Choosing Your Manufacturing Job Crossword

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A student worker learning skills intern
Planning to get more done in one day time management
Angry about work? Call them! labor union
Working 6 to 3 is mine shift
The person in charge of a job supervisor
Money paid for working compensation
Group that protects workers union
Unskilled person paid for on job training apprentice
Regular changes - when work begins and ends shiftwork
My compensation includes this too insurance
The day supervisor is also my _______. boss


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Financial Literacy: Taxes and Paychecks Crossword


National legislative body of U.S consisting of the Senate and House of Representatives as a continuous institution. Congress
International Revenue Service; federal bureau which collects taxes every year and turns the money over to the Treasury Department to cover expenses of the U.S. government IRS
Executive agency responsible for promoting economic prosperity and ensuring financial security of the United States U.S Treasury
Amount, based on percentage of one's taxable income, paid to the U.S., and in some cases, to the state in which one lives Income Tax
Amount, based on a percentage of a purchase, paid to a state and local governments and school districts. Sales Tax
Amount, based on a percentage of property value, paid to local governments and school districts in which one lives. Property Tax
Tax similar to a sales tax, imposed on some goods. Excise Tax
Amount, based on the value of one's estate, which one heirs or beneficiaries will pay to the government upon one's death. Estate Tax
Tax imposed on the transfer of money or property from one living person to another by gift, payable by the donor. Gift Tax
Person who relies on another for financial support. Dependent
Amount deducted from a paycheck by an employer in the employee's behalf to pay federal income taxes based in the number of personal allowances claimed Federal Withholding
Federal Insurance Contribution Act; a Social Security retirement tax FICA
Amount of income before taxes and other deductions Gross Pay
Program under the U.S Social Security Administration which reimburses hospital and physicians for medical care provided to qualifying people over 65 year old Medicare
amount of income after taxes and other deductions (take home pay) Net Pay
Government program which provided economic assistance to a person faced with unemployment, disability or old age Social Security
Monetary credits received on one's tax return for each person claimed as a dependent Allowance
Amount paid before commission Base Salary
Fixed amount of money paid to a person on a regular basis for services rendered Commission
Sum of money given to an employee in addition to the employee's usual compensation Bonus
Payment for work done per hourly. Hourly Wage
Base hourly wage set by the federal government. Minimum Wage
Salary range set by the government for all government jobs. Official Salary Schedule
Payment for additional work done outside of regular hours. Overtime
Amount of money one is paid at the beginning of a job. Starting Salary
Percentage pay of each sale, no base salary is available. Straight Commision
Amount of one's salary remaining after federal, state and often city income taxes and various other deductions have been withheld Take-home Pay
Fixed amount of money paid to a person on a regular basis Salary
Working on a contractual basis rather than being employed by a specific company, giving tax and income responsibility to the worker Contract Labor

Educational and Career Exploration Crossword


A trainee engages in learning an occupation under the guidance and direction of a skilled worker; a 3-4 year training program on-the- job training with related technical instruction. apprenticeship
Advising, Placement, and Retention System – an assessment-advising program designed to identify the basic skill levels of students as they enter two-year institutions. ASSET
Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery – is a test developed and maintained by the United States Department of Defense. ASVAB
Achieved after completion of a curriculum meeting the demands of a 4- year college program. Bachelors degree
A written statement that is accepted as proof of certain facts; often relating to the attainment of specific skills. Certificate
Postsecondary career, educational and financial planning site; provides comprehensive information in a web-based format of middle and high school students, parents, and counselors. This site includes comparative information about all of North Carolina’s two and four year postsecondary institutions, financial aid, and application services. This program is a partnership among the University of North Carolina General Administration, the College Foundation of North Carolina, and the State Educational Assistance Authority. CFNC
A postsecondary school where a student might receive a bachelor’s degree, master’s, or doctoral degree in a specific discipline. College/University
Type of college with up to 2-year programs leading to certificates, diplomas, or associate degrees. Community college
Paid employment with an educational component provided in a career-technical class and supervised by school personnel. Cooperative education
A pathway, which a student selects in high school. Course of study
End-of- course assessment. EOC
A purpose/objective. Goals
Allows the student the opportunity to observe and participate in activities related to a career field; supervised by school personnel and related to the student’s career choice. (May be paid or unpaid) Internship
A short-term experience that allows the student to follow an experienced worker and see the day-to- day activities of a particular career. Job shadowing
An advanced 2-year program completed after attainment of a bachelor’s degree. Masters degree
A certified, experienced, skilled craftsperson that has successfully completed an apprenticeship program. Journey Worker
Special skills may be developed through educational programs in the armed services. Military
Paid employment that is not supervised by school personnel; may or may not be related to the student’s career choice. Parttime jobs
Education after high school. Postsecondary
A privately owned school that operates for profit for those seeking vocational training. Proprietary school
Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test: A practice test that measures the critical thinking, mathematical reasoning, and writing skills that students need to do college-level work. PSAT
Education and training provided by an employer that usually takes place at a work site. On the job training
Scholastic Aptitude Test – a test that measures the critical thinking mathematical, reasoning, and writing skills students need to do college-level work. SAT
(CTSO-Career and Technical Student Organization) Vocational student organization; nonprofit, national organization with state and local chapters that exist to develop leadership skills and good citizenship among members; each organization is composed of vocational students interested in a specific occupational area. Student organizations
Practices used to prepare for learning and assessment of subject matter. Study habits
Practices used to prepare for learning and assessment of subject matter. Test-taking skills
An academic record; an official record of grades earned during a high school career. Transcript
Vocational Competency Achievement Tracking System is a competency-based instructional management system that focuses on the individual student and tracks his/her achievement in relation to a predetermined set of core competencies. VOCATS
A contribution of free labor, usually to a non-profit organization. Volunteer

