World's Best Game! Crossword

To defend too close to the player with the ball.
You will mainly see C and WA here.
This is also known as "travel" in basketball.
Absolutely essential in order to be successful.
This position is allowed to go in all three thirds.
The person whose decisions must be respected.
The opposing player should always do this for each pass or shot.
We must do warm ups in order to prevent this from occurring.
To run with intention down Court.
The person who guides and teaches the players all the skills they need to play the game.
A high arching pass often used into the goal circle.
Three things that can be achieved by playing netball are Fun, Fitness and .....
To cross the transverse line before the whistle blows for Centre pass.
Type of pass used if you want the ball to go a long distance.
There is one at each end of the court.
The umpire call you will hear if you collide with the opposing player.
WA and GS are these type of players.
Only four players can be in here at one time.
Type of pass that can get under or around a defender.
The minimum number of feet you must be to defend a player.

Volleyball Crossword

Volleyball  Crossword

Maximum of three hits per side, not including a ________.
A fault in which the ball comes to rest momentarily in the hands or arms.
Ball must be served within ______ seconds of the referee's whistle.
Service is lost if the ball lands out of ______ on the opposing court.
It is a fault to step over the _________.
_____ players must be in the front court and ____ in the back court when serving.
Durning the preparation of a forearm pass, players must have a wide _____ of support.
The follow through of a forearm pass should maintain ____ ready for next movement.
An underhand serve is done behind the _______.
_______ may be performed by any player in the front row.
A _____ is played best three out of five games.
The back zone of the court is mainly for ___________.
It is a ______ if player playing the ball touches the net.
A common type of hit frequently used.
Another name for an attack/hit used in volleyball.

Volleyball - Crossword Puzzle

Volleyball - Crossword Puzzle

The players at the front court are used for offensive play while the back court is used for _________ play.
A fault, where as for example, scooping, lifting, or carrying. (Two words)
If the game goes all the way up to 5 sets, how much points is needed to win?
The _____ team to win 25 points with a two point lead wins the set.
Main responsibility is to set up the ball for players; the play maker.
Who invented volleyball?
A player playing the ball is at fault when they _____ the net.
Number of positions.
What was volleyball initially named as?
Maximum number of contact a team can have with the ball.
Was designed to be an alternative to the game of basketball.
The amount of time you must serve within before the referee's blows the whistle.
Where was volleyball invented?
A ball landing on the ________ line is considered "in".
In order to start the game after the whistle blows the ball has to be ______.
Two ways of serving are underhand serve and ________ serve.

Netball Crossword

Netball Crossword

You do this to move using one foot
The game this crossword is about
What is it called when you haze your feet to help you
Who is allowed in centre circle?
What is thrown around?
What do you play on?
What do you wear to know the position that you are?
How many players are in one team
How many people are allowed on the court at once?
You shoot here
Who is the referee version of this game?
What do you need to work in to succeed
There is a centre *****
Who does GD stand for?
What does C stand for?
What does WA stand for?
What is another word for avoid?
a X pass
What is another word for instruction?
Who starts in the centre circle?

Basketball Crossword

Basketball Crossword

A pass to a teammate who scores a basket immediately
To get the ball to a teammate
To stop a shot from the other team
The end of the first half of play
The National Basketball Assosiation
Generally awarded after a foul on the shooter from the opposing team
A unblocked shot that doesn't hit the rim or backboard
The half of the court a team is defending
A pass that bounces before the player receives it
Dribbling the ball with two hands on the ball at the same time
Scoring by holding onto the rim and slamming the ball down
An overhead shot taken while jumping
The free throw lane and the free throw circle
Spinning in a circle but not lifting up the back foot
Getting the ball after a attempted shot
Shot where the ball hits the rim of the basket
You have to shoot before the _________________ runs out
A shot which goes through the net without hitting the rim
Move your pivot foot illegally
A loss of possession
A defense technique in which each player is responsible for an area of the court
A defense technique where each player guards a certain opposing player
A uniform each player wears that has their team name on it
An attempt to score
The people that decide penalties



Bump, set, ________ !
Who passes the ball to the spiker?
The players rotate in a ____________ direction.
How many players are on the court at a time?
There are a limited amount of _______ touches per team.
At 24 points, it is ________ ________.
__________ can be performed by any player in the front row.
How many service attempts are allowed?
A team must win by at least _____ points.
A serve must be served from behind the ______ _______.
The ball is a _______ ________ when it touches the floor.
It is called an ______ when the opposing team fails to hit off of a serve.
What position does the serveroccupy?
Volleyball was invented in ________.
What can't you spike behind?

netball! Crossword

netball! Crossword

What you year to show your team colour
The other shooter apart from Goal Shooter
Passes the ball first
How many players on a team?
marks wing attack
how many feet can you move after catching the ball
where is the goal shooter allowed?
how many are there of each space in a team
when the other team is out, you get a
what you score in
how many people in a team can score
a goal is worth...
marks goal attack
marks one teams centre
marks goal shooter
what is a netball court divided into?
turning on one foot is
how many substitutes can you have?
other players must stay -------- away from the person with the ball
after catching the ball,you have ---- steps.

