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Skeletal System Crossword

Skeletal System Crossword

The most abundant cartilage type in the body; provides firm support with some pliability
relating to the head, neck, and trunk; one of the two major divisions of the body
Internal layer of skeletal bone. Also called cancellous bone
Large cells that resorb or break down bone matrix
A dense layer of vascular connective tissue enveloping the bones except at the surfaces of the joints
A break in a bone
Fibrous membranes at the angles of cranial bones that accommodate brain growth in the fetus and infant
Freely movable joints exhibiting a joint cavity; also called a diarthrosis
Inflammation of the joints
Bone marrow of children and some adult bones that is required for the formation of red blood cells
A freely movable joint that allows only rotary movement around a single axis
Band of regular fibrous tissue that connects bones
Cartilage with abundant elastic fibers; more flexibly than hyaline cartilage
Relating to the limbs; one of the two major divisions of the body
The shaft or central part of a long bone
Bone-forming cells
The canal in the center of each osteon that contains minute blood vessels and nerve fibers that serve the needs of the osteocytes
A disease of children caused by vitamin D deficiency
Bones joined by fibrous tissue; no joint cavity is present
A fibrous sac lined with synovial membrane and containing synovial fluid; occurs between bones and muscle tendons
A chronic inflammatory disorder that can affect more than just the joints
A synovial joint that allows only gliding movement
A joint that permits movement in two planes, allowing flexion, extension, adduction, abduction, and circumduction
The most compressible type of cartilage; resistant to stretch
Also known as cortical bone, is a denser material used to create much of the hard structure of the skeleton
The end of a long bone, attached to the shaft
Mature bone cell
Process involving bone formation and destruction in response to hormonal and mechanical factors
Increased softening of the bone resulting in a gradual decrease in rate of bone formation
Bones united by cartilage; no joint cavity is present
A layer of synovial membrane around a tendon
A common and complex form of arthritis that can affect anyone
A bone joint that permits motion in only one plane

Appendicular Skeleton Crossword

Appendicular Skeleton Crossword

Type of fluid in joint cavities that assists in joint movements
Articular discs
type of joint with movement in 2 planes
What type of joint is a suture?
Conversion of fibrous tissue into bone
Bone located on the medial side of the forearm
Increases joint angle
Movement away from the midline
Largest and most complex joint
Technical name for the "knee-cap"
Bone that comprises the shin
Type of blow the knee joint is most vulnerable too
The most freely moving joint in the body
Swelling and tenderness of joints. There are 3 types
Disease transmitted by tick bites
Large bone that comprises the thigh
Biaxial joints like the wrist
Bones united by cartilage
Immovable joints
Freely movable joints
Anatomical name for joint
Joint class based on amount of movement
Joint class based on binding material

Aravind Veluchamy Crossword

Aravind Veluchamy Crossword

Allow all movement except rotation
Freely movable joint
The tendon cells are known as
made up of four muscles
immovable joint
which fibre the tendon mainly consists?
Are very complex and complicated structure in tendon
which cartilage form joint
occurs between bones that have close contact
inflammation of the bursa
inflammation of a joint
___________plays a significant role in stabilizing the ankle and supporting the muscle of lower leg.
A disorder which result from overstertching of connective tissue
Fibrous joints present at the distal end of tibia and fibula
This ligament is the continuation of the tendon of the quadriceps femoris muscle
They are responsible for sensing and transmitting pain
__________is also known as shinbone or shankbone
Interarticular fibro Cartilage separating The articular surface of tibia and fibula
which bone located in human thigh?
which is situated in gab junctions between cells in rows along the collagen fibres

Skeletal System Key Terms Crossword

Skeletal System Key Terms Crossword

slightly moveable joint
inflammation of the joints
instrument for examining the interior of the knee and surgically repairing the knee
joint replacement
small, fluid-filled sac found in an area subject to stress around bones and joints
circular movement at a joint
shaft of a long bone
freely movable joint, synovial joint
thin membrane that lines a bone's marrow cavity
end of a long bone
membranous area on an infant skull where bone has not yet formed
area of junction between two or more bones
bone-forming cell
cell that breaks down bone
mature bone cell
sub-unit of compact bone; haversian system
reduction in bone density to below average levels
abnormal loss of bone tissue with tendency to fracture
connective tissue membrane covering a bone
loss of substance, such as a bone or tooth
immovable joint
thick lubricating fluid found in joints; freely moveable

Joints Crossword

Joints Crossword

Functional junctions between bones
Joints which is present in sutures
Joint which is composed of hyaline andd fibro cartilage
The mostly present joint in human body.
Distal end of tibia and fibula contains
A joint disorder which occured due to overstretching or tearing of the connective tissue ligament
Inflammation of joints
Interarticular fibrocartilage separating the articular surfaces of fibia and tibula
Slippery fluid that occupies all free spaces within the joint capsule
Tissue which attaches bone to bone
Tissue which attaches muscle to bone
Largest synovial joint
Immovable joint present between the teeth.
Immovable cartilagenous joint present between first pair of ribs and sternum.
Freely moving joint that can rotate in any axis
The joint present between 1st metacarpal and trapezium of thumb
Joints which allow slight movements called
Joint present at tope of spine atlas and axis.
Joints move against each other on single plan.
Immovable joints called

