Who was it impossible to argue with?
By the start of September 1939, where was Vladek?
The Frontier
Every four years, Vladek trained with the military here.
What body part did Vladek's father pull out of himself to get out of the Russian army?
Who was first put on the starvation diet in Vladek’s family?
What was his officer mad at him for not doing?
What was the German dressed up as?
A tree
What was the name of the soldier Vladek killed?
It was so cold at the prisoner of war camps that what fell from trees?
Where did Vladek bathe at the camps?
The river
What did they have to move at their new job site?
What day was Vladek to be free?
Parshas Truma
What protected Polish War Prisoners?
International Laws
What did Vladek pretend to be to get onto a train without papers?
Mala "only talks about" what?
What did Vladek throw out of Art's?
Who did Vladek surprise with his return home from the war?
His family

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