Week 4 Spelling Words Crossword

To encourage
A large ship for carrying cars
To join 2 things together
Very big
To put more power into a flat battery
Extremely big
You turn this when reading a book
To appear
When your belly rolls over your pants
To have or do something you really want

Lab Safety and Equipment Crossword

Lab Safety and Equipment Crossword

Keeping hair out of face.
A station where you can wash your eyes out when you do something stupid.
It is like a telescope but instead of seeing far away you can see up close and personal with this.
A glass tube with a ruber bulb at the end.
A container or bottle, fat at the bottom and skinny in the neck.
That red cylidner thing attached to the wall that has white foam stuff in it.
A pair of pincers or tweezers.
The thing that keeps track of time for you, no not a clock.
This is called not being a jerk and picking up after yourself because your teacher already has to watch you for an hour, don't make their job any harder than it has to be.
This is what you hold the substances that you are testing in.
A flat wooden stick with mesurements on it, not a meter or yard stick.
Glsses you wear to protect your eyes, regular glasses don't count.
Open flamed cylinder object.
A substance that has been purified.
The little cylinder like thing that tests the tempersture of an object.
A protective blanket used incase a flame appears.
The thin clear sheet that you put on top of something that is on a slide.
It is like a burner but with a silver plate on top.
This is a situation where you did something wrong and you need help right away.
That really pretty dancing light that you want to touch, but when you do touch it, it hurts like heck "OWW! BAD SQUISHY, BAD SQUISHY!"
Cleaning your hands with water, because this is common sense, after dealing with chemicals.
Kepping away from danger.
The thing you wear to protect your clothes.

ict Crossword

ict Crossword

what is at the top of the homepage and takes you to a new page when clicked on
What page do you add to when you want it on all your pages.
what do you add a photo to?
A link that when clicked on takes you to another page.
A place where some people go to find informaion
Somewhere you go to find where a place is.
The first page you see in a website
Somthing you pu tinformation in so you can read it more clearly
A choice of which page to go to.
You put this in to making a website

Road Safety Crossword

Road Safety  Crossword

You apply this to stop your vehicle
A pace by which you must abide by
To not be intoxicated
A lifesaving restraint
Something you should avoid while driving
An area where traffic fines double
This is required by law to drive
People the driver is responsible for
An area where you should look and listen before crossing
You should turn these on for safety
Slippery roadways that may not appear as so
How the driver indicates which way they are turning
The indicator of how quickly you are traveling
Watch for these to cross the road
They are here to keep us safe!
Perform this action safely by looking and using a signal
A digital aid in navigating
Emotions to keep under control while driving
A large vehicle to take precaution around
The part of your vehicle that meets the road

Microsoft Word Crossword

Microsoft Word Crossword

This is inserted at the top of a document to put information such as your name, the date, and the page numbers.
This page is put at the end of an essay to give your sources credit.
If a paragraph is flush with the left margin, than it is left __________.
This is the white space on the outside of a document.
One way to align a paragraph is to use a _______ indent.
To make text stand out, you will make it ________.
Changing this means changing the way the text looks.
This is a list of items to be discussed or acted upon.
True or false? The time is included in the heading for minutes.
_________ business was business that was not taken care of in the last meeting.
These are small dots that all support an idea above it.
These are images used to make a document more interesting.
You can make an image the size and shape that you want by _________ the image.
This goes at the bottom of a page and is the opposite of a header.
To indent text, you can just hit the _____ key.
When you slant text, you put it in _______.
When you change text or pictures, you are doing this to it.
In an essay, you will use _______ spacing.
When you send a document to a printer, you are ________ the document.
If you make your own margins, you are creating a _______ margin.



