SAT Week 1 Crossword

give up completely
become less intense or widespread
encourage or assist
accent or agree to a demand
scold or criticize
of or relating to cattle
a person who boasts about achievements
polish by rubbing
a collection of similar items stored in a secret place
harsh discordant mixture of sounds

Livestock Terminology Crossword

Livestock Terminology  Crossword

Another term for cattle
mature female bovine
Mature male cattle
baby bovine
female bovine that has not had offspring
castrated male cattle
meat from baby bovine
another term for goats
mature female goat
mature male goat
Offspring of a goat
castrated male goat/sheep
another term for horses
mature female horse
male horse still intact
baby horse (can be male or female)
baby female horse
baby male horse
castrated male horse
mature female pig
mature male swine
baby swine
female pig that has not had offspring
castrated male pig
meat from pigs is called
Another term for sheep
mature female ovine
mature male ovine
baby sheep
meat from mature sheep
meat from cattle

Body Double Crossword

Body Double Crossword

the dry outer covering of some fruits or seeds.
a person who buys and sells goods or assets for others.
a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds.
based on or in accordance with reason or logic
one who examines laboratory samples of body tissue for diagnostic or forensic purposes.
a sudden, sharp localized pain.
(especially of a woman) attractively tall and dignified.
in a strict or exacting way.
make more beautiful or attractive.
a look or glance.

Beef industry Crossword

Beef industry Crossword

Meat humans consume from harvested cattle.
Castrated male.
Young or mature male.
The species name for cattle.
Mature female.
Breed of cattle that originated in Europe
Young female.
Cattle stay in groups called
Act of giving birth in cattle.
Beef cattle can digest high amounts of roughage or forage - hay or grass. Because of this they are called what?
Turn to describe young.
This is a cut of beef from the shoulder and neck of cattle.
these cattle producers raise registered cattle with a breed association

Hatchet Vocabulary Crossword

Hatchet Vocabulary Crossword

Point out, show
Primary control surface used to steer a ship, boat, submarine, hovercraft, aircraft or other conveyance that moves through a fluid medium.
Become less intense or widespread
Sounding rough and harsh, typically as the result of a sore throat or of shouting
A hillock, knoll, or mound
A strong taste, flavor or smell
A narrow valley between hills or mountains, typically with steep rocky walls and a stream running through it
Harsh-sounding and unpleasant
a slender threadlike appendage of a climbing plant, often growing in a spiral form, that stretches out and twines around any suitable support
Make a monotonous low dull sound
Resembling wire in form and texture

Cattle Crossword

Cattle Crossword

mature male
mature female
young female
casterated male
newborn cattle
group of cattle
scientific name for cattle
calm, quiet, tame
calf meat
the time when a cow is pregnant
the process of giving birth
the first drink of nutrient rich milk
infection of the cows udder
gradually taking a calf away from its mother
hay, grain, or anything cut for fresh animal feed
animal sent away to be slaughtered
where steers are sent lastly to be fattened up before processing
breed of cattle from the king ranch
breed of cow that is made from angus and brahman
most popular breed of beef cattle in the US
breed of cow that produces the most milk
breed of cow with the highest milkfat percentage
a rancher who produces cows and baby calves that will eventually be processed for meat

Lesson 11 Crossword

Lesson 11  Crossword

To encourage or to assist
Characterized by ability to move quickly with suppleness and grace
Something that relieves the effects of poison
To find out definitely; to determine
Kindness, generosity, charity
Deserted, without inhabitants, barren
Loud and discordant noises, cacophony
To advise against, to talk out of
To expand, to swell
Praise or tribute
Cannot be removed, washed away, or erased
Unable to move or to act, sluggish
Ill will or evil intentions
To remove all traces of: to do away with: to destroy completely: to cancel
Excessively decorated
Scarcity, fewness of number, dearth
Devotion and reverence to God
Dangerous, risky, not a secure situation
Commonplace, uninspired, banal
Inactive, dormant
Sparkling, shining, or flashing
Filthy in appearance, sordid
Discomfort or distress

Livestock Terms Crossword Puzzle

Livestock Terms Crossword Puzzle

A newly hatched or a very young chicken.
A chicken that is 6 to 13 weeks of age used for meat production.
A young domesticated hen.
An aduly female chicken.
An adult make chicken.
All make domestic chickens.
Eggs and chicken.
The scientific name for cattle.
A sexually immature young bovine.
A young female bovine which has not yet had a calf.
A castrated male bovine.
A sexually mature male bovine.

AG Crossword

AG Crossword

the act of giving birth
scientific name for swine
a young horse of either sex, up to 1yr of age
a baby female ovine
a male bovine, of any age, that has not been castrated
scientific name for sheep
scientific name for goat
pregnancy in porcine "giving birth"
meat from swine
a male sheep, or lamb, that has not been castrated
a young female swine that has not farrowed, and is not showing any signs of pregnancy
scientific name for cattle
meat from cattle
a young sheep

Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary Crossword

Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary Crossword

A sword
Brave, courageous, bold
Showing no interest, withdrawn, uninvolved
To joke, prank
Well-balanced and quick on one's feet, nimble
To overwhelm with something
To scold, rebuke, reprimand
Feelings of ill will, hatred, enmity, animosity
Cloth used to wrap a body for burial
Lack of harmony
A confession
To deceive or cheat
Firmness of purpose, determination

Dairy Terminology and Anatomy Crossword

Dairy Terminology and Anatomy Crossword

9 months and 2 weeks
Mature female bovine that has had a calf
A cow that is not lactating
When a female is receptive to male to be bred
Just above the brisket
__________ udder attachment
First milk produced
Female bovine yet to calve
Dairy cattle have 4 ______
Animal with a four compartment stomach
Mature male bovine
Just below the knee
_______ udder attachment
Giving birth is known as
Shoulder _________
___________ of shoulder
Cow that has had calf and is lactating
Sire and dam are of the same breed
Almost always removed for safety reasons
Mammary _______