Netball Crossword

Netball Crossword

Number of players on a netball team
Official in charge of the game
The only position that can shoot other than Goal Shooter
Must be inside here to shoot
The only movement that can be performed with the ball in hand
Netball is played on one of these
Scored by throwing the ball into the net
Rule that is broken if a player moves both feet with the ball in hand
The playing area is divided into three of these
The job of a defender when an attacker is near
The only position that can play in all three thirds
Rule that is broken if a player enters an area they are not allowed in

Netball Crossword

Netball Crossword

There are ----- positions on the netball court
The ------ takes the first pass when the whistle goes
WA stands for ---- attack
A player must be ----- feet away from the player with the ball
There are four, fifteen ------ quarters in the game of netball
Only Goal Shooter and Goal ------ can shoot goals
There is no ------- with the ball
A netball court is made up of three ------
The ball cannot be thrown over the centre third without being -------
What is the position that play's on Goal Attack? Goal --------

Football Phrases Crossword

Football Phrases Crossword

the imaginary line separating the teams at the beginning of a play
a six-point score made by carrying or passing the ball into the end zone of the opposing side, or by recovering it there following a fumble or blocked kick
a chance for a team to advance the ball, ending when the ball carrier is tackled or the ball becomes out of play. A team must advance at least ten yards in a series of four downs in order to keep possession
a field for football, marked with regularly spaced parallel lines
one of a series of marks made along parallel lines that delineate the middle of the field, used to spot the ball after a play ends outside these lines
a goal scored by a placekick, scoring three points
a change in the offensive play called by the quarterback at the line of scrimmage
an exchange made by handing the ball to a teammate
a rapid advance by a defensive player or players, especially toward the quarterback
a football
a player positioned behind the center who directs a team's offensive play
an offensive player, typically a halfback, who specializes in carrying the ball
an offensive player who is positioned at a distance from the end and is used primarily as a pass receiver
a defensive player normally positioned behind the line of scrimmage, but in front of the safeties
a defensive back who normally is positioned well behind the line of scrimmage
a player normally positioned on the line of scrimmage
a defensive back positioned to the outside of the linebackers
an offensive end who lines up close to the tackle
an act of tackling a quarterback behind the line of scrimmage before he can throw a pass
a protective mask covering the nose and mouth or nose and eyes
an act of seizing and stopping a player in possession of the ball by knocking them to the ground
the rectangular area at each end of the field into which the ball must be carried or passed and caught to score a touchdown
a ball one downs deliberately behind one's own goal line or that is kicked through one's end zone. It is taken to the 25-yard line to resume play
a forward pass to a player protected by a screen of blockers
an offensive player in the backfield
an offensive back usually positioned behind the quarterback and to the side of the fullback
a quick backward movement of the ball from the ground that begins a play
a very long, typically unsuccessful pass made in a desperate attempt to score late in the game
a player who punts
either of the two upright posts of a goal
an official who watches a game or match closely to ensure that the rules are adhered to and to arbitrate on matters arising from the play
the time at which half of a game or contest is completed, especially when marked by an intermission
the National Football League championship game, played annually between the champions of the National and the American Football Conferences
National Football League
a person or thing that is supposed to bring good luck or that is used to symbolize a particular event or organization
tackle or fend off (a person) by extending an arm rigidly
a form of team game played in North America with an oval ball on a field marked as a gridiron
a disadvantage or handicap imposed on a player or team, typically for infringement of rules
an intentionally short kick-off that travels forward only slightly further than the legally required distance of 10 yards, and which the kicking team attempts to recover
a play in which one or more defensive backs charge the quarterback of the opposing team
a kick made after the ball is first placed on the ground
either of the two lines bounding the longer sides of a football field
the manner in which a defender or a defensive team cover a player, an area, or a play
a timing device that is used to indicate how many seconds remain for the offensive team to start a play before being penalized for delaying the game
the players in a team who defend the goal
a squad that is used for kick-offs, punts, and other special plays
the attacking team or players
a defensive lineman positioned opposite the offensive center
an official who watches a game or match closely to ensure that the rules are adhered to and to arbitrate on matters arising from the play
(of a lineman) withdraw from and cross behind the line of scrimmage to block opposing players and clear the way for a runner
a move in which a quarterback pretends to hand the ball to a running back but instead makes a pass
a pass thrown either sideways or back
blow a whistle, especially as a signal
make a sham move to mislead an opponent
a brief break in play
an instructor or trainer in sport
a person taking part in a sport or game
a person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular person or thing
each of four equal periods into which a game is divided
an act of catching a pass made by an opposing player
to jump over a player while running with the ball
(of a quarterback) run with the ball behind the line of scrimmage, avoiding tackles

Badminton Crossword

Badminton  Crossword

Extension of the court by 1 1/2 feet on both sides for doubles play.
Area between the back boundary line and the back service line or doubles
Back third of the court, in the area of the back boundary lines
Back boundary line at each end of the court, parallel to the net.
Location in the center of the court to which a singles player tries to return after each shot.
Line perpendicular to the net that separates the left and right service courts.
Area of play, as defined by the outer boundary lines.
A fast and low shot that makes a horizontal flight over the net.
A shot hit softly and with finesse to fall rapidly and close to the net on the opposition’s side.
A violation of the playing rules, either in serving, receiving or during play
Front third of the court, between the net and the short serve line.
In singles, the back boundary line. In doubles a line 2 ½ feet inside the back boundary line. The serve may not go past this line
A series of games to determine a winner
The middle third of the court, halfway between the net and the back boundary line
Instrument used by the player to hit the shuttlecock.
Exchange of shots while the shuttle is in play
Stroke used to put the shuttlecock into play at the start of a rally
Area into which the serve must be delivered
The line 6 ½ feet from the net which a serve must reach to be legal.
Official name for the object that the layers must hit.
Badminton’s primary attacking stroke.