What Are The Impacts Of Efficiency  Crossword

It is _________________ to expect them to be able to solve the problem immediately
His parents were there to make sure that he did not make a______________choice when it not wearing a seat belt inside the vehicle.
Unlike the motor car, cycling creates no__________________ and no pollution and it provides the rider with essential healthy exercise.
This area of the park has been specially_____________ for children.
Harry had_______________ for several days whether he should leak the news of his.
New_______________has made it possible to communicate more easily.
To sail on the sea on a stormy night like this was a great risk but the crew was determined to _____________________.
My sister lives just outside London. When I visited my brother in London, I_______________ and go to see her as well.
The_________________ was when I told him why I never had any money to spend, but he was very understanding.
Basketball stars today________________ to Michael Jordan.
I wish we could join you but we have to _______________ before our move this weekend.
Modernity would be provided by the excellent transport links and communications in a country where everything_____________________.

Transition Words Crossword

Transition Words Crossword

_________, we need to finish our homework on time.
_______, he wanted to play cards, but then decided to finish his homework instead.
I would like to see you tomorrow, ______ lets have lunch together.
My sister loves to eat, _______ I dont care too much about food.
______, we finished out chores and were able to go outside to play.
_____, I will need to get the ingredients before making the cake.
I would love to ride my bike, _______, my tire is flat.
First we add the mix, ______ we stir it all together.
_______ I was ready to leave, my mom wanted to stay a bit longer.
____, we will visit the zoo after we eat lunch.

Crucigrama Crossword

Crucigrama Crossword

I can draw very well, and it is fun
I like to play sports.
I am well behaved.
My room is messy so everything is not in the right place that it should be
I got in trouble
I like to clean my room so that everything is in the right place
My friend calls me a couch potato
My mother acts this way when I'm in trouble.
My neighbor is very sympathetic
My dad does gets his work done
My brothers and I are not short
My mom and dad are not tall
His sister is not handsome
Giants are very big
My aunt said that I was looking nice at the wedding
His baby cousin is not old
Her sister's hair is close to the color orange
Henry is a stand up comedian , and the people always laugh at his good jokes
I am not little nor am I medium sized.
My great grandmother is not young.
My hair color is a bit lighter than black.
Many of my friends have a hair color that is close to yellow
I have many of these in school, and we sometimes go out to see movies
She is not a boy, she is a.
He is not a girl, he is a.
There are many of us in school, and we where uniforms.
When a male teenager gets older they become.
My mother is not a girl, she is a.
What is the singular version of people.
Another word for extremely.
Another word for small.
This word is also used in slang as " cause."
Can be used as " we-all" in a sentence.

Beowulf Crossword Puzzle

Beowulf Crossword Puzzle

discolored by bruising
a tangible symbol signifying approval or distinction
the ultimate agency predetermining the course of events
adjectives that point out special traits of particular persons or things
descriptive phrase or compound word that substitutes for a noun
praise, glorify, or honor
long narrative poem
a person related to another or others
“But leave your battle-shields here, and your spears, / Let them lie waiting for the promises your words/ May make”
“I am old, now,/ But I will fight again, seek fame still…”
“I was new to the throne, / Then, a young man ruling this wide / Kingdom and its golden city; Hergar…”
“-a king, before, but now / A beaten warrior.”
“And death/ Would be better for them all, and for you, than the kind/ Of life you can lead, branded with disgrace!”
“I’d use no sword, no weapon, if this beast / Could be killed without it, crushed to death / Like Grendel, gripped in my hands and torn / Limb from limb.”
“I’d rather burn myself than see/ Flames swirling around my lord.”
“Once more, and again twisted gold,/ Heaped-up ancient treasure, will reward you/ For the battle you win!”
“For hours he sank through the waves; / At last he saw the mud of the bottom.”
“I’d leave my armor to my son, / Now, if God had given me an heir, / A child born of my body, his life / Created from mine.”
Where does the demonic creature live?
What value did Beowulf fight for that shows the values of the Anglo-Saxon period?
“And he saw, / Hanging high above, a golden / _____, woven by the best of weavers / And beautiful.”
“______, where his [Hrothgar] subjects congregate and make merry”
“The ______ drove / Those demons out, and their exile was bitter, / Shut away from men; they split / into a thousand forms of evil --- spirits / And fiends, goblins, monsters, giants, / A  brood forever opposing the Lord’s / Will, and again and again defeated.”
“Ran out with their bodies,/ The blood dripping behind him, back/ To his ___, delighted with his night’s slaughter”
“Then the Geats built the _____, as Beowulf/ Had asked, strong and tall, so sailors/ Could find it from far and wide;”
Beowulf's uncle, _____, is the king of the Geats
Cain's descendant, _________, terrorizes the country
What trophy was taken as a result of the first battle?
How many heirs did Beowulf have?
Father of Hrothgar?

