Labor Day  Crossword

First state to celebrate it as a holiday in 1887
According to fashion, you should not wear this color after Labor Day
First city to celebrate Labor Day in 1882
This president signed Labor Day Into law
Labor Day is celebrated on the first _____ of September.
This country celebrated Labor Day before the US
Labor day is a celebration of the ______
Sen Kyle from _________ introduced legislation to officially make Labor Day the holiday we know today
In 1916 the Adamson Act established an _______ hour workday
Labor Day is the unofficial start of what season
Two men who share this name, are credited with the idea of Labor Day
Labor Day marks the end of ________

Lewis and Clark Crossword Puzzle

Lewis and Clark Crossword Puzzle

Near what present day city did they turn around?
In which state is Teton Souix?
Who was the second in command?
Which state is fort clatsop?
The Louisiana purchase bordered what river?
By which famous landform is the continental divide?
What city did they start from?
Who was the president during this time?
What was the territory that was bought during 1803?
What sergeant died around the northwestern Iowa area?
They traveled by boat, foot, and ? Fill in the blank
Lewis and Clark found the continental divide in which state?
In which state did Lewis and Clark find the great falls?
Who was the leader for this expedition?
What date did this start?

Memorial Day Crossword

Memorial Day Crossword

Memorial Day used to be known as __________ Day.
The Flower used as the symbol of remembrance
Memorial Day often is treated as the beginning of this season.
It is a tradition to fly this on memorial day.
The day of the week that Memorial Day is celebrated.
This state is the official birthplace of Memorial Day.
The month Memorial Day falls in.
Memorial Day originated from the ____ War.
This was the only southern state willing to celebrate the first Memorial Day.
This is often played at ceremonies on Memorial Day.
Often decorated with flowers for Fallen Soldiers.
The flag only stays at half staff until this time.
In May of 2000 this President declared a National Moment of Remembrance at 3pm Central time.
Each year the 3rd U.S. Infantry places a small American flag before the gravestones and niches of service members buried at this National Cemetery.

Holidays Around The World Crossword

Holidays Around The World  Crossword

In Pakistan, boys celebrate the first day of spring in the Muslim calendar with exciting kite-fighting contests.
For this Hindu spring festival, people dress in green. Children then squirt each other with water pistols filled with yellow- or red-colored liquid
In Thailand, a special three-day water festival on April 13-15 marks Songkran, the Buddhists' celebration of the new year.
On Easter, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. People attend church and also enjoy different Easter customs.
Jewish Holiday
To celebrate the return of spring, children in England dance around tall poles decorated with ribbons, called maypoles. Their dancing wraps the ribbons tightly around the pole.
The sun continues to shine long after midnight in Scandinavia
Japanese people keep the memory of their ancestors alive with a festival held during the summer called...
During this holy time, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar year, Muslims do not eat, drink, or smoke from sunrise to sunset for an entire month
On November 1 — called Día de los Muertos — Mexicans remember their loved ones who have died by visiting them and having a meal right in the graveyard.
For eight days each November or December, Jews light a special candleholder called a menorah. They do it to remember an ancient miracle in which one day's worth of oil burned for eight days in their temple.
People celebrate this Christian holiday by going to church, giving gifts, and sharing the day with their families.
which means "First Fruits," is based on ancient African harvest festivals and celebrates ideals such as family life and unity.

The Gilded Age Word Search

The Gilded Age Word Search
Word Search

John D Rockefeller
Knights Of Labor
Grover Cleveland
Social Darwinism
Andrew Carnegie
Chester Arthur
Haymarket Riot
Pullman Strike
Samuel Gompers
Pendleton Act
Spoils System
James Blaine
Jane Addams
Mark Twain
Gold Bugs
Mary Eddy
Jim Crow

Spring Break Word Search

Spring Break Word Search
Word Search

First Day of Spring
St. Patrick’s Day
Four Leaf Clover
Easter Egg Hunt
Hot Cross Buns
Easter Monday
Easter Bunny
Report Cards
Good Friday
Pot of Gold