Human anatomy. Joints and ligaments Crossword

Human anatomy. Joints and ligaments Crossword

functional junctions between Bones
Hyaline catilage is only present in
The articulation between the teeth and mandible
The cartilage which resist wear and minimize friction
In long bones compact bone is surrounded by
Interarticular fibrocartilage called
The joint present in skull
Example for amphiartrotic and cartilagneous are
The joint which contain joint capsule and which is surrounded by articular cartilage
The joint which is present between carpals and metacarpals
The joint which is present between radius and carpals
Autoimmune disease
The fluid filled sac containing the synovial fluid
Inflamation of bursa
The ligament which runs between lesser and greater tubercles
Overstretching or tearing of the connective tissue ligament
Partial dislocation
Non inflammatory arthritis
Thw fibrous connective tissue that attaches muscle to bone
The joint which allows all movement

week 1 vocabulary Worksheet

week 1 vocabulary Worksheet
Matching Worksheet

a type of joint that allows partial movement in which there is a cartilage disc between bony surfaces; also known as a cartilaginous joint.
girdles Pertaining to the portion of the skeleton made up of the bones of the limbs, including the bones of the pectoral and pelvic.
Type of hyaline connective tissue that covers the articulating surfaces of bones in a synovial joint.
Pertaining to the portion of the skeleton made up of the bones in the skull, spine and torso; includes the cranial, facial and hyoid bones, the sternum, ribs and the 33 vertebrae.
Pertaining to soft or spongy bone tissue.
Rounded projection at the end of a bone; usually articulates with another bone.
Pertaining to dense (compact) bone tissue
Shaft of a long bone.
Freely movable joint; also known as a synovial joint.
Bone projection just superior to the condyle of certain bones.
Growth plate of bones
End portion of a long bone.
Small, smooth, oval area on a bone.
Opening or hole in a bone
Saucer-like depression.
Small pit or depression in a bone.
Basic structural unit of compact bone.
Soft gelatinous material found in the spaces of spongy bone (red marrow) and filling the medullary cavity (yellow marrow).
Short channel or canal in a bone.
Hollow channel in the diaphysis of a long bone.
Basic structural unit of compact bone.
Basic structural unit of compact bone.
Projection from a bone.
Bones and connective tissues that form the framework that supports the body.
Cavity inside a structure, such as within a bone.
Type of joint that does not allow movement.

Skeletal System 8 Crossword

Skeletal System 8 Crossword

heel bone
form soles
form toes
immovable joints
slightly moveable jjoints
freely moveable joints
joints united by fibrous tissue
connecting fibers are longer than those of sutures
bone end are connected by cartilage
filled with synovial fluid
covers end of the bones
joint surfaces are enclosed by a capsule
articualr capsule encloses a cavoty
reinforsed with ligaments
falttened fibrous sacs lined
tendon subjeted to friction
articular surface are flat
cylendrical end of the bone
egg shaped joint
same movements of as coyloid joint
allow movement in all axis
disease in joints
a bone thinning disease
most common form of arthrits
aka gout arthritis

Skeletal system Crossword

Skeletal system  Crossword

heel bone
larger bone of the lower leg
Movable bone of the skull
stationary bone of the lower arm
largest bone in the body
Collar bone
Bone of the fingers and toes
Forehead bone
smaller bone of the lower leg
Temple bone in cranium
lower back of the vertebrae
Knee cap
shoulder blade
cheek and the outer side of the eye socket
several tubular bones between the wrist (carpal) bones
Fused bones of the lower vertebrae
inside part of the hips
eight bones of the wrist that form the articulation of the forearm with the hand.
cluster of seven articulating bones in each foot
Most Superior part of the vertebrae
the five long bones found in each foot
tail bone
Ribs part of the vertebrae
uppermost and largest part of the hip bone
the breastbone
Upper arm bone

EOG Vocab Crossword PT. 1

EOG Vocab Crossword PT. 1

The sum of the measures of the interior angles of a triangle is 180°.
The location or movement of every point used in a figure/object in a plane.
A type of transformation where a figure/object reflects on a coordinate plane. Aka a flip.
Pairs of angles when lines that do not intersect are cut by a transversal line on the same side and in the same place on their parallel line.
A pair of supplementary angles created when parallel lines are cut by a transversal and are outside the parallel lines and on the same side.
A pair of supplementary angles created when parallel lines are cut by a transversal and are inside the parallel lines and on the same side.
A type of transformation in which the size of the figure/object changes but not the shape.
A type of transformation in which makes the figure/object slide; Congruent images.