Title of Negro National Anthem
Lift Every Voice and Sing
Who signed the Emancipation Proclamation?
Abraham Linclon
Which city sponsored the first Polk County Juneteenth Celebration?
Florence Villa CDC
When were the last slaves freed?
June nineteenth 1865
Who announced freedom to the last slaves?
Gordon Granger
How long after Emancipation Proclimation signing were the last slaves notofied of their freedom?
Two and a half years
Why were the last slaves not notofied of their freedom sooner?
Free labor
Who was our master of ceremonies for our Juneteenth Celebration?
Who introduced our speaker?
In what city were the last slaves held captive?
Who was our keynote speaker for Juneteenth?
Harold Benett
Speaker's profession
Title of Negro National Anthem
Lift Every Voice and Sing
What do the days Juneteenth and The Fourth of July have in common?
Lift every voice and sing till earth and ____________ ring

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