Have you got any...
The name of your favorite child?
Joyce Mary Warburton aka
Do you have anything to delcare
I am on display however i am not to be looked at or touched. What am i?
xmas tree
The incredible licking machine
A four legged diva
A two legged diva
Favorite holiday destination
A 6ft 2" baby
He once tripped , sneezed and farted all at the same time
Name of the rabbit that just wouldnt die
St. Patrick drove them out of Ireland
Your old music teacher
Mr Hewitt
Who do you think you are?
James Bond
what did you have for your school dinner Helden?
lizard and onions
Classic wintery dish, gets better with age
taty ash
18 x 0 + 10 divide by 2 - 5 =

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