If we work out average depth and multiply it by wet width we get this measurement
Numerical data such as depth in metres/centimetres, times for velocity are examples of this type of data
This is data you went out and collected yourself, not data provided from another source.
When you collected depth measurement across the river, it was done at even intervals across the river. What type of sampling is this?
Qualitative data is based on your judgment of sights, sounds and even smells. Which pieces of qualitative data did you collect (with a pencil!)
You collected this, using a dog biscuit.
A 30cm ruler or metre ruler enabled you to collect this measurement.
This is data that you might use that you didn't collect yourself, perhaps readings from an organisation like the Environment Agency.
This is the measurement of where the water reaches from one bank to another when you collected the data.
Your river that was studied....still there even when you're leaving.
A weakness of our study is that you only collected this data in one season, which does not give a full representation of how the river behaves throughout the year.

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