what was the name of Parnell's sister
What was the main piece of evidence that was said to have been used to kill Parnell.
What disability did Amos have?
Where did the Coes live?
Indian Creek
What was the mountain which Dovey and Amos hiked on?
Katie's Knob
What was the full name Of Dovey's lawyer?
Mr Thomas G. Harding
What was the names of Amos' two dogs?
Tom and Huck
What was the Caraways business called?
Caraway's Dry Goods
What was the thing Dovey really wanted?
What was the name of the Judge that held the trial?
Judge Young
Where did Caroline really want to attend?
Teacher's College
What did Dovey Call her grandma?
What did Dovey's father call her?
Who provided evidence for both the prosecution and defense side?
Sheriff Douglass