Conjunctions Crossword

Conjunctions Crossword

The movie we wanted to see was no longer playing, ___ we had to choose a different one.
I don't like golf, ______ do I like tennis.
_______ or not it rains today, we will still have practice tonight.
She will want cake ____ ice cream for dessert on her birthday.
I don't have enough money to buy the video game, ____ if I save up my allowance for two weeks I think I can afford it.
I won't be able to make it to the party tonight, ________ I cannot provide any refreshments.
You can't park here; ______ there should be open spaces in the lot behind the building.
Don't touch the pot ________ the stove is still on.
____ you didn't bring your textbook today, you'll have to share with the student next to you.
At the restaurant, I always order steak ____ chicken.
She won't be playing in the game tonight _____ she has a knee injury.
You may go to the soccer game ______ you clean your room.
_____ I was tired, I tried my best to finish all of my work.
______ you can get your driver's license, you must take Driver's Ed and practice driving with an adult.

"To Build a Fire" Crossword Puzzle

"To Build a Fire" Crossword Puzzle

The main trail led 500 miles south to this and was once used by Chilcoot people. (p.1)
London described "the man" as this, since he was a new comer. (p.1)
London uses this to describe the pain "the man" is experiencing. (p.2)
A word that describes the importance of something. (adjective) (p.3)
London uses this word to describe "the man" and how he acts as if he is not concerend or showing any emotion.(adverb) (p.5)
An action "the man" was going to do to the dog but relized he couln't. Also known as to sufficate. (p.5)
London uses this word when "the man" has a fear of death;distressing ordifficult to bear. (adjective) (p.5)
When the dog smelled the scent of death it made him?(still,hard) (p.6)
London uses this to describe how he felt when he relized his situation of life or death. (p.5)
This word was used to describe "the man's" German socks that covered half way up to his knee. (clothing) (p.4)
Lonon uses this word to describe "the man's" tone of voice when he speaks to the dog;firm definet. (p.5)
The cheeks of the dog. (p.1)
A part of the dogs body(on the face);something to put over an animals mouth to prevent it from eating or bitiong. (p.1)
The man's thought of how cold it was outside kept repeting, but London described it as? (p.2)
Something added with a greater importace or size;usually projecting a part of an animal or plant body that that has less importance than a main paart. (noun) (p.2)
A word used to describe something smaller is size,sound, or quality.(adjective) (p.1)
London uses this to describe "the man's" beard with crystals on it; used for making jewlery with the colors yellow,orange, or brownish yellow fossil resin. (p.2)
A dent in an object. For example, the sleo marks on the trail were described as this. (p.2)
Not normal (p.1)
Pushing outward;pushing away (p.1)
woods;trees (p.1)
can't be in physical contact (p.1)
a wavelike form in apperence (p.1)
The material on the match that you light. (p.5)
The meaning to go down. (p.3)

Human Evolution Crossword

Human Evolution  Crossword

it was hot then cold, leading to over 100 species of apes 23 million years old
having long, narrow trunks, tails & bilophodont teeth were the norm, until 25 mya when hominids split from ___ & began to transform
my Y-5 molars gave me the nickname 'dental ape' I show a mix of anthropoid & hominoid traits
the earliest cercopithecoid lived 19 mya & moved into places hominids couldn't go.
8-12 mya the cranium of this Eurasian hominid reflects the modern Pongo
hominids were dealt a separate fate from their common ancestors who lacked this trait
I am the earliest possible Hominin found in Chad, with small molars, a flatter face & a forward foreman magnum, making my discovery pretty rad
this species shows derived traits & progression making it the first 'true' Hominin without question
I am an Aus. Afarensis, with derived valgus knee & lumbar lordosis; my legs are short, my fingers long, my scientists gave me this 4 letter name after a Beatles song
these scientists are no fools, they knew I was different from Australopithecines & I may have been the 1st to use stone tools
I'm an Australopithecine, I lived 2.5 mya & when they discovered my Oldowan Tool Industry it was dynamo
I'm an Australopithecus, also known as Taung Child, hunt or be hunted is the motto & it was by the Eagle's claw I was exiled.
We are the 3rd Hominin species to emerge & w/ the help of our flaring zygomatic bone & sagital crest, a variety of foods were easy to chew & digest
Megadont teeth played a massive role in naming this robust hominin The Black Skull.
I come from Flores, Indonesia, stand 3 ft 6 inches tall, that's where scientists got my nickname cause I'm the smallest Homo of them all.
We were the 1st to control fire, hunt w/ spears, build structures & burials, which makes our species of Homo pretty cool; but nothing advanced us more than the upgrade we gave to stone tools.
They used mousterian tools & cared for elderly just like humans do, but unlike other Homo species, their DNA may still be present in me & you.

Shakespeare's Plays Crossword

Shakespeare's Plays Crossword

A funny mistake
Stormy weather
Sounds like drums
The fifth of his name
Star-crossed lovers
A story to be told when it is cold
Fantasy on a warm evening
Apparently murdered his nephews
He was never a Roman Emperor
The Scottish Play
Similar to a popular Christmas song
Was this named after Shakespeare's son?

