This chunky boy was never far from Louise, the toddler, arms.
Fraser fat dolly
Princess of the bubbles
As a girl, Lou made a scrap book fit for a queen.
30%, 50% or 75% discounts...all the same really
safeway bakery
The other four legged love of Lou's life
Up to an hour? Becuase I'm worth it.
Make- up
The runner, the smart one and the
Like the three bears, Louise only food of choice as a little girl.
Louise a girl who is never, ever found somewhere....
She is our own Disney Princess
Gail would get Lou to fake hunger for a trip here
Where Lou got her sparkly, third finger, left hand
The shard
Lou has alway been sensblie with her finances at the Bank of
When they were young her nephews would affectionately say, Auntie Lou smells like...

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