Jefferson; Hamilton; Knox
Natural born citizen; 35 years old; Reside in US for 14 years
Current number of cabinet positions
Section of the Constitution that gives the president and the vice president power
The amendment that allows the vice president to become the president should the president be removed from office
people in line for presidency
first vice president to hold more responsibility (new breed)
president of the senate
White House Address
Meeting of political parties
elections that decide who will serve as the representative for a political party
First secretary of state
First secretary of treasury
First secretary of war
Henry Knox
President's Home
The White House
Branch that executes government laws
The Executive Branch
Who is in charge of the executive branch?
The President of the United States
president of the 1796 election
John Adams
First vice president to become president
John Tyler
president that added south portico
James Monroe
President that resigned due to the water gate scandal
Richard Nixon
Cause of death for presidents Lincoln and Kennedy
The only president who was not elected
Gerald Ford
Vice President to Nixon
Spiro Agnew
Event where vice presidential nominee is revealed
The National Convention
Group that casts the official votes for the president
The Electoral College

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