dispatch officer immediately
dispatch 1st available officer
non emergency
dispatch can handle via phone
one harmed/killed by another
this recognizes crime "victims"
crime victim witness righs act
one who has seen/heard something
act that exploits
provides support,answers questions,makes referrals,explains criminal justice process to victims/witness
victim witness program
dangerous to officers due to potential for volatility
domestic violence calls
used for any physical domestic calls regardless of weapons
alert tone
performed on officers while on domestic calls until clear or advised to discontinue
status checks
gives inactive cell phones to victims for use in 911 emergency situations
domestic violence programs
considered this by prosecution
star witness
grant funded w/trained full time staff member in CA's office
victim witness program
victim witness program is ________ by VA Crime Bill for victims of all felony/certian misdemeanors (A&B/stalking/DUI w/injures)
protective orders/extra patrols/applications for criminal inquires compensation fund are examples of this
restitution/victim compensation/property return/compensation of witnesses/civil actions are examples of this
financial assistance
court date/VINE/employee intercession/seperate wait areas/right to remain in courtroom/interpreter/closed preliminarty hearing/closed circuit testimony are examples of this
right to plea agreement consult/help preparing victim impact statement is example of this
victim input
closed preliminary hearings/confidentiality filings are examples of this
courtroom assistance
a writ requiring person under arrest be brough before a judge or court
habeas corpus
street address (apt #/bldg #/subdivison/location w/in location/cross stree/landmark)
detailed description of incident (# of people/description of vehicles or people)
name of person calling including phone #/address type of involvement in incident (witness/victim/3rd party/etc) and all parties involved
time that incident occured or how much time has passed since occurance
items of potential harm (knives/firearms/yard tools/etc)
disposition used to clear information only incidents
primary point of contact for victims/witness

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