Shabbos Crossword

The seventh day of Creation is called
At the Shabbos meal we have 2 of these
We start off the meal by saying this
At Friday night, we have a delicious warm bowl of this
All women and girls welcome in the Shabbos by lighting this
Every day we do this but in shabbos it's a bit longer and extra special
We go here to daven
It's a good opportunity to spend extra time with them, especially at bnos/messib
Shabbos is a time to spend quality time together with them
We have one by night and one by day
We always end off the meal with this, it's usually sweet
We usually do this in the afternoon after a busy week

Shabbat Crossword

Shabbat Crossword

The Jewish day of rest
Shabbat is a time usually spent with ________
What is consumed in the kiddush cup
The Sabbath is a time for ________
The challah loaf is place on the table covered by a _____
The ______ of the house usually lights the candles to welcome the Sabbath
When Shabbat begins
When Shabbat ends
The family home is often referred to as a _____ _____
When lit it marks the beginning of shabbat
_______ is a special loaf of bread consumed during the Sabbath meal
The hymns that are sung after the Sabbath meal
The ceremony performed that marks the end of the Sabbath
The vessel which wine if consumed out of
______ is forbidden during Shabbat

Nutrition Crossword Puzzle

Nutrition Crossword Puzzle

To include more fruits and veggies in your diet, when would be the ideal meal to eat them during to encourage such a habit?
These are great sources of energy in fruits and vegetables.
Sources of this can be added to fruit and vegetable snacks to make them even more nutritious and delicious
Try different vegetables, because our bodies like ___.
______ are nutrients in food that the body uses to build cell membranes, nerve tissue (like the brain), and hormones.
The body uses ___ as fuel.
What is a unit of energy that measures how much energy food provides to the body?
Light (lite) and _______-fat foods may still be high in fat.
What is the requirement for a food to be labeled light (lite)? Have 50% less fat or _______ fewer calories per serving
One of the most harmful fats: s_____.
One of the most harmful fats: t_____.
Trans and saturated fats can cause what?
Unsaturated fats are ____ at room temperature.
One type of unsaturated fat: p_________.
One type of unsaturated fat: m_________.

Preterite vs Imperfect Crossword

Preterite vs Imperfect Crossword

My girlfriend and I went to the movie theater last Saturday (ir)
Carla was a very good student. She would study every day. (estudiar)
My brothers were very sick for a few days. (estar)
I used to run 2 miles every morning. ((correr)
Did you do your chemistry homework? (hacer)
Drake practiced tennis every morning because he wanted to be a champion. (practicar)
It rained a lot last week. (llover)
Did y'all get up early on Saturdays when you were little? (levantarse)
I decided not to go on vacation because I didn't have enough money. (decidir)
Roberto read 5 books over the summer. (leer)
Susana had to study a lot to pass her honor classes. (tener)
It was six in the morning when we arrived at the station. (ser)
What did y'all order for dessert? (pedir)
Ramon and I used to spend several weeks at the lake cabin every year. (pasar)
They would always put on a jacket when morning was cold. (ponerse)
I couldn't call you last night. My phone died on me. (poder)
You never listened to me. I warned you several times. (escuchar)
Maria didn't like to clean her room. (gustar)
I got very good grades in the Spanish class. (sacarse)
We have a lot of fun when we were little. (pasar)
Teresa brought several friends to the party. (traer)
Anibal and you didn't stay too long at the meeting. (quedarse)
Why did she want to come to the party? (querer)
The baby would sleep for several hours everyday after lunch. (dormir)
Why didn't they sleep last night? (dormir)

The 13 Colonies Crossword

The 13 Colonies Crossword

Founded in North America in 1682 by William Penn in Philadelphia it is the 12th colony.
Founded in 1607 by John Smith in Jamestown it is the first colony during that time it was the starving time.
This is the second colony founded in 1626 by Peter Minuit on Manhattan Island.
John Winthrop and other colonists founded this colony in 1630 this is the third colny.
Founded in 1633 by Lord Baltimore a major city in this colony is Baltimore it is the 4th colony.
Land of the Brave this colony was founded in 1636 by Roger Williams and others at Providence.
This colony was founded by Thomas Hooker in 1636 at Hartford a city in this colony is New Haven.
Founded in 1638 by John Mayson and established by John Wheelwright it is the seventh colony.
Peter Minuit founded this colony along with Sweden company in 1638. Reason for founding is trade and profits.
This colony was founded in 1653 by Virginia colonists a major city in this colony is Raleigh.
English colonists founded this colony in 1663 this colony was one of the warmest colonies in North America.
Named after the British Island of Jersey situated in the English Channel founded in 1664.
This is the last colony and it was founded in 1732 by James Oglethorpe a major city in this colony is Savannah.

College Life Crossword

College Life Crossword

Paying for all of your bills without the help of parents.
The power it takes to work multiple jobs and go to school full time.
I have days where I don't want to be this?
Staying up until bar time and not even being at a bar.
What my cupboard consists of.
Most people do this before and after finals.
Most motto's when it comes to writing a paper for class.
Everyone looks forward to this day.
Still wishing I lived with these people.
I will accomplish this by the age of 85.
This will screw you over and make you hate you life.
This only cures your stress for the night.
Waiting till the day before to do assignments.
Spending hundreds of dollars on something you will rarely ever use.
This will help those late night cramming sessions
These can be a burden and a blessing
The one time throughout the year that we all look forward to.
The one thing we all say we hate, but deep down we secretly love.
Solution to getting multiple tickets
The only way to survive college

