In order to file a weekly claim for a claimant through Core, you have to click the _______ icon to complete the fields.
In order to get to the Issue List, you would select Benefits>______>Issues>Issue List.
The _______ column on the Issue List page tells the adjudication status of the issue.
If a work item is in ______ status, it means it has not been launched yet.
To establish a pension/retirement issue, you must select “_____ Income" as the Issue Category.
If a claimant wants to view a determination which was just mailed to him or her today, he or she can view it in CSS under the “_____ _____” tab.
In CSS, the Claimant _______ tab will show what issues are delaying payment.
If a claimant disagrees with a determination, he or she can go to the Determination History tab and select “_______ Appeal.”
Claimants can change tax withholding information under the Change _____ _____ tab.
The claimant _______ shows a snapshot of basic claim information including Claimant ID, DOB, Address, BYB, and BYE and is located on every claimant screen.
When creating a work item, you must first select the _______ Type.

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