How much of the population did the Bubonic Plague kill?
Where did Luther post his 95 thesis?
Cathedral of Wittenberg
Who was the master print maker in the 16th century?
Grunewala's Isenheim Altarpiece was comissioned for the benefit of?
plague victims
What was the most popular secular song form at the court of Elizabeth?
The English Madrigal
Who is the "father" of the literary form known as the essay?
Michel de Montaigne
Who were the most important supporters of the art in the Italian Renaissance?
Medici Family
What writer provided a defense of women in the book of the City of Ludies?
Christine de Pisan
What major art work is Leonardo da Vinci known for?
Mona Lisa
Who painted the Last Supper?
Leonardo da Vinci
What is Michaelangelo known for?
Pico della Mirandola emphasized man's?
Moral freedom
What literary genre was popular during the 16th century and used by Erasmus, more and Cervabtes?
What are some characteristics of More's ideal society, which he called "Utopia?"
In what city did Calvin establish his theocratic state?
Geneva, Switzerland
This is a subject in Christian art depicting the Virgin Mary cradling the dead body of Yeshua.
Given a field, all parallel lines converge at a sinlge vanishing point
Linear perspective
The subtle lurring of details and diminution of color intensity in objects perceived at a distance.
Aerial perspctive
A technique of mural painting executed upon freshly laid time plaster.
What are some things Albrecht Drrer is known for?
woodcuts and engravings

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