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The Summer Olympics Crossword

The Summer Olympics Crossword

Used for the flame during the Olympic ceremonies.
Is a symbol for the five continents and the unity between them.
The arena where the games are held.
The ancient Greeks dedicated the Olympics to ______
The Olympics occur every_____years.
Which country has received the most gold medals (since 1896)
Country were Usain Bolt is from.
During the Olympics the athletes live in the Olympic______
What the top three winners of each event receive.
An Olympic event containing three events.
The metal used in the second place medals
The metal used in the first place medals
The metal used in the third place medals.
American swimmer with the most Olympic medals.
The 2020 Olympics will be held in_______
Where were the 2016 Summer Olympics held?
This sport is what made Tiger Woods famous.
This sport involves fighting with long thin swords.
The beginning of the Olympics.
An American gymnast who won the vault and the floor in the 2016 Olympics in Rio
This event involves a small ball and a table.
This event is mostly played at the beach.
Americans call it soccer.
An event that includes four runners with a baton.



Most important skill in dodgeball
Name of the person placed around a trampoline
Surname of famous Scottish tennis player
You might use them in the gym to build muscle
A skill in volleyball
Number of players in a professional basketball game
Football team who won last year's English Premier League
Surname of Famous Portugese footballer
Name of a sport that takes place in a velodrome
In netball, what does GA stand for?
In which sport might you do a lay-up?
How you start a game of badminton, volleyball and table tennis
Famous sports brand
First name of famous female American tennis player
High Intensity __________ Training
The colour associated with Liverpool FC
Surname of the Head of PE
Which sport would you find backstoke and butterfly?
The home of the Scotland rugby team
The colour associated of Lockhart house
Used in hockey to pass the ball
4 lettered martial art
Nationality of Usain Bolt
Oldest tennis tournament in the world
Number of players in a hockey team
Number of miles in a half marathon
First name of famous long distance British runner
What you win if you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a race
The colour of belt you would wear if you had mastered your martial art
Machine that allows you to run whilst staying in the same place

Olympics Crossword

Olympics Crossword

What lights the cauldron at the Olympics?
What country is Usain Bolt from?
Where are the Olympics being held in 2016?
The Olympic rings are blue, red, yellow, green and what other colour?
What sport uses arrows being shot into a target?
What medal do you get for winning an event?
What event does Usain Bolt compete in?
What sport does Michael Phelps compete in?
What sport is compete on a bike?
What city were the Olympics held in the year 2000?
How many Olympic rings are there?
A sport that you compete in a boat?
Where are the Olympics in 2020?
What colour medal do you recieve for coming second?
What colour medal do you recieve for coming third?
What Olympics was held in Germany in 1936?
What country was Jesse Owens from?
What animal is used in equestrian?
What event do you jump over small obstacles?
Where were the first Olympics held?
Which Australian woman won 3 gold medals?

Athens and Sparta Crossword

Athens and Sparta Crossword

Which empire took control of Athens?
Spartian warriors were known for their skill and ___
How many kings ruled the city of Sparta?
Athens was a powerful ___
Building this structure was an achievement in Athens
8,000 of these ruled over 10,000 slaves
Women in Athens had lots of ___
The Assembly met on top of this hill
How many social classes did Athens have?
What was the lowest social class in Athens?
Athens had four of these around their city
What class were the farmers in in Sparta?
A famous philosopher in Athens
At what age were boys in Sparta taken from their parents and trained for warfare?
Athens had this type of government
What did Sparta do early on to the land around them
Who was the king who helped Sparta defeat Troy?
What was the name of the middle class in Sparta?
War between Athens and Sparta
This caused lots of people in Athens to become sick and die

Ancient Greece Crossword

Ancient Greece Crossword

Games held every four years
Outdoor marketplace
Government ruled by wealthy privileged families
Famous for its army
A fast-spreading, often deadly disease
Earliest known greek civilization
Another word for slaves in Sparta
Who created the machine that carried water from a lower to a higher level
A machine that carried water from a lower to a higher level
Valuables seized in wartime
The war fought between Sparta and Athens was called
The Trojan war was fought between the Greeks and the people of
A great king of Macedonia who expanded the empire
One of Greek's finest achievements in architecture
Composed two poems about the Trojan War
The "Father of Medicine"
Had a mighty navy
A greek philosopher who used a question-and-answer method of argument
Greeks believed most gods lived on Mount
The first known lighthouse was located in
Government ruled by the people
Greek philosophers developed a respect for the power of
Created important theories about numbers and music
A great leader of Athens
Name of the longest olympic race
After the Greeks defeated the Persians they entered a time called the ______age

