WildFire Crossword

Where were Sam And Delphy at?
Which Camp did Sam go to?
How did Sam get through the bushes?
Which Drug did Sam's Mom use?
The Synonym of screaming?
What did Sam's Dad call sam?
What holds a Door?
Where did Sam's Dad work at?
Whats the action name when you Close a door with force?
When people Spin a lot how will they feel?

Industrialization Crossword Puzzle

Industrialization Crossword Puzzle

Someone who starts or organizes a business or a factory.
Who was part of the working class?
Where did the Industrial Revolution begin?
What type of revolution was the industrial revolution?
Coal was needed to smelt the ______ ore.
What was one of the uses of the steam engine?
Synonym for cloth
Industrialization began in ___________ in 1850.
What was the name of the city that was industrialized first in England?
Synonym for wagon.
_______ destroyed spinning mules to keep their jobs.
What was the youngest age children could work at?
Factory where iron is smelted for processing.
Who built the first passenger railway?
What is a combustile gas present in coal mine?

Night : Elie Wiesel Crossword

Night : Elie Wiesel Crossword

What were the German secret police called?
Where was Elie Wiesel was born?
How many people did they pack into the convoys?
What was the name of the women screaming on the train?
What was the name of Elie's father?
Who first warned everyone about the Holocaust? (His tutor)
How old was Elie when he first arrived in Birkenau?
What major camp did Elie go to that was located in Poland?
What food were given at the camps?
What did Elie inherit from his father?
Elie's father died of what disease?
How many other siblings does Elie have?
Elie had surgery on his what?
Jews had to wear the yellow
What was Elie’s younger sister’s name
The blank was used to separate the weak from the healthy
During the selection this doctor told the prisoners to go left Or right
They burned people in a what
What did they tatoo on the prisoners to identify them instead of names
The dentist was checking for only one thing; Elie was marked for this.
The prisoners walked here from Auschwitz
What was Elie’s dad’s last word
Number of people who survived the train ride to Buchenwald
Who guarded the concentration camps
Known as Auschwitz ll

My Side of the Mountain Crossword

My Side of the Mountain  Crossword

Who is the Protagonist?
The name of the tree Sam made his house out of?
The name of the guy who taught Sam how to make fire?
Where did Sam go to learn about duck hawks?
When did Sam's father go home?
what animal was the door to Sam's house made of?
What do you call cooked deer?
what kind of jam did Sam make with Bando?
Where did Sam Gribley live before the mountains?
Who came to stay with Sam during spring break?
What is the name of the mountains Sam lived in?
Who did Sam give his songs to?
Was Frightful a he or a she?
Where did Sam meat Mr. Jacket?
How many guest houses does sam have?
What kind of berries did Sam pick with a little old lady?
How many eggs did the horned owl lay?
What did Sam make his fire place out of?
What did Sam cool down in during the summer?
what did Bando bring Sam during Christmas?

What made me the way I am Crossword

What made me the way I am Crossword

What was Summer's' mothers name?
Where did Summers dad come from?
what was summers mum good at?
Where was the free festival?
What did Lucy and her parents travel round in?
Summers parents joined a?
What kind of village did Summers dad come from?
What was Summers dad?
In which country did Summer travel round?
What was Summers dad's name?

My Side of the Mountain #1 Crossword

My Side of the Mountain #1 Crossword

Type of tree that Sam built his home in.
Number of people in Sam's family.
City where Sam originally lived
Name of the falcon that Sam trained.
Type of bird that Sam captured and trained.
Name of the weasel that lives near Sam.
Name of the mountain range where Sam is living.
Sam made pancakes from this kind of flour.
The land where Sam build his tree home belonged to Great Grandfather _______________.
Sam starts his fire with a ____________ & _______________.
Name of the town where Sam visits the library.
Name of the man who taught Sam how to build a fire.
What does Sam use as a calendar?
What does Sam write notes on?
Who gave Sam a haircut with the library scissors?
What made the "Pip, pop, pop", noises?
Sam found this at the bottom of the gorge.
Who was Sam hiding from in the forest?
What did Sam make a new set of clothing from?
Sam ate a very satisfying meal of this meat.
When the fish weren't biting, Sam ate these instead.