Chapter 9 Vocabulary Economics Crossword


A nonmilitary person who is employed or unemployed Labor force
The theory that education increases productivity is? Learning effect
The theory that the completion of college indicates to employers that a job applicant is intelligent Screening effect
A temporary or part time job Contingent employment
A demand that is determined by demand for another good or service Derived demand
A value of output Productivity
Who made this ? Damonya Cornelius
Labor that requires minimal specialized skills Semi-skilled labor
Labor that requires specialized skills Skilled labor
Labor that requires advanced skills Professional labor
The wage rate that produces neither an excess supply of workers Equilibrium wage
An unofficial, invisible Barrier Glass ceiling
An organization of workers that tries to improve working conditions Labor union
The practice of negotiating labor contracts Featherbedding
A organized work stoppage Strike
A measure that bans mandatory union Right-to-work law
Someone who works in an industrial job Blue-collar worker
Someone in a professional or clerical job White-collar worker
The process in which union and company reps meet to negotiate a labor contract Collective bargaining
A settlement technique which a neutral mediator meets with each side to try to find a solution Mediation
A settlement technique which a third party reviews the case and imposes a decision Arbitration

chapter 9 vocab Crossword


all nonmilitary people who are employed or unemployed labor force
the theory that education increases productivity and results in higher wages learning effect
the theory that the completion of college indicates to employers that a job applicant is intellegent and hard-working screening effect
a temporary or part-time job contingent employment
demand that is determined by demand for another good or service derived demand
value of output productivity
the wage rate that produces neither an excess supply of workers nor an excess demand for workers in the labor market equilibrium wage
labor that requires no specialized skills, education, or training unskilled labor
labor that requires minimal specialized skills and education semi-skilled labor
labor that requires minimal specialized skills and training skilled labor
labor that requires advanced skills and education professional labor
an unofficial, invisible barrier that prevents women and minorities from advancing in businesses dominated by white men glass ceiling
an organization of workers that tries to improve working conditions, wages, benefits for its members labor union
the practice of negotiating labor contracts that keep unnecessary workers on a company's payroll featherbedding
an organized work stoppage intended to force an employer to address union demands strike
a measure that bans mandatory union membership right-to-work law
someone who works in an industrial job, often in manufacturing, and who receives wages blue-collar worker
someone in a professional or clerical job who earns a salary white-collar worker
the process in which union and company representatives meet to negotiate a new labor contract collective bargaining
a settlement technique in which a neutral mediator meets with each side to try to find a solution that both sides will accept mediation

