Helps get rid of brassy tones
Brass Off
A 3 in 1 paste
Over Achiever
Removes Chlorine from the hair
Shampoo three
Favorite Hairspay of older ladies
Freeze and shine
Recomended for blonde hair
Hello blonde
for thining hair
Medium hold curl charger
curl lock
used to prolong the time from washing
dry shampoo
a Tigi product that speaks quietly
small talk
I contain melaleuca oil
Tea Tree
A three nozel hair spray
Triple Take
The opposite of playing nice
play ditry
people cook with me
Olive oil
I repair broken hair at the bottom
mend the ends
I never stop talking
motor mouth
Most recomended Color shampoo by Stephanie
Color obsessed
When a child gets hurt, the mom always says "_____ _____ _____"
Baby dont cry
A texturizind product that is named after a candy
A shampoo that contains Koala bear food
When you rock your head out to hard you get a ___________
a 3-in-1 for men
A shampoo that has a fruit that aids you
Lemon sage
the shape of the moon
full circle
a hairspray that is also an ingrediant in cake
Sugar confection
a shampoo that is taller then the rest
High Rise
a person with a boost of confidence
Ego Boost