Circulation of blood between the heart and lungs
Pulmonary Circulation
Circulation of blood between the heart an body
Systemic Circulation
Carries blood away from heart
Carries blood towards the heart
Oxygen and nutrients can move through these to cells and Co2 can move into from cells
The cardiovascular system consists of the heart and...
Blood Vessels
P_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ C_ _ _ _ _ _ is where Deoxygenated blood leaves the heart, goes to the lungs and then re-enters the heart as Oxygenated blood
Pulmonary Circuit
S_ _ _ _ _ _ _ C _ _ _ _ _ _ is where oxygenated blood is carried away from the heart to the Body and returns de-oxygenated blood back to the heart
Systemic Circuit
Long Term effect. The hearts resting heart rate, Increases? or Decreases
One Short Term effect. The increase in C _ _ _ _ _ _ O _ _ _ _ _ is the volume of blood that the heart pumps in a period of 1 minute
Cardiac Output