Insurance Terms Crossword


Business person who analyzes the probabilities of risk/risk management. Actuary
Person who sells, services, or negotiates insurance policies either with a company or individually. Agent
Physical injury that can include sickness/disease to a person Bodily Injury
A clause in most property insurance policies to encourage policyholders to carry a good amount of insurance. If the insured person doesn’t maintain the amount specified in the clause (usually 80%), the insured person will share a higher proportion of the loss. Coinsurance
The date when an insurance company issues a policy. Date of Issue
Portion of the insured loss paid by the policyholder Deductible
Amount at which an asset can be bought or sold in a transaction between willing parties. Fair Value
The termination of a policy due to failure to pay the required renewal premium. Lapse
It is a state assistance program, to provide hospital and medical expense insurance to people over 65 years of age. Medicare
Money charged for the insurance coverage reflecting expectation of loss. Premium
Uncertainty including the possibility of loss by an unexpected event for which insurance is used for. Risk
homeowners insurance sold to tenants living in the described property. Tenants
The person who identifies and classifies the degree of risk posed by the person trying to be insured. They determine whether or not coverage should be provided and what the rate should be Underwriter
Insurance that will cover an employer’s liability for injuries or death to people in their employment Workers' Compensation
The amount that has to be paid by the insured person during a calendar year before the insurer is responsible for more loss costs Deductible

Principles of Business Crossword


long term job career
occupying or using the whole of someone's available working time, typically 40 hours in a week full-time
a paid position of regular employment job
a job or profession occupation
the state of wanting to know or learn about something or someone. Interests
the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. Values
a particular ability. skill
possession of the means or skill to do something. ability
a natural ability to do something. aptitude
the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character. personality
interact with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one's career. networking
a work experience option where students learn about a job by walking through the work day as a shadow to a competent worker Job shadowing
college students, high school students, or post-graduate adults. These positions may be paid or unpaid and are usually temporary. Generally, an internship consists of an exchange of services for experience between the student and an organization. internship
the use or involvement of volunteer labor, especially in community services. Volunteerism
at the lowest level in an employment hierarchy. entry-level
obtain (goods or a service) from an outside or foreign supplier, especially in place of an internal source Outsourcing
a quality or accomplishment that makes someone suitable for a particular job or activity. Qualifications
the process of communicating nonverbally through conscious or unconscious gestures and movements. Body language
pursued in addition to the normal course of study. extracurricular
a brief account of a person’s education, qualifications, and previous experience, typically sent with a job application resume
tarting with the earliest and following the order in which they occurred. chronological
objective, or one that causes the employer to question why you are applying to their company, can actually weaken your resume. job objective
a letter sent with, and explaining the contents of, another document or a parcel of goods. cover letter
a meeting of people face to face, especially for consultation interview

The New Deal Crossword


This program paid farmers not to produce crops. It also paid them not to raise pigs and lambs. AAA
Served as the “watchdog” to protect people who invest money from stock market fraud, deception, and insider trading on Wall Street. SEC
established programs to give assistance to the unemployed, dependent mothers, children, and the physically disabled. Today this covers 40 million Americans and accounts for ¼ of the federal budget. SSA
Sent mostly young, unemployed men to work on conservation projects in rural areas for about $1 per day. CCC
Was the largest New Deal agency, which employed millions of people. WPA
Provided flood control, electricity, fertilizer, manufacturing, and economic development in Tennessee Valley TVA
The Wagner Act helped to organize labor and collectively bargain NLRB
Established minimum wage of 40 cents per hour and maximum workweek of 40 hours for businesses involved in interstate commerce or trade FLSA
Restored competition, stopped prices and wages from going down. Organized fair trade codes. NRA
Insures your money in banks. FDIC

Career Vocabulary Crossword


a person who works for a more experienced person in order to learn a trade apprentice
vacation time, insurance, sick time received with employment benefit
an occupation requiring special training career
a person who works for another person employee
a person who creates and manages a business entrepreneur
a beginning level job that requires little training entrylevel
reward offered as motivation incentive
the amount of money received in exchange for work income
a person who controls a portion of a business and employees manager
a yearly amount of money earned in a job position salary
an hourly amount of money earn in a job position wage
an increase in job status promotion
a form completed by a person who wants to apply for a job application
a document that contains information about an employee resume
a face to face conversation between an employer and an applicant interview
people an employer can contact for information about a person references
people at the same job level that one works with coworkers
talking with other people about possible job opportunities networking

Immigration Puzzle Crossword


Moving to another country Immigration
Children working Child Labor
Trip Voyage
Port of entry Ellis Island
Ticket to America Passage
Travel Journey
Document to travel Passport
Big Boat Ship
Our Ancestors Heritage
Person who translates Interpreter
Paid by item Piecework
Factories Sweatshops
A continent Europe
People who fought for fair Labor Laws Labor Unions