What is a type of shark that has a land animals name in it?
Something in the movie finding nemo
What is a fish named after a vegetable
Sea cucumber
What type of fish would you think is funny
Clown fish
The biggest shark in the world
Whale shark
Possines living thing in the sea
Sea urchin
What would swim by you if you are on a boat
It has i light on its head
Angler fish
What is the funniest and chubeyust fish
Blob fish
Long, slimey and electric
electric ells
What has the word sting in it
Sting ray
What fish can fly
Flying fish
What lives in a pineapple under the sea
Spongbob square pants
Long, thin and green
Sea weed
What type of shark has 50 teeth
Great white
What fish looks like a bird
what can live for a long time

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