Forged By Fire Crossword

Forged By Fire Crossword

What do you use to light a fire?
What do you ride in to the hospital?
Where do you go when you commit a crime?
What is a synonym for suffer
What is a synonym for torment
What makes Angel feel better?
Who helps Gerald?
What crime did Jordan commit?
Who took Gerald in when Monique was taken into costody?
How did Angel feel when she saw Jordan
What is a synonym for cry?
What is the genre for Forged by Fire?
What gives Angel comfort in her home?
What sport is Gerald passionate about?
How Dow Gerald describe Angel's dancing.
What is Angel's strongest fear?
Who does Getald confess to when Jordan abuses Angel?
Who is Mr. Washington's son?
What is Angel's passion?
The Washingtons acted like__________ towards Angel and Gerald.

Lord of the Flies Chapter 1-6 Crossword Puzzle

Lord of the Flies Chapter 1-6 Crossword Puzzle

Which one of the main characters has fair hair?
Which boy can sing a C sharp?
This boy gets sand kicked in his eyes
Who's idea was it to make the signal fire?
This object is used to bring the boys together
This boy's glasses are used to create the signal fire
Who finds the beast in the morning while trying to rekindle the signal fire?
This boy helped Ralph build the shelters
What is the beast that Sam and Eric find on top of the mountain?
The shape of the Island
What is in between the beach and the reef?
What did Ralph and Piggy walk through when they landed on the Island?
Location of where the boys went to hunt the beast
Who died in the plane crash when the boys first got on the island?
Ralph and Piggy found the conch here
Hunters wore this while hunting
Who kicked sand in Percival's eye?
They kicked over the littleluns sand castle
Where do the boys go swimming?
Where did the boy with the mulberry mark wander off?

Texans Remember the Alamo Crossword

Texans Remember the Alamo Crossword

The Son of a bankrupt Misssouri mine owner.
The Spanish land that borderd the United States Louisiana Territory, was called.
What was the name of the 4,000 people that ;ived in Texas in 1821
Who was the leader of the 183 volunteeers that defended the Alamo.
Who was the leader of 25 Tejanos in support of revolt
This battle lasted 13 days
What was the first adopted name of Texas
To join territory to an existing country
How many men were captured and executed by Mexicans
Who was the first president of Texas
How long did the battle of San Jacinto take
When the first American settlers came to Mexico how many were there?
How many Texans where stationed at the Alamo
What was the name of the first 299 families in Texas
How did the Mexican Government feel the Americans felt.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Crossword

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Crossword

What color does Christopher hate?
Until what prime number (in thousands) does Christopher know by brain? How old is Christopher?
How old is Christopher?
What animal did Christopher find dead?
Who was the owner of the dead animal?
How was the dog killed? (Weapon)
What was the name of the dog?
How many letters did Christopher's mom write to him?
What does Christopher suffer from?
What pet animal does Christopher have in the beginning of the book?
What is Christopher's favorite subject?
What did Christopher's dad tell Christopher what happened to his mom?
Where did Christopher find the letters from his Mom?
Who was Christopher's mom having an affair with?
What is the name of Christopher's teacher?
Who killed Wellington?
How does Christopher feel about knowing who killed the dog?
What breed of dog was Wellington?
What is the Authors First Name?
What fictional mystery character does Christopher like?
What occupation does Christopher want to be when he's older?
When Christopher sees 4 yellow cars in a row on the same day, what's this day called?
What outdoor (wet) activity does Christopher not like to do?
Where did Christopher's mom move to?
What caused Christopher's Mom to move away?
Who does Christopher want to live with after hearing who killed the dog?
How does Christopher plan to get to London?
Who was trying to take Christopher back home, once he heard his Father was looking for him?
What did Christopher and his Mom do once they saw each other?
What is the name of Christopher's new Golden Retriever?
What does Christopher feel like he can do now that he wrote a book and found his mom?

Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone Crossword

Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone Crossword

Who did Harry and his two friends thinnk was acting suspicous?
Who is the author of this book?
What did Harry live under for years?
Who first tells Harry that he is a wizard?
What was guarding the Sorcerer's stone?
When Harry was a baby who's house did he live in?
Who killed Harrys parents?
Where was Harry when he realized he could be a wizard?
What symbol/shape is the scar on Harry's forhead?
Did Harry ever know about wizardery before he knew he was a wizard?
How did Harry feel about attending Hogwarts Schoolof Witchcraftand Wizardry?
What is the main characters first name?
What was Severus Snape planning to steal?
Who were Harrys main friends?
How old was Harry when he realized he was a wizard?
What is the most popular sport played at his school?
Whats Harrys cousins name?
What is the main characters last name?
What was the three headed dogs name?
What reptile could Harry talk to?