Ricky's World Crossword

Your chill spot at home
Place we met
Fave Daily Addiction
Gives me butter flies
Green Machine
Things we have in common
Wet drops we love
What I want from you
Our 4 legged family or a bright shiny stone
Favorite Meal I make
Your really good at creating what kinds of art
Favorite Projects include this Symbol
Being Open instead of withholding your thoughts and feelings
how you will feel when you are honest
Pleasant and Kind
They are a part of me and a part of you
Having a better relationship with your kids, your family and me will be
Stoppping all the lies and deceit will relieve alot of

My girlfriend Crossword

My girlfriend  Crossword

Who is my favorite person?
What do you and a flower have in common?
What will your last name be very soon?
What word describes your appearance?
Where did we first spot one another?
What month did we make it official?
How long will be together?
What are you to me?
One word to describe our relationship?
What's one thing I'll do for you?
What's one thing I like the most about you ?
What's the best gift you've ever given me?
If I could share one thing with you it would be?

Computer terminology Crossword

Computer terminology Crossword

There are 8 of me in a byte
You do this with a pencil
I am used to store stuff
computer circuit consisting of the hardware
Computers have a certain amount of me
a communication system consisting of a group of broadcasting stations
I rhyme with potter
You have me on your computer
You can here things from me
You need 8 bits in me
You store me in a folder
You use me to play car games easier (I'm plugged into your computer)
The opposite of input
You can use it to print me
Scans things
**** interface
I'm a type of clock and camera
I'm a type of disc
Opposite of a output
You use me to type
I am a cursor
You see things from me



To manage your stress through different ways that make you feel better.
What it's called when people talk to a mental health professional.
This is done out loud, when something is funny and can make you feel better.
If done at park or gym or home, this activity relieves stress and is good for you.
People go on these atleast once a year, for break from their job.
Feelings of high stress, panic, worry. Sometimes including physiological symptoms.
These are the familiar people in our life that help us cope with the stressful times because they know us well and listen.
To share and express your thoughts and feelings to a person who will listen.
What can happen if your body gets run down from stress and lack of sleep.
You should get about 8 hrs each day to maintain health and happiness.
Time off from work, doing nothing but enjoying yourself.

Happy Valentine's Day Love! Crossword

Happy Valentine's Day Love! Crossword

How did we meet each other?
Will you be my_____?
You have my
Your _____ are my home
You are my Best____
I love you to the ______ and back
The longer the wait, the sweeter the ______
We have all the ______ in the world in eachother
We love eating at
I can't wait to _____ for you
I can't wait to _____ home to you
I'll be by your side____
You can always count on ______
We are each others biggest _____
One of our favorite bands
You are my _______
I'll be your _______ in shining armor
We _____ the loudest together
You make me the __________ girl alive
You are my whole _______
We can't wait to go to _______
I _______ you a bunch
Gotta read ______ still
We love to ______
We are ______ addicts

Preterite vs Imperfect Crossword

Preterite vs Imperfect Crossword

My girlfriend and I went to the movie theater last Saturday (ir)
Carla was a very good student. She would study every day. (estudiar)
My brothers were very sick for a few days. (estar)
I used to run 2 miles every morning. ((correr)
Did you do your chemistry homework? (hacer)
Drake practiced tennis every morning because he wanted to be a champion. (practicar)
It rained a lot last week. (llover)
Did y'all get up early on Saturdays when you were little? (levantarse)
I decided not to go on vacation because I didn't have enough money. (decidir)
Roberto read 5 books over the summer. (leer)
Susana had to study a lot to pass her honor classes. (tener)
It was six in the morning when we arrived at the station. (ser)
What did y'all order for dessert? (pedir)
Ramon and I used to spend several weeks at the lake cabin every year. (pasar)
They would always put on a jacket when morning was cold. (ponerse)
I couldn't call you last night. My phone died on me. (poder)
You never listened to me. I warned you several times. (escuchar)
Maria didn't like to clean her room. (gustar)
I got very good grades in the Spanish class. (sacarse)
We have a lot of fun when we were little. (pasar)
Teresa brought several friends to the party. (traer)
Anibal and you didn't stay too long at the meeting. (quedarse)
Why did she want to come to the party? (querer)
The baby would sleep for several hours everyday after lunch. (dormir)
Why didn't they sleep last night? (dormir)

Healthy Relationships Crossword

Healthy Relationships  Crossword

Exaggerated feelings of passion
Significant relationship between two people that is based on trust, caring, and consideration
Qualities or characteristics
A small circle of friends, usually with similar backgrounds or tastes,who exclude people viewed as outsiders
You treat people with respect and in return they do too
Treating others with kindness and consideration and in difficult times you show empathy and support
Being honest and open with others, rather than consealing your thoughts, feelings, or actions
Contributing to the relationship and working to keep it strong, even if it means making some sacrifices
Expressing your thoughts, feelings, and expectations to others and understand theirs in return
A problem-solving method in which each participant gives up something to reach a solution that satisfies everyone

Vine Reference Crossword Pt. 2

Vine Reference Crossword Pt. 2

"4 female ghostbusters?" " The feminists are taking over... 'IM an ___- ____ "
"Can i get a ___ ? " "Can I PLEASE get a ____"
"so you just gonna bring me a ___ gift on my ___ to my __ party on my __ with a__ gift? " "happy ___?"
"That was ____"
"miss ___ ?" "miss ___?' "miss ___." "Oh man f***in' god she f***in' dead"
"___ BOOOY, I LoVE YoU"
"Brandon, ask me what type of tree this is? " no." "just ask me" ' i-its a ___ tree"
"heyyy. I wanna be _____"
".....___?" "-DO I LOOK LIKE-"
"U stoopid." "no i not" "whats 9 + 10? " '___'
"I don't need ____, they disappoint me"
"B***h called me ugly I said bitch where, she said under all that ___, I said b***h ..where??"
"we have a lot of laughs.." 'f**k off janet, Im not going to your f**kin ___"
"Hi. My names ___ and you're watching my life crumble into pieces" "da-doii-doiiiiii"
"I have ___ depression"
'IM __"
"GIVE ME YOU ___ MONEY" *law and order DUN DUN*
"She's drunk asf**k y'all" "IM WASHIN ME AND MY ____ b**ch" 'im washin me and my ____"
"hurry up were gonna be late for school!!" "bruh, chill. I don't know why you're in a big time ___" *UH-UH-UHH*
"Oh my goi... oh my goi he on ____ mode”
"you ready to f***in DIE ?!?!?" "i-i-imma ___ b***h, you can't kill me"
"what is up __?" "no, what you say dude" "SQUARE UP ___" "STEP DA F**K UP ___"
*sees rat in walmart* "___" .."is that real"
*slides on ice * "Good __"
"Welcome to Jesus Christ ____, Sir, you are live..'yea, JESUS CHRIST F**KI SU-'"
"Next time you f**kin' put your hands on me I'mma f***in' rip your __ off b***h" "What did he do to you ?" "-cause HE F**kiN PuSHeD mE"
"if your name is ___, and you're really handsome, come on raise your hand!"
"Hi, and this is my impression of ___ when she goes to wash her hands, but the waters too hot" "OoAoO...thank you.'
"Kim and Collin, run in here and come get yo' juice.." "s***"
"When will you learn ... WHEN WILL YOU LEARN?" "tHaT Your ___ HaVe COnSeQUencEs!!1!"

Argumentative Writing Crossword

Argumentative Writing Crossword

making a claim supporting it
making a claim supporting it using feelings
The position that you are trying to get your reader to accept
Facts that support your claim
Statement that explains how the evidence supports and connects to the claim
Challenging the argument by addressing the position of someone who may not agree with the argument
Demonstrating why the counterargument is wrong
Who will be affected by the topic. Who will read the essay.
Also known as claim
First paragraph where you will hook the reader
Paragraph that introduces the reason that your claim is valid
Paragraph that introduces the second reason that your claim is valid
Paragraph that introduces an opposing claim
Last paragraph that restates the thesis statement
The first sentence in each paragraph that tells you what the paragraph is talking about
words that show the relationships among the ideas in a piece of writing

Criminal / Addictive Thinking Crossword

Criminal / Addictive Thinking Crossword

Poor Me
This helps you to stay focused on the future
Distorted ____ maps can lead us a stray
These reports help us analyze where our thinking is distorted
Our _____ is something we can control
Don't blame me I didn't do it
I mowed her lawn so she owed me
I won't get caught cause I'm to smart is a ____ person stance
This thinking is what landed all of us here
This thinking is what caused us to start down the criminal thinking path
I don't want anyone to know what I am doing or have gotten myself into
I want what I want, when I want it, which is NOW
I can help, but what are you going to do for me???
I told you too, that's why. Better get it done.
Living the life, lots of friends, I do what I want.
What mine is mine and what's yours is mine!!
Denial to ones self and others is a form of this
These are strong beliefs
We have the power to do this otherwise we will end up in jail or worse
Keep silent to avoid notice
Anger is an example of this strategy
Did you see what he did though... _____ Strategy

Love Crossword

Love  Crossword

Month of our dream wedding
A sassy sabertooth feline
What I love most about you
How you make me feel every day
Our first date
Location of a pretty lame party
Three little words I can't say enough
Paradise, a.k.a. our honeymoon Island
Day of the week we said our "I do's"
Number of years we've been together
Day you asked me to be your wife
How long I will love you for
Our original anniversary month
How I know you'll make a great dad someday
Location of our first vacation together
What I admire the most about you
What I am because I have you
What my life is with you in it
Husband and _______
How many years we were engaged for
You are my ________