to this 2017 monster film release, Kong - ????? Island.

Relationships - Healthy & Unhealthy Word Scramble

Relationships - Healthy & Unhealthy Word Scramble
Word Scramble

mutual respect
healthy boundaries
peer pressure
give and take
gas lighting

Quentin Tarantino Crossword

Quentin Tarantino Crossword


TV Show Titles and Random Words Crossword

TV Show Titles and Random Words Crossword

(of a fluid) slowly trickle or seep out of something.
Titled after locations in which wild animals are contained for observation.
"A Series of Un_________ Events"
(v.) Regard with great respect.
Spanish word for "what."
Drama-thriller series that focuses on FBI recruits in training and on the field.
"____, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."
"The ______": Starring Steve Carell, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, and Rainn Wilson.
A series with creatures like those in TWD but not quite as mindlessly vicious.
(abbr.) (in names) Denoting the elder of two who have the same name in a family.
Not near.
"The Guild"; a web series surrounding a quirky group of online gamers. Starring Felicia Day.
American animated web series revolving around the characters: Yang, Blake, Weiss, and Ruby.
"The Twilight ____"
TV Show based on life where all electrical power ceased to work and its people have to adjust to a new way life from what they knew.
My way of saying "Hi."
A simple english greeting.
Not off.
My way of saying "rude."
"It's not you, it's __."
Not over.
Not asleep; After a car crash, a detective struggles to differentiate between two realities. One in which his son survived but his wife did not. And another in reverse.
A video game which you believe I will like, but I do not.
"______: A Spacetime Odyssey"
"Skin ____"
The abbreiviated form of "mister."
TV show about a group of survivors with shocking secrets must find a way to survive in the mysterious island their flight crashed onto.
A shortened form to call a female sibling by.
Past tense and past participle of light.
People often make this sound when they get hurt.
A fictional TV show based on the _____ Witch Trials.
"Lizzie Borden Took an __"
"Parks and ___reation" a.k.a. "Parks and ___"
"Mad ___"
Don't stop; green light.
Not high.
(n.) Mental sharpness and inventiveness.
"The Black____"; an american thriller series following a partnership between a government agent and a fugitive.
According to Sigmund Freud, the __ is the personality component made up of unconscious psychic energy that works to satisfy basic urges, needs and desires.
"Switched at _____"
Starring Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne, this show follows her journey for _______ on those who ruined hers and her father's life in the Hamptons.
A musical TV show focusing on a varied group of high school students who found that they at least had one thing in common. The ____ club.
to make scenically ready for performance <___ the stage>
"Video Game High School"
A TV show based on the plot of a popular slasher movie series.
(n.) Hot molten or semifluid rock erupted from a volcano or fissure.
"Freaks ___ _____"
"____devil"; a show based on a marvel comic book character.
"___ and the City"
"The _____"; a show based on a speedy comic book hero.
A long running science fiction series where FBI agents investigate strange and unexplained cases.
"____ the Virgin"
"___ __ Get Away with Murder"
"___ to Me"
"Criminal _____"
A show about a detective with OCD who cracks cases.
A wartime intelligence agency during World War II.
"___ I Met Your Mother"
A nocturnal bird of prey. Or a messenger in HP.
"___ and Order"
A white rice popular in Asian foods.
A lump or bundle of soft material.