The Cumtown N-word Puzzle Brought To You By The New York Ass Times Crossword

The Cumtown N-word Puzzle Brought To You By The New York Ass Times Crossword

A person whose job this isn't
"Those people", racistly
The last word in the fictional social justice warrior acronym, "WON"
A country in Africa, spelled in a funnier way
The funnier way to pronounce the name of this African country, according to Terry Gross
Bill Maher, the ______ guy
Adam Freidland's favorite word
At Andre's Steakhouse patrons are greeted with an enthusiastic "What's up my _____"
Stavros Halkias receives the most requests on his twitch stream to say this word
During an early American war, a soldier journaled: My dearest Virginia, I invented the funniest word today... I can't wait to come home so I can whisper it in your sweet ear." What is the word
Adam Freidland gave his dog Isis this nickname
A group of "my mans"
When Stav's brother heckled Tom Myer, Tom assumed it was this type of person. Commenting to Stav, "Sometimes my act goes over the head of urban crowds"
For a long time, the top comment for the Shake it off video by Taylor Swift on YouTube was simply this word
Jerry Seinfeld popularized the saying "Hello ______" every time he would encounter another man in his apartment complex named Newman
On an episode of The Politics Faggot with Adam Freidland and Timothy Joshua one of the hosts calls Donald Trump this name
According to Nick Mullen you can only use this word if you are quoting a white guy
If this word gets used in an episode of Cumtown, it's premium content
The Coca-Cola classic of slurs
A man once said "You know what the real N-word is? Knowledge". He was mistaken, it is really this
Stav once screamed this at the top of his lungs during a Wu Tang concert
Stavs boyfriend is black and when he gets home Stav will say this word
Some refer to saying this as having a little piece of Boston Chocolate, verbally

"The Cask of Amontillado" Crossword

"The Cask of Amontillado" Crossword

Who is the author of "Cask of Amontillado" ?
When did Montresor tell his servants he would be back?
How did the victim die ?
What is the name of the rare Spanish wine Montresor lures Fortunado with?
What does "In pace requiescat" mean?
What is the theme of this story?
“______ cannot tell Amontillado from Sherry”
After reading the story, the reader may wonder if Montresor feels any_____ for his crime.
What was Fortunato’s weakness?
Fortunato’s name is ironic because it means______ in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
When was this story published?
Upon what did Fortunato pride himself ?
What was Fortunado dressed as?
What line the walls in the crypt?
Montressor continues to keep offering to bring Fortunato back home but he_____.
As Montresor builds the layers of stone, how does Fortunato react?
The vibrations of the _____ caused Montressor to cease his labors after the fourth tier.
What kind of narrator is Montresor ?
Fortunato says “ The ____ is mere nothing; it will not kill me. I shall not die of a ____.”
What is Montresor’s greatest talent?
What genre of writing was Edgar Allan Poe famous for ?
Fortunato exclaims that Montresor is not part of the brotherhood known as the___?
What caused Montresor’s anger and need for revenge upon Fortunato?
What event is going on within the setting of story? Carnival
What was the relationship between Poe and his wife Virginia premarriage? Cousins

Absolutism Crossword

Absolutism Crossword

the only one of the Wars of Absolutism that was a true global (world) war, where France and Austria were allied for the first time in history
Spain's powerful navy was defeated in this war by smaller and faster English ships
this war was fought over control of the territory of Silesia and whether or not Maria Theresa could stay on the throne of Austria
as a result of this war, France lost its possessions in North America
the cause of this war was Louis XIV of France trying to put one of his relatives on the throne of Spain; it was ended by the Treaty of Utrecht
one of the causes of this conflict was the help that England was giving pirates who were capturing treasure ships from Spain
this monarch aided the Protestants in the Netherlands in their efforts to break away from the Spanish empire
known as the "Sun King", this monarch left his country almost completely bankrupt because of his wars and excessive spending
this monarch sent his navy to invade England, but most of his ships were destroyed in a storm
this region in northern Europe revolted and became independent of Spain in 1579
Henry IV of France made a declaration that French Protestants could worship freely in most cities, an attempt at religious toleration
Protestants in France were called _____
He had the real power during the reign of Louis XIII in France
the Finance Minister under Louis XIV in France, he believed in the theory of mercantilism and wanted to make France self-sufficient
he ruled Prussia as an absolute ruler, but also allowed religious toleration and made laws less harsh
he tried to make Russia more like the countries of Western Europe, promoting education, women's rights, and building a new seaport for trade
fought between the forces of the king, Charles I, and Parliament over who should have the most power
the leader of Parliament's army in the English Civil War; he ruled England for 10 years when it was a commonwealth
Charles II was asked to come back to England to rule after the period of the Commonwealth, and the monarchy was re-established
because of James I's attempts to bring the Catholic religion back to England, Parliament asked William and Mary (his daughter) to take over as king and queen
the type of government England has today, was established because of the Glorious Revolution