Place the couple met.
City where Derrick proposed.
Number of months the couple has dated.
The name of the couple's cute black puppy.
The couple's honeymoon adventure.
Sport Sadie played in college.
College Derrick played football for.
Morgan State
Name of the wedding venue.
Crystal Plantation
Place where the couple first laid eyes on each other.
Parking Lot
Place the couple received Masters Degrees from.
Georgia Southern
The name of Sadie's favorite movie.
The Wizard of Oz
Name of Derrick's favorite movie.
Paid in Full
The couple's current favorite show to binge watch together.
Breaking Bad
When they first met, Derrick was a...
Destination of their first vacation together.
Universal Studios
City where Derrick was born.
Number of times Derrick has moved since they've been together.
Tulane's mascot's name is...
The office Sadie worked in at Georgia Southern.
Athletic Marketing
Sadie's real name.
Derrick's middle name.
Social media that started it all.
Grade and subject Sadie teaches.
6 Language Arts
City in Kansas where Derrick coached the Gorillas.
Site of their first date.
Texas Longhorn
Sadie's favorite flower.
Number of years Sadie's parents have been married.
Thirty Two
Instrument Sadie played in elementary school.
The language Derrick studied throughout elementary, middle, and high school.
City where the couple took a trip to visit the zoo and beach.
The only rollercoaster Derrick agrees to ride.
The Mummy
Sadie's dad, Steve, played professionally for this NFL team.
The total number of siblings the couple has.
The number of new nieces and nephews Sadie will officially get tomorrow.

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