What is the name of the road used to trade in ancient china?
Silk Road
Who was ancient chinas closest partner in trade?
How many counrties did the silk road stretch through?
What was the most common way to travel across the silk road?
What was the most common thing china traded?
How many miles is the silk road?
four thousand
In which dynasty did ancient china open the roads for trading?
Han Dynasty
A famous eauropiean merchanter in the ancient china trade time
Marco Polo
What was the silk traded in china mostly used for?
What is another common thing china traded starting with 'P' ?
What traveled along the silk road that caused death?
What was something the chinese imported starting with 's' ?
Another major mode of transport used in ancient chinese trade
First Europeans to reach china for trade
Which was the main port used for porcelain export?
yue port

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