Estons Questions Crossword

Estons favorite singer
Estons favorite movie
School that eston came from
Estons 2nd favorite movie
What is estons favorite sport
What year did Eston come to HP
Estons favorite color
Favorite music genre
Whats is estons favorite song by Morgan Wallen
Estons favorite actor



Favorite Color
1st Favorite College Basketball Team
2nd Favorite College Basketball Team
Month of My Birthday
Our song
My Major
My 2nd Major
Favorite Animal
Animal that I am Allergic too
Boxers or Briefs
High School
its on the
My most desired vacation
Favorite Sport
2nd favorite sport
What is my middle name?
Favorite season
What is my favorite thing to do is_____ ____________
favorite restaraunt
year I graduated high school
phone number
color of my eyes
favorite show
favorite movie
shoe size
what is my moms name
One place that I desperately want to visit
Shower in the morning or night
nickname that family calls me that i hate
my bestest friend besides youq
favorite sex position

Family Tree Crossword

Family Tree Crossword

Aka Mr. Frank
Maternal great grandmother
Maternal grandfather
Paternal grandfather
Who was bitten by a swarm of bees?
Triple R
Skipped juniior year
Granny's favorite hobby and sport?
Rudy and Barbara's first son's middle name
Barbara's price sports team
Who gave Rudy the nickname "charlie brown"
What was Eben's childhood nickname
Jermaine's childhood nickname
Where did Rudy and Lisa vacation in 2014?
2here did Rudy and Lisa vacation in 2014
Lisa and Saundra's favorite movie
Rudy's favorite movie

T and T Trivia Crossword

T and T Trivia Crossword

Our National Symbol the couple both loves
Where the couple will be residing in the Fall
The state Tim was born in
The state Toni was born in
Tim's middle name
Toni's middle name
Tim's brotherhood
Tim's favorite cookie
Toni's favorite dessert, anything ________
The first song the couple danced to, 2 words, 2nd word is _____
2nd word of __________
Toni's birth month
Tim's birth month
Number of attendants on each side
Color of the Bridesmaids' shoes
Other than English, Tim also speaks _______
Toni's dog's name, also a gun manufacturer
Tim's last dog's name, Jack Daniel's is famous for it
Time played this sport in high school and college
In high school, Toni was a _____
Tim's favorite president, first name, his cousin was also a president
This was named after # ______
Color of the Bridesmaids' dresses
The couple both hate these eight legged creatures
The couple both love this American singer and actor whose home is in Memphis
Toni's favorite country/western singer, Chris _______, also a Champion bull rider
Toni's main sport in junior and high school
Tim's favorite motorcycle

U.S. Actors Word Search

U.S. Actors Word Search
Word Search

Matthew McConaughey
Christopher Walken
Denzel Washington
Leonardo DiCaprio
Robert Downey Jr
Samuel L Jackson
Jake Gyllenhaal
William H Macey
Viggo Mortensen
Joaquin Phoenix
Woody Harrelson
Tommy Lee Jones
Peter Dinklage
Clint Eastwood
Morgan Freeman
Dustin Hoffman
Robert De Niro
Jack Nicholson
Edward Norton
Harrison Ford
Robert Duvall
Kevin Spacey
Gene Hackman
Don Cheadle
Kurt Russel
Johnny Depp
Kevin Bacon
Bill Murray
Matt Damon
Mel Gibson
Sean Penn
Brad Pitt
Ed Harris
Al Pacino
Tom Hanks

My Only Valentine Crossword

My Only Valentine  Crossword

How we met
our first date
My favorite color
your favorite typr od food
Where i first met your daughter
my favorite type of shoes
your favorite wine cooler
your brand of make up
our family first restaurant
what i want to name our son
your favorite vacation destination
alcohol drink you had on our first date
where you kissed me on our first date
type of shirt i wore on our first date
first movie we saw as a family
when did i propose
first thing i grilled for you
one of our favorite tv shows
Holiday you met my parents
your favorite singer/actor
my favorite sport
Thai restaurant in Douglasville
your favorite style of car
Me and Tali favorite movie
favorite meal at Waffle House
My nickname in high school
you favorite park in douglasville
when you are sleepy and hungry you become
Our first kiss was where
Our Hashtag

