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  • Army Seargant, SGT
  • Specialist SPC
  • Private First Class Army, PFC
  • Army Captain, CPT
  • Private, Army, PVT
  • USAF, First Lieutenant, 1LT
  • USAF, Captain, CPT
  • USN, Ensign
  • USN, Chief Petty Officer 1
  • Army, First Seargant, 1SGT
  • Army, Seargant First Class
  • US Army, Major
  • US Army, Colonel
  • US, Army LT Colonel
  • USAF Major General
  • USAF General
  • USN Commander
  • USN LT Commander
  • USN Captain
  • USAF Brigadier General
  • USN Chief Warrant Officer 1
  • USN Leutenant
  • USN Rear Admiral Lower Half
  • USN Admiral