To Kill A Mockingbird Chapters 1-4 Crossword

To Kill A Mockingbird Chapters 1-4 Crossword

Who is the narrator of "To Kill A Mockingbird"?
What is the name of the town that the story is set?
The short boy from Meridian, Mississippi.
Who is six and a half feet tall, eats squirrels raw, and has terrorizes the town?
Who gets made at Scout for knowing how to read and write?
Who was the first grader in Scout's class that was described as being a little gentleman?
Who was the boy who walked out on the first day of school?
Who gets invited to the Finch's for lunch?
"You can never really understand a person until you consider things from his _____________________" (39)
The name of Scout's dad.
The nickname of the Finch's cook and housekeeper.
The narrator is telling the story of how her brother did what when he was nearly thirteen?
Who is the author of "To Kill A Mockingbird"?
At the end of Chapter three, what do Atticus and Scout do?
The name of Boo Radley's brother.
What economic event is occurring during the book?
What does Jem do to the Radley place?

Women equality Crossword

Women equality  Crossword

What country are girls not allowed to get an education?
Most women would like the........... To compete at the Olympic games
What should women be given?
In the work force what gender get paid more
Every year how many girls are forced to get married when the are 18
What job were women banned from till recently
What was the first county to legalise same sex marriage
Who was the first female prime minister of Australia? Julia.....
What is the name given to the generation where Aboriginal babies were taken from there families by the Government
I what year were Aboriginals allowed to vote in Australia?
What was the surname of the first Australian Indigenous athlete to will a olympic medal? Samantha.....

olympic games Crossword

olympic games  Crossword

where were the first olympics held?
where were the olympic games held in 2000?
which athlete has the most olympics medals?
which country won the most medals at the Rio Olympics?
How old do you have to be to enter in the Olympics?
how many medals did New Zealand get at the Rio Olympics?
where is the Olympic torch lit?
what event did Eddie the eagle participate in the 1988 Calgary Olympics?
how long do the olympics go on for
what is the most popular Olympic sport?

Chapter 3 vocabulary Crossword

Chapter 3 vocabulary Crossword

International committee to plan the olympic games and oversees issues and decisions relating to the Olympic Games
Brainchild of linking athletes to corporations and was Founder of International Management Group
Named sports Illustrated "Sportswoman of the Year" in 1972. Defeated Bobby Riggs in a tennis match after he said no woman could defeat him in tennis
ancient Olympics founded by the son of the Greek God Zeus
Weekly television show that brought unusual sporting events into homes exposing sports like cliff diving, wrist wrestling and world figure skating
Marketing activities designed to satisfy the needs and wants of sport consumers
A person who has the will and ability to play a sport and earn an income from that sport is said to be a
non profit organization to encourage children to explore sports that they may not otherwise have an opportunity to play
Olympic styled games for athletes with disabilities were organized for the first time in Rome in the 1960's
Bans the gender discrimination in schools that receive feneral funds
National organization that governs college athletes and oversees important decisions pertaining to athletes
Any type of athlete that doesn't get paid to play a sport
Sports that involve non-traditional daring methods of athletic competition

Ancient Greek Crossword

Ancient Greek Crossword

What does the word KaTW mean in Greek?
What is the name of the Greek God of the sea?
What is the name of the Greek God of the sun?
What is the biggest ancient Greek temple?
What is the biggest mountain in Greece?
What was the one biggest city in ancient Greece?
What did Hoplites wear on their shins when going to war?
What did the ancient Greeks use as a weapon to charge at people?
What is the name of the Greek God of the sky?
What were ancient Greek houses made from?
What did the ancient Greek used to grow?
What fruit did the ancient Greeks eat?
What sea surrounds Greece?
Was the ancient Greek olympics performed clothed or naked?
What did the ancient Greek men wear in daily life?
What did ancient Greeks wear on their feet?
What army were khown for being brave and fierce?
What famous Greek was a mathematician and engineer?
What was an ancient Greek garden called?
Did ancient Greek men and women live in the same part of the house?