I met and took pictures with Florence Henderson (mother on the Brady Bunch)
Did 10 years of martial arts
John D
Almost drowned when I was 2 1/2 years old
One of my tattoos was made with ink created from my grandfather's ashes
During a baseball game Jose Conseco handed me a baseball
Angela K
My kids were conceived on the same day and will be born 2 years apart
I met my husband on Match.com
Sandy R
I think Rice Crispy Treats are just swell
If I had a better voice, I would love to be a famous music artist
Matthew M
I have been to Austria, Germany, and Canada
I was a junior in high school the 1st time travelling outside of Wisconsin
Liz W
Competed and placed in the top 10 at the Miss Wisconsin Teen USA Pageant
I get the shivers every time I drive over a dead animal
Lisa D
I am double jointed in almost all of my joints
My sister and I trashed many bicycles playing chicken when we were younger
Sandy S
I used to play the harmonica
I was in a car accident by a drunk driver, I woke up on the side of the road with a head injury
Carrie G
I broke my leg in a bike tire
I kissed a dolphin
My mom pulled my arm out of the socket playing around
Secretly a parrot head that enjoys Jimmy Buffett concerts
I have never painted my nails the color red
I played basketball in high school
Loved horses but couldn't afford to buy one
I shoot bow for fun
Karri K
Went to Canada in high school for Jazz Choir regionals and won
Found out 5 years ago that I have a sister. We worked together prior and found it funny that we looked so much alike
I owned and ran my own food stand at the downtown Appleton Farmers Market
Chad S
When I was 7, my brothers and I found a shoebox with $64,000 in it on April Fool's Day
I used to crew for the Wyoming Hot Air Balloon
I was the Homecoming Queen for the State of Wisconsin
State runner-up in Long Jump in high school
Can play 13 instruments at high school level
I will live in Colorado one day
Riley E
I'm related to Chevy Chase
I'm double jointed in both elbows
Riley C
I got married on a mountain
I used to be a light heavyweight boxer
I'm terrified of windmills
I can pick stuff up with my feet
I have never caught a fish
Jon H
My family used to own a cattle business
I can play the piano
Matthew B
I am 1 of 9 kids
On a school trip in Washington DC, there was a shooting outside my hotel
Carrie L
I went ring shopping after 3 months and engaged after 6 months of dating
Dana N
I checked out at Target behind Donald Driver
I have a double jointed left knee
Kris S
I was on the school dance team and pitched in softball
Tina B
I have 2 truancies from high school
Derek A

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