Genre Crossword Puzzle

Genre Crossword Puzzle

Un-true literature including short stories and novels
A witch doing magic on an undiscovered world is an example of...
What is a genre with larger than life or greatly exaggerated characters?
A genre that is written for play, theater, or radio
A genre that might contain talking animals and convoy a moral is...
A genre ment to change someones opinion is...
A sub-genre of fiction involving futuristic ideas
A genre that is passed down through generations including traditional beliefs
A sub-genre that could happen but has not
Story of someones life written by that person
Story if someones life written by another person
A form of writing that has a meter and rhythm with every lines and syllables
Genre that focus's on humorous effect
Provide's facts on a variety of topics
A semi-true story passed from generations with important meaning or symbolism from the culture it came from
A book about the life of penguins that is true is an example of what genre
A genre where the plot takes place in the past
A drama showing weakness and unfavorible circumstances
A traditional story usually concerning a hero or event
A genre containing magical creatures

The 1990s Crossword

The 1990s Crossword

Fought against white supremacy and racism
The president of the U.S. who made a "new" democratic party
How the economy was described to be during the 1990's
What happened in the U.S. from California to Montana
Began to be in serious demand in 1993
A metal that was in demand from 1990 to 1997
What the American diet typically consisted of
This game brand was extremely popular (the _____ 64 came out)
A movie based on a real event, with actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet
A popular accessory worn around the neck (is tight)
A popular shirt that showed off the stomach or mid-drift
The main music genre that was very popular in the 90's
The king of pop, he fought against racism
Technique used to treat genetic disorders, Doctors could replace a faulty gene with a one that did not have flaws.
Began on August 2nd, 1990 when military from Iraq invaded Kuwait
Became effective in January of 1994, otherwise known as the North American Free Trade Act.
German _____ was the process of the German Democratic Republic Joined the Federal Republic of Germany to form a reunited Germany in 1990.

Harry Styles Crossword

Harry Styles Crossword

Boy band in which Harry Styles was a member of
Harry's mom
Harry's sister
Song Harry performed for his X Factor audition
First solo song?
Birthday is in which month?
First television appearance was on what show?
Christopher Nolan movie in which Harry was featured in
Harry's middle name?
Where did Harry work before he was famous?
What was the name of the band Harry was in before 1D?
Harry's favorite movie?
Harry's favorite food?
Harry has an abnormal number of ________
Where is Harry from?
First album
Second album
Third album
Fourth album
Fifth album

Rock 'n' Roll & Blues: Crossword

Rock 'n' Roll & Blues: Crossword

What does rock and roll music originate from?
A famous rock 'n' roll singer - Elvis _______
Rock around the _____
Famous Elvis song - _________ Rock
Bill Haley & The ______
Rock 'n' Roll music began in the ____'s
Another type of music formed from blues music - ______ and Blues
Bessie _____was a famous blues singer
Blues music originatedin rural _______
Blues music began in the early ____'s
Another famous Blues singer was Eric _______
Blues music was created by African ______
____ music also came from the blues
Chuck _____ - a famous rock n roll singer
Johnny B. _____ - famous rock n roll song
The _______ - famous rock n roll band
The _______ Stones - another famous rock n roll band
B. B. ____ - blues singer
Led ________ - blues band
____ Best - drummer of The Beatles

Stage Terms Crossword

Stage Terms Crossword

A poster advertising a theatrical performance
Objects used on stage during a performance
The back of the stage from the audience's perspective
Someone who prompts/cues actors who forget lines or stage positioning
The precise staging of actors
The act of speaking or expressing
A mark typically made with tape on a stage floor
The process of changing an actor's pitch or tone
The final night of a performance when sets are taken down
A genre of drama which includes dancing and singing as an essential part
Someone who writes plays
A stage that's slanted up from front to back
Person in charge of supervising actors, staff, and camera crew
A genre of theater which includes short sketches, songs, and dances
Dramatic entertainment in which background music plays while mimes express meaning through gestures
A sensational dramatic piece that appeals to emotions
A speech by one actor that's long and typically tedious
Sides of a stage used for scenery, performer preparation and circulation; referred to as offstage right and offstage left
A tone with no expression that remains the same pitch
Right from the point of view of an actor on a stage facing the audience
Manages finances and functions of a production
The rhythm and timing of a drama
Someone who dances in a series of steps and moves
Someone responsible for lighting and technology of a play
The front of a stage
Left from the point of view of an actor on a stage facing the audience
Traditional Japanese drama with stylized song, mime, and dance
Conversation between two or more people