a framework of bone or cartilage enclosing the brain of a vertebrate; the skeleton of a person's or animal's head.
Indentation between the eyes where skull and nasal bone meet
That portion of face in front of the eyes, commonly called a nose
That portion of face below the eye, behind the muzzle and in front of the ear.
the thick hanging lips of a bloodhound or similar dog.
the front surface of a person's or animal's body between the neck and the abdomen
the joint between the forearm and the upper arm
the part of a person's arm extending from the elbow to the wrist or the fingertips
Part of the foot of the foreleg, between wrist and toes
any of the five digits at the end of the human foot
the hindmost part of an animal, especially when prolonged beyond the rest of the body, such as the flexible extension of the backbone in a vertebrate, the feathers at the hind end of a bird, or a terminal appendage in an insect
the joint in a quadruped's hind leg between the knee and the fetlock, the angle of which points backward
the hind part of the body of a mammal or the lower back of a bird
the rear surface of the human body from the shoulders to the hips
The area at which the back joins the neck
the upper joint of the human arm and the part of the body between this and the neck
a small open boat with a fiberglass hull and inflatable rubber sides
the side of a person's or animal's body between the ribs and the hip.
the part of the human leg between the hip and the knee
a projection of the pelvis and upper thigh bone on each side of the body in human beings and quadrupeds.

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