What you feel when you are appreciative or thankful
when you feel completely shocked or surprised
a feeling of overwhelming joy or bliss
worn out or extremely tired
unable to make choices
when you feel that you lack energy or enthusiasm to do anything
you sometimes feel this as a student ; no energy or enthusiasm
unwilling or hesitant to do something
shy or awkward;
when you can't feel any sensation in your body
worried or nervous about doing something
doing a task well and thoroughly without wasting time
wanting to be in another person's position because of their good fortune
unsure of or unable to understand something
to be extremely annoyed, upset or sickened by something
I passed my IELTS test and feel EXTREMELY PLEASED
really tired of or irritated by something
I did something really STUPID without thinking
I have STRONG beliefs about human rights especially children and vulnerable members of society
I was UNHAPPY with the cutstomer service at the restaurant
I sometimes feel this when i am away from my native country and family
I like to hang out with people who are POSITIVE
Some people believe that being a celebrity is ATTRACTIVE & EXCITING
thinking that someone is guilty of doing something
when you feel angry about something that you think is unfair
soft or kind
when you are unable to look after yourself
if you demonstrate strong feelings of love and doing things associated with it
The media is very CRITICAL/DISREPECTFUL about certain celebrities and people in the public eye
After a nap or a cold shower I feel more AWAKE and less TIRED
I was really EXCITED and HAPPY when I met my favourite celebrity
to feel UNEASY
I sometimes feel THIS emotion with strangers

Earth in Space Crossword

Earth in Space Crossword

The different shapes of the moon you see from earth.
Occurs when a new moon blocks your view of the sun (2 words).
The very darkest part of the moon's shadow, cone shaped.
Larger, less dark part of the moon's shadow.
The rise and fall of the ocean water that occurs about every 12-1/2 hours.
Moon's dark flat areas, hardened rock caused by huge lava flows.
Large round pits.
Chunks of rock or dust from space.
When an object in space comes between the sun and a third object, casting a shadow on that object.
The study of the moon, stars, and other objects in space.
An imaginary line that crosses through the Earth's center and the North and South Poles.
Spinning of the Earth on its axis.
Movement of one object around another.
The path taken while making a revolution.
A push or pull.

j g ge dge Word Search

j g ge dge Word Search
Word Search


Lab Safety Crossword

Lab Safety Crossword

In case of a fire, you should know the location of this important piece of equipment.
You should always ________ the day's experiment before you begin, paying close to safety issues.
Secure loose or dangling _________ before beginning a lab.
Wearing this will protect your clothes.
In case of a fire in the lab you should _________.
What you need before you bring an animal to the lab or classroom.
_______ one chemical with another can be dangerous. Never do so unless the textbook or your teacher has specifically asked you too.
Never work _________ in the laboratory.
Never pour water into this; instead, slowly pour this into water.
If a chemical comes into contact with your eyes, wash them for at least ____________ minutes.
Handle scissors, scalpels, knives, and other _________ objects with extreme caution.
When heating something in this type of glassware, never point it at yourself or anyone else.
Never _________ any liquid while in the lab, unless specifically instructed to do so by your teacher.
Know where this communication tool is before you begin any lab; you may need to find it in case of an emergency.
Report accidents to your teacher, no matter how _________ they may seem.
Some of these are corrosive.
Only _____ lab equipment as your teacher instructs you to do so.
Don't wear ___________ in the laboratory, closed toe shoes are the best to wear.
This kind of glassware is dangerous to use because it has stress points where the glass may break.
_______ carefully to your teacher; they may tell you important information regarding the lab or equipment.

words that rhyme Word Search

words that rhyme Word Search
Word Search


Types of Energy Crossword

Types of Energy Crossword

A measure of systems ability to,change or create change in other systems
Relations g to the interrelation of electric currents and magnetic fields
A ball rolling down a hill is an example of _________ energy
A roller coaster at the top of a hill is an example of ________ energy
the potential energy related to an objects height
A change from one form of energy to another is energy __________
What law states energy can't be destroyed?
Energy with an electric charge that lets work be accomplished
Fireworks is an example of _______ energy
The sum of potential energy
Energy that is generated and measured by heat
The type of energy released during nuclear fission
The energy that moves energy extremely rapid
The potential energy associated its objects that can be stretched
The presence and/or flow of electric charges
When electrons are lost
When electrons are gained
When you rub your clothes together it creates what type of energy
An example of static electricity being released
Copper and aluminum are examples of ______