Judaism Crossword

Judaism Crossword

A big family dinner that is enjoyed at the end of Passover.
A holiday celebrating the freedom of Jews from slavery in Egypt.
This symbol represent Judaism. The ____ of David.
Where Jews go to worship.
The founder of the Jewish religion.
Celebrates the re-dedication of their holy temple in Jerusalem.
An inherited or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior.
A holiday celebrating the Jewish New Year.
The belief in one god.
The candle holder that is lit each night during Hanukkah.
The location of the most holy Jewish temple that was taken over by the Greeks.
How many days is Hanukkah?
The holy or sacred text of Judaism.
A strong belief or trust in someone or something.
Bread without yeast that is eaten during Passover.
A spinning top, a game played during Hanukkah.
Jewish religious leaders.
A set of moral principles or values.
The scattering of the Jewish people outside of their homeland.
One who creates or establishes.
Going without food for a period of time.
Where did Judaism begin?

Juneteenth: A celebration of Freedom Crossword

Juneteenth: A celebration of Freedom Crossword

President during the 1860's?
City where enslaved people were freed
First state to make Juneteenth a statewide holiday
A special day of celebration
General Gordon
An official announcement
Word made out of two words
General Order Number
Representative who made Juneteenth a holiday in Texas
Traditional color of food and drink during Juneteenth

Crossword puzzle answer key

Crossword puzzle answer key

was designed to free lands for pioneer settlement and to prevent violence between americans and indians by seperating them.
this act was quite sucessful in oregon itself and as a result the territory became a state in1859.
this act offered land to any pioneer willing to move to the american west
it was one of the first pioneers to settle north of the Columbia River in Chehalis River Valley.
there was a trail named after him.
he was considered to be one of the orginal founders of the United States.
she arrived in Seattle in 1864 , she was part of a group called Mercer Girls.
he crossed the Oregon trail with his family on the way to Puyallup in 1853.
he was one of Washingtons earliest and most famous pioneers.
it is where ships returned to unload their catch.
this object made it possible to buy salmon for consumption.
this object made it possible to buy fresh salmon for comsumption.
the raising of crops without the benifit of irrigation of water.
this person built, owned,and operated first salmon cannery.
in 1853 he constructed washingtons territorys first steam powered sawmill in Seattle
the meaning of the word is a change in the way goods produced.
it chartered approved the construction of the United States first two transcontinetal railroads the central pacific and union pacific.
one of the first two transcontinental railroads
this person reorganized his railroad and shipping companies.
he finaced the construction of a railroad from wallula on the columbia river to the city of walla walla.
he was to build the railroad tycoon.

Juneteenth Day Crossword

Juneteenth Day Crossword

Title of Negro National Anthem
Who signed the Emancipation Proclamation?
Which city sponsored the first Polk County Juneteenth Celebration?
When were the last slaves freed?
Who announced freedom to the last slaves?
How long after Emancipation Proclimation signing were the last slaves notofied of their freedom?
Why were the last slaves not notofied of their freedom sooner?
Who was our master of ceremonies for our Juneteenth Celebration?
Who introduced our speaker?
In what city were the last slaves held captive?
Who was our keynote speaker for Juneteenth?
Speaker's profession
Title of Negro National Anthem
What do the days Juneteenth and The Fourth of July have in common?
Lift every voice and sing till earth and ____________ ring

Liturgical Year Crossword

Liturgical Year Crossword

This is what we call the church year
Begins the liturgical year
Starts with the celebration of the birth of the son of God
We remember that Jesus suffered, died, and rose from the dead
means "three days''
Begins on Easter Sunday
Held on the 7th Sunday after Easter
when Jesus rose from the dead
Falls between Summer and Fall
Christmas falls in this season
Lent and Easter falls in this season
Lent begins on this day
First Sunday after Pentecost
this color represents Ordinary Time
This color represents Advent and Lent
These colors represents Christmas and Easter
Making a small sacrifice by not eating during the day to symbolize the sacrifices that Jesus made for us
The feast of Christ the King is celebrated on the last ______ of Ordinary Time
A special day to praise God for giving us his creation
This man is the reason for the seasons