Infection Control Crossword Puzzle

Infection Control Crossword Puzzle

Should be trimmed and clean at all times
This level of precautions relates to all aspects of resident care
These precautions include gowns, gloves, masks, sometimes eyewear
PPE to remove first
The pathogen against which alcohol hand sanitizer is ineffective
The number one intervention to break the chain of infection
You should wash your hands for at least this many seconds
Hepatitis B & C and HIV are spread by this
Extremely small drops of liquid, such as occurs with a sneeze. Can carry infectious organisms
The separation of infected persons from others
Type of disease which can be carried on very small droplets or dust particles that float in the air (Chickenpox, measles, TB)
Type of precaution to use for pathogens can be transferred by direct contact (hand or skin-to-skin) or indirect contact (touching surfaces or items in room)
Residents with _________ are more likely to get UTI
You should perform hand ____________ between care of every resident
_______ care at least twice a day reduces the risk of a resident developing pneumonia
The name of the virus that causes respiratory infections typically between the months of October and April. Have you taken the vaccine against it this year?
After washing hands, turn off the faucet with a _________ paper towel.
Wash your hands immediately after removing ___________
What is a common bacteria that is antibiotic resistant?
Hands must be ___________ if they are visibly soiled, or if there has been contact with blood or body fluids
Most health-care-associated infections are transmitted to patients by _________
The overuse and misuse of antibiotics causes antibiotic _________________.
Who is responsible for cleanliness within the workplace?
____________ is your body’s first line of defense against infection
Be sure reusable equipment is ____________ before you use it on another patient
Never ______ needles after use.

Unidad 2, Leccion 1 Crossword

Unidad 2, Leccion 1 Crossword

At what time is...?
What time is it?
It is...o'clock
in the morning (with a time)
in the afternoon (with a time)
at night (with a time)
hour; time
to, before (telling time)
quarter past
(ten) past
half past
to answer
to teach
to arrive
to need
to get a good grade
to take notes
to use the computer
once in a while
often, many times
a lot
every day

Christmas crossword

Christmas crossword

How many reindeers does Santa have
If two people stand under this plant they have to kiss
Little helpers
Santa comes down this on Christmas Eve night
Open this calendar one day at a time
Green, spikey and has red berries
You leave these out for Santa on Christmas Eve
Covered in fur and pull the sleigh
You find these under the tree
Christmas colours
It's white and everyone loves it especially round Christmas

Customer Service Week Crossword Puzzle

Customer Service Week Crossword Puzzle

Your most important communication tool when you’re on the phone is your _____.
Another word for internal customer is _____.
Taking personal responsibility for a customer’s complaint is taking _____
You sound more relaxed and friendly when you _____ while talking on the phone.
You start each call with a friendly ____
Offering a customer additional products or services is cross-selling or _____.
With angry customers it’s important to let them do this, _____.
A positive one will make your day better.
The annual celebration of the importance of customer service is _____. (3 words).
Customer complaints should be seen as _____ to improve service.
Delighting your customers means _____ their expectations.
When speaking with customers you should vary the _____ of your voice.
The people you serve each day.
Anticipating problems, heading them off and alerting customers is being _____.
Treat each customer as if they’re the _____ one you’ll deal with that day.
Customers who have their complaints satisfactorily resolved tell an average of how many people?
The most important customer service skill is _____.

Ceramic Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

Ceramic Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

clay that has dried slightly from the plastic stage, can be joined using water, but has become a bit too fragile to bend and shape at lot.
Clay that has completely dried out, but has not been fired yet.
Clay objects that have been fired one time, turning the clay into glass. At this stage, clay is ready to be stained, painted or glazed.
Clay that has been applied with glaze or underglazes and then fired a second time.
a term that refers to one of several techniques used to build pottery using only the hands and simple tools, rather than using the potter’s wheel.
This technique is a method of shaping clay by inserting the thumb of one hand into a ball of clay and lightly pinching between the thumb and the fingers, while slowly rotating the ball of clay in the palm of the other hand.
a handbuilding technique used to construct ceramic forms by rolling out ropes of clay and joining them together with the fingers and various smoothing tools.
a handbuilding of technique used to construct ceramic forms by rolling out a flat “pancake-like” piece of clay which can then be cut into shapes and built into a box.
the process of mixing and turning clay to remove air pockets and create uniform consistency in the clay.
a technique used to connect two pieces of clay by scratching into the surfaces of each piece of clay and then applying watered down clay to each piece before pressing the pieces together.
to draw or scratch lines into the clay surface, to either connect two pieces of clay or add texture.
a process in which clay is heated to high temperatures in a kiln, which melts the silica sand in the clay and when it cools turns to glass, making the form permanent.
a furnace of refractory clay bricks used to heat pottery or fuse glass.
glass-forming chemicals, usually with coloring compounds added, that is applied in a liquid form to bisqueware clay and fired in a kiln, forming a pleasing coating around the surface of the clay.
Pottery which can not only serve as an art object but can also be used for a purpose, such as bowls, plates, cups.
the usually narrower part that leads from the body of a pot or vase to the mouth.
this is the main part of the pot or vase. It usually the largest part of the pot or vase.
this is the part of the pot or vase that meets or rests on the floor or table.
a decoration technique in which lines are carefully drawn into a clay surface.
process in which material is steadily built up to produce the finished figure
a large container, typically earthenware, glass, or plastic, with a handle and a lip, used for holding and pouring liquids
a pot with a handle, spout, and lid, in which tea is brewed and from which it is poured
a round, deep dish or basin used for food or liquid
a small, bowl-shaped container for drinking from, typically having a handle
a strong, coarse unbleached cloth made from cotton, or a similar yarn, used as a surface for clay handbuilding
a board used as a base for handbuilng and storing clay projects