appeal to emotion in an argument
a fallacy that attacks the person, not the argument
ad hominem
arguments that are based on probability
inductive reasoning
the study and use of persuasive communication
a fallacy that ignores the argument and substitutes an exaggerated position
straw man
an approach to literacy pedagogy
presentation of a viewpoint with reasons for support
appeal to authority or credibility in an argument
a statement accepted by everyone that makes an observation about all people
major premise
a fallacy that assumes an eventual and inevitable conclusion
slippery slope
a group of people involved in a certain topic or field
discourse community
arguments in which statements are combined to draw a conclusion
deductive reasoning
the perfect moment for a piece of writing
in a simple sense, the ability to read and/or write
a fallacy that presumes something to be fact when it hasn't been proven
begging the question
a group within a discourse community that shares similar interests
affinity group
a fallacy that presents two options; one correct and one incorrect
a statement about a case within the class of all people
minor premise
an error in reasoning
logical fallacy
appeal to logic in an argument (facts, evidence, etc.)
a fallacy in which two events that are correlated implies that one caused the other
